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This page lists a copy of PD2's rules from the discord. They should match, but if the rules here are out-of-date, please mention it on PD2's #wiki-editing channel.

General Rules & Guidelines

1) Be respectful and do not resort to insults or harassment. Please remember, that this is a community driven mod.

2) Hateful remarks/character, game names, account names and/or talk of politics, racism, religion or illegal activities of any kind will not be tolerated.

Names resembling barcodes are not allowed and will be deleted. For example IiIiIIIiIiIl and similar. Names like ll-Johnny-ll are allowed
This includes talk, discussion or the use of third party software such as Bots, Maphack, Autopickup, RMT, Piracy/Torrenting and the likes.

3) This mod requires purchasing an official copy of D2+LoD from Talking about third party sales or sites is not allowed.

Accounts locked due to illegitimate copies will not be unlocked. Do not open a ticket regarding account's locked for illegal copies.
Players are permitted to start over on a new account, provided that they have acquired a legit version of D2+LoD and reinstalled using said version.

4) Moderators discuss punishments within the team and agree upon the appropriate action before making it. Decisions made in appeals are final and will not be negotiated.

5) Do not ping the Developers. They read all the comments in feedback. Use the ticket system if you want to report a player or a bug.

6) Advertisement or self-promotion of any kind is prohibited and will be removed. With exception of the #media channel (PD2 specific content only)

7) Discussing bans, punishment or reports of players in the general channels or in direct messages to moderators are not tolerated. Use the ticket system for this.

8) This is a SFW Discord, posting NSFW content will result in a mute and in severe cases, a permanent ban.

Additional In-Game Rules

1) Only one connection to the PD2 servers are allowed per player on any given IP/Internet Connection. Multi-clienting is strictly prohibited. This includes running PD2 on multiple computers or systems. If multiple players are using the same IP/Internet Connection for PD2, it is required of them to whitelist their accounts. For more information, click the link below:

Whitelist form:
Players do not need to wait for confirmation of their application.

2) Account sharing of any kind is not allowed.

3) Any form of third party trading, involving real money, items and/or currency that is not native to PD2 specifically, is forbidden. Trading D2r items for PD2 items and vice versa is also forbidden.

Players caught in third party trading of any kind will be permanently banned.
The use of platforms such as D2JSP, Tradia and similar is considered third party trading platforms, therefore they are not allowed and will result in a loss of your account permanently.

4) Scamming or stealing from other players will not be tolerated. The moderation team will handle the case and decide how to best enforce this, depending on the case.

5) The games loot system is by default free-for-all and we will not enforce any loot rules including the .roll feature (Items lost will not be recovered, regardless of the situation)

6) Griefing players of the community is not allowed. This includes any form of trying to ruin another players gameplay experience with seal popping, dirty tps, harassment and PK attempts. The only time a moderator will enforce a griefing report within a duel game is when a player has documented video proof that a player is griefing a game and preventing other players from dueling

Hostiling players for the sake of spooking them will also be considered griefing.
Joining a trade game without the need to buy/sell an item is considered griefing, provided that the owner of the game told them to leave and they refused.
Farming in a progression game you didn't create after being asked to leave will also be considered griefing.

7) Dueling is allowed but must be consensual amongst both parties involved. If the game is specifically made for duelling, players are considered consensual upon joining.

8) Game bugs should be reported through the bug report section in create-ticket. Players caught withholding game breaking information and/or exploiting bugs will be punished accordingly. Bugged Items such as a +7 all skills item must be reported to the moderation team as well as how it happened / where it came from or you risk your account being locked

9) The use of third-party tools that tamper with the game are forbidden. If you are unsure if a program or tool is allowed or not, please open a game-bug ticket in #create-ticket and ask for permission.

10) Public shaming of players is forbidden. If you wish to report a player please open a player report ticket in create-ticket.

11) Ban evasion through using another account is not allowed.

12) Casinos of any kind are forbidden, giveaways are still allowed

13) Gear sharing to monopolize leaderboards is strictly forbidden and will result in the loss of your achievement and aura