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So since chance to drop nothing is decreased its more likely to drop something. Since it only alters NoDrop, treasure classes that have NoDrop=0 are never affected by player count (not in vanilla and not here) What we have done is altered the base values of the treasure classes so they are baseline equivalent to what p5 drop chances would be. This means in the best case of 80% NoDrop in a class, baseline in pd2 it has a 32% NoDrop. The big difference between this and just setting loot to p8 or p5 is that more players will always increase loot but the relative difference between p1 and p8 are dramatically lower with p5 base loot and 8 players its close to p9 (though not exactly, its hard to give exact values as it ranges greatly between the different NoDrop chances) and since loot is capped at 6 per monster still it won't be as crazy an increase as it might initially seem. In summary you still get overall loot increases from more players like vanilla but not as much so its not required but still rewarded and a solo player will still get significantly more loot than vanilla but a bit less than p8.