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Changes in PD2

  • Crafting recipes are no longer limited to specific item bases (such as Helm/Casque/Armet for Blood Helms)
    • Circlets (and quivers) are the exception, and cannot be crafted with
    • Safety Weapon crafts are restricted to Bows and Crossbows
  • Using an ethereal item to craft will cause the resulting item to be ethereal
  • Crafted items no longer have higher level requirements than their rare equivalents (was +10 with an additional +3 per affix, up to +22)
  • Crafted items can now be upgraded (same recipes as upgrading rares)
  • Rare items can now be used in crafting recipes
  • The predetermined affixes for many crafts have been adjusted, and new Vampiric/Bountiful crafting recipes have been added