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Which gamemodes are supported?

  • Both ladder and non-ladder are supported, and there are currently no differences between them (like how vanilla had ladder-only runewords) except for the ladder resetting every four months. Future seasons may have small differences if new endgame challenges like Rathma are added.
  • Singleplayer is supported - Players often install PlugY alongside PD2 to gain access to a shared stash in singleplayer. An item pack is also available for testing.
    • There are currently no gameplay differences between singleplayer and multiplayer except for the Andariel quest bug, which remains unfixed in singleplayer.
    • Singleplayer characters can also be played online together with others via TCP/IP by creating a virtual LAN between computers (or by using port forwarding)
  • No support for non-expansion (classic) or Open ""