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One of the rebellious women who have wrestled the secrets of magic use from the male-dominated Mage-Clans of the East, the Sorceress is an expert in mystical creation ex nihilo. Although she lacks hand-to-hand combat skills, she does have fierce combative magics for both offense and defense.

Both solitary and reclusive, the Sorceress acts based on motives and ethics that often seem fickle and even spiteful. In reality, she understands the struggle between Order and Chaos all too clearly, and uses this to balance and fit into her role as a warrior in the battles of Diablo II

Sorceress Skills[edit]

The three skill sets that the Sorceress can develop are Fire, Lightning, and Cold. As with the other characters, the skills that are developed in each area ultimately affect the abilities the Sorceress ends up mastering in Diablo II

The Sorceress is the master of magic. So if you're looking for some bone-crushing melee combat, the Sorceress is probably not your best choice. However, if you want visually impressive and extremely powerful magic, this is the character for you.

Skill Trees[edit]

Cold Spells[edit]

This skill tree gives the Sorceress control over the realm of cold and ice. Cold is an important element because it naturally slows enemies, but more than that it can sometimes freeze enemies and shatter them into tiny shards of ice that melt away. An enemy that's been destroyed in this manner cannot be resurrected. Like the other elemental damage spells, Cold is an important skill tree to invest in, even if it's in just a limited way.

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Lightning Spells[edit]

These spells allow the Sorceress to use lightning to destroy her enemies. They also enable her to use the energy of lightning to engage in telekinesis and teleporting. Like Fire and Cold, Lightning is an important form of elemental damage, so develop this skill tree in at least a limited way to take advantage of the damage it deals.

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Fire Spells[edit]

These spells give the Sorceress command over the powerful realm of fire, and include the very effective spells Fire Wall and Blaze. In addition she has Meteor, which can instantly eliminate almost any tightly grouped pack of enemies. While all of the fire spells are worthwhile, perhaps the most important is Warmth. This ability helps to improve the Mana recharge rate for the Sorceress, which is the lifeblood of this spell-caster.

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