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Detailed Explanation

Detailed Loot explanation taken from PD2 Discord by madinsane:

Ok, let me clarify how the new drop system works, basically it's p5 (players5) loot but still scales with player count. This amount is much smaller than it previously would've been but as canight (staff member) mentioned at p8 it's around p9ish first how does loot work baseline in vanilla? there are a large number of treasure classes which each have a selection of drop types with associated weightings, a nodrop value and rarity weightings and a number of picks. rarity weightings quite simply are a set of chances for drops of items to be upgraded to a specific rarity nodrop is the chance for that pick to drop nothing this is the important one the picks value says how many times to pick something from this class, so 5 picks will not necessarily drop 5 items but will do 5 rolls and assuming it chose 4 items and 1 nodrop it drops the 4 items (there is a hard drop limit of 6 per monster)