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This page lists item codes and info about beta commands.

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Type .help in-game to see all available beta commands. These commands are only available for the closed beta on the beta realm.

The closed beta is meant for finding bugs and major balance issues so some endgame features are disabled, including ubers and corruptions.

Task Command Details
Generate item .item <itemcode> <quality> <sockets>
  • Item codes: listed below (also see Alphabetical Item Codes)
  • Quality: Inferior (1), Plain (2), Superior (3), Magic (4), Set (5), Rare (6), Unique (7); if left blank, highest available
  • Sockets: Any number (caps at item max)
  • If it doesn't work, your loot filter may be hiding the item - disable it from the settings menu
Generate item with affixes .item <itemcode> <quality> <prefix> <suffix> Currently only works for magic charms and jewels
Generate item within inventory .item <itemcode> <quantity> i Quantity should be between 8 and 30; If quantity is lower than 8, quality will be used instead
Experience .exp <number> Maximum of 999,999,999
Gold .gold Gives maximum gold in inventory and stash
Waypoints in current difficulty .waypoints
Nightmare and Hell access .completedifficulty After entering this command, save and exit back to character selection screen
Force map event .mapevent <id>
  • ID: Shadow of Mendeln (1), Horazon (2), Dark Wanderer (4), Treasure Fallen (5), Spire of Darkness (6), Gheed (8), Altar (9); IDs 3 and 7 are unused
  • Use once, directly after opening/entering a map
  • Map Events never spawn in dungeons (t4 maps), unique maps, or PVP arenas
Show location .position Displays the zone coordinates - share this information when reporting map issues

Item generation examples:

  • Unique Shako: .item uap
  • Superior Monarch with 4 sockets: .item uit 3 4
  • 30 unique amulets within inventory: .item amu 30 i
  • Annihilus within inventory: .item cm1 7 i
Item Shortlist
Item Command Details
Reset token .item toa Resets stats/skills
Horadric Cube .item box
Vial of Lightsong .item lsvl Makes an item ethereal (code is LSVL)
Unlimited ID Tome .item rid Identifies all items simultaneously
Unlimited TP Tome .item rtp
Unlimited Key .item rkey
Runes .item r01s - r33s <quantity>
Jewel Fragments .item jewf <quantity>
Perfect Skulls .item skzs <quantity>
Maps .item t11 - t53
Infused Horadrim Orb .item rrra <quantity> Rerolls rare maps
Larzuk's Puzzlebox .item lbox <quantity> Items can also be generated with sockets directly
Grand Charms (cm3)
Prefix Suffix
Name Details ID Name Details ID
Steel Attack rating 226 Balance FHR 265
Sharp Max damage 253 Vita 36-45 Life 339
Shimmering All resist 319 Inertia FRW 399
Flaming Fire dmg 629 Incineration Fire dmg 709
Hibernal Cold dmg 617 Winter Cold dmg 697
Shocking Light dmg 641 Storms Light dmg 721
Pestillent Poison dmg 653 Anthrax Poison dmg 685
Serpent's Mana 292 Greed GoldFind% 281
Amazon Bow/Crossbow 430 Strength Strength 390
Amazon Passive/Magic 431 Dexterity Dexterity 258
Amazon Javelin/Spear 432
Assassin Traps 502
Assassin Shadow 503
Assassin Martial Arts 504
Barb Combat 478
Barb Masteries 479
Barb Warcries 480
Druid Summoning 490
Druid Shapeshifting 491
Druid Elemental 492
Necro Curses 454
Necro Poison/Bone 455
Necro Summoning 456
Paladin Combat 466
Paladin Offensive Aura 467
Paladin Defensive Aura 468
Sorceress Fire 442
Sorceress Lightning 443
Sorceress Cold 444
  • Example GC with Fire Skill + Life: .item cm3 4 442 339
  • Example GC with Max Damage + Life: .item cm3 4 253 339
Large Charms (cm2)
Prefix Suffix
Name Details ID Name Details ID
Sharp Max damage & AR 255 Balance FHR 266
Stalwart Defense 134 Vita Life 346
Steel Attack rating 233 Inertia FRW 400
Flaming Fire dmg 633 Incineration Fire dmg 713
Hibernal Cold dmg 621 Winter Cold dmg 701
Shocking Light dmg 645 Storms Light dmg 725
Pestillent Poison dmg 657 Anthrax Poison dmg 689
Scintillating Magic skill % 752 Greed GoldFind% 283
Inferno Fire skill % 750 Strength Strength 391
Numbing Cold skill % 749 Dexterity Dexterity 259
Conduit Light skill % 748
Infectious Poison skill % 751
Lucky MF 280
Shimmering All resist 321
  • Example LC with Max Damage & AR + Life: .item cm2 4 255 345
  • Example LC with Magic Skill % + FHR: .item cm2 4 752 266
Small Charms (cm1)
Prefix Suffix
Name Details ID Name Details ID
Stalwart Defense 138 Balance FHR 267
Steel Attack rating 237 Vita Life 349
Bloody Min damage 167 Inertia FRW 401
Fine Max damage & AR 256 Good Luck MagicFind% 291
Serpent's Mana 303 Greed GoldFind% 284
Shimmering All resist 322 Incineration Fire dmg 717
Flaming Fire dmg 637 Winter Cold dmg 705
Hibernal Cold dmg 625 Storms Light dmg 729
Shocking Light dmg 649 Anthrax Poison dmg 693
Pestillent Poison dmg 661 Strength Strength 392
Ruby Fire res 369 Dexterity Dexterity 260
Sapphire Cold res 349
Amber Light res 388
Emerald Poison res 408
  • Example SC with All Res + Life: .item cm1 4 322 349
  • Example SC with Max Damage & AR + Life: .item cm1 4 256 349
Jewels (jew)
Prefix Suffix
Name Details ID Name Details ID
Ruby Damage % 198 Carnage Max damage 222
Vermillion Max damage 185 Fervor IAS 171
Argent Attack rating 250 Freedom -15% Req 371
Ivory Defense 142 Malice ATD 165
Emerald MagicFind% 283 Truth FHR 268
Scintillating All resist 337 Avarice GoldFind% 285
Sapphire Cold res 357 Prosperity MagicFind% 292
Ruby Fire res 376 Daring Dexterity 670
Ambergris Light res 396 Knowledge Energy 672
Jade Poison res 416 Virility Strength 674
Aureolin Mana after kill 419 Hope Life 351
Blood Sucking Life after kill 737
Gorelust Open Wounds 811
Dun Dmg% To Mana 200
  • Example jewel with ED + Max Damage: .item jew 4 198 222
  • Example jewel with ED + IAS: .item jew 4 198 171

Some affix IDs are listed above for charms and jewels. For a more complete list of IDs, see the following charts:

Item Codes

Type Code Item (Normal) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Exceptional) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Elite) Unique/Set Versions
Helms cap Cap Biggin's Bonnet
Infernal Cranium
Sander's Paragon
xap War Hat Peasant Crown
Cow King's Horns
uap Shako Harlequin Crest
skp Skull Cap Tarnhelm
Arcanna's Head
xkp Sallet Rockstopper ukp Hydraskull
hlm Helm Coif of Glory
Berserker's Headgear
xlm Casque Stealskull ulm Armet Steel Shade
fhl Full Helm Duskdeep
Isenhart's Horns
xhl Basinet Darksight Helm
Sazabi's Mental Sheath
uhl Giant Conch Overlord's Helm* (new)
msk Mask The Face of Horror
Cathan's Visage
xsk Death Mask Blackhorn's Face
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
usk Demonhead Andariel's Visage
bhm Bone Helm Wormskull
Tancred's Skull
xh9 Grim Helm Vampire Gaze
Natalya's Totem
uh9 Bone Visage Giant Skull
Trang-Oul's Guise
ghm Great Helm Howltusk
Sigon's Visor
xhm Winged Helm Valkyrie Wing
Guillaume's Face
uhm Spired Helm Veil of Steel
Nightwing's Veil
Ondal's Almighty
crn Crown Undead Crown
Iratha's Coil
Milabrega's Diadem
xrn Grand Crown Crown of Thieves
Hwanin's Splendor
urn Corona Crown of Ages
Griswold's Valor
Circlets ci0 Circlet Naj's Circlet ci2 Tiara Kira's Guardian ci3 Diadem Griffon's Eye
M'avina's True Sight
ci1 Coronet
Chests qui Quilted Armor Greyform
Arctic Furs
xui Ghost Armor Spirit Shroud uui Dusk Shroud Ormus' Robes
Dark Adherent
lea Leather Armor Blinkbat's Form
Vidala's Ambush
xea Serpentskin Armor Skin of the Vipermagi uea Wyrmhide
hla Hard Leather Armor The Centurion xla Demonhide Armor Skin of the Flayed One ula Scarab Husk
stu Studded Leather Twitchthroe
Cow King's Hide
xtu Trellised Armor Iron Pelt utu Wire Fleece The Gladiator's Bane
rng Ring Mail Darkglow
Angelic Mantle
xng Linked Mail Spirit Forge ung Diamond Mail
scl Scale Mail Hawkmail xcl Tigulated Mail Crow Caw
Hwanin's Refuge
ucl Loricated Mail Natalya's Shadow
chn Chain Mail Sparking Mail
Cathan's Mesh
xhn Mesh Armor Shaftstop uhn Boneweave Cage of the Unsullied* (new)
• rar instead of uhn
brs Breast Plate Venom Ward
Isenhart's Case
xrs Cuirass Duriel's Shell
Haemosu's Adamant
urs Great Hauberk
spl Splint Mail Iceblink
Berserker's Hauberk
xpl Russet Armor Skullder's Ire upl Balrog Skin Arkaine's Valor
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
plt Plate Mail Boneflesh xlt Templar Coat Guardian Angel ult Hellforge Plate Naj's Light Plate
fld Field Plate Rockfleece xld Sharktooth Armor Toothrow uld Kraken Shell Leviathan
M'avina's Embrace
gth Gothic Plate Rattlecage
Sigon's Shelter
xth Embossed Plate Atma's Wail uth Lacquered Plate Dark Abyss* (new)
Tal Rasha's Guardianship
ltp Light Plate Heavenly Garb
Arcanna's Flesh
xtp Mage Plate Que-Hegan's Wisdom utp Archon Plate Purgatory (new)
ful Full Plate Mail Goldskin
Tancred's Spine
xul Chaos Armor Black Hades
Trang-Oul's Scales
uul Shadow Plate Steel Carapace
Aldur's Deception
aar Ancient Armor Silks of the Victor
Milabrega's Robe
xar Ornate Plate Corpsemourn
Griswold's Heart
uar Sacred Armor Templar's Might
Tyrael's Might
Immortal King's Soul Cage
Shields buc Buckler Pelta Lunata
Hsarus' Iron Fist
xuc Defender Visceratuant uuc Heater
sml Small Shield Umbral Disk
Cleglaw's Claw
xml Round Shield Moser's Blessed Circle
Whitstan's Guard
uml Luna Blackoak Shield
lrg Large Shield Stormguild
Civerb's Ward
xrg Scutum Stormchaser urg Hyperion
spk Spiked Shield Swordback Hold xpk Barbed Shield Lance Guard upk Blade Barrier Spike Thorn
kit Kite Shield Steelclash
Milabrega's Orb
xit Dragon Shield Tiamat's Rebuke uit Monarch Stormshield
bsh Bone Shield Wall of the Eyeless xsh Grim Shield Lidless Wall ush Troll Nest Head Hunter's Glory
tow Tower Shield Bverrit Keep
Sigon's Guard
xow Pavise Gerke's Sanctuary uow Aegis Medusa's Gaze
gts Gothic Shield The Ward
Isenhart's Parry
xts Ancient Shield Radament's Sphere uts Ward Spirit Ward
Taebaek's Glory
Gloves lgl Leather Gloves The Hand of Broc
Death's Hand
xlg Demonhide Gloves Venom Grip ulg Bramble Mitts Laying of Hands
vgl Heavy Gloves Bloodfist
Sander's Taboo
xvg Sharkskin Gloves Gravepalm
Magnus' Skin
uvg Vampirebone Gloves Dracul's Grasp
mgl Chain Gloves Chance Guards
Cleglaw's Pincers
xmg Heavy Bracers Ghoulhide
Trang-Oul's Claws
umg Vambraces Soul Drainer
tgl Light Gauntlets Magefist
Arctic Mitts
Iratha's Cuff
xtg Battle Gauntlets Lava Gout
M'avina's Icy Clutch
utg Crusader Gauntlets Occultist (new)
hgl Gauntlets Frostburn
Sigon's Gage
xhg War Gauntlets Hellmouth
Immortal King's Forge
uhg Ogre Gauntlets Steelrend
Boots lbt Boots Hotspur
Tancred's Hobnails
xlb Demonhide Boots Infernostride
Rite of Passage
ulb Wyrmhide Boots Merman's Sprocket (new)
vbt Heavy Boots Gorefoot
Cow King's Hooves
Sander's Riprap
xvb Sharkskin Boots Waterwalk uvb Scarabshell Boots Sandstorm Trek
mbt Chain Boots Treads of Cthon
Hsarus' Iron Heel
xmb Mesh Boots Silkweave
Natalya's Soul
umb Boneweave Boots Marrowwalk
tbt Light Plated Boots Goblin Toe
Vidala's Fetlock
xtb Battle Boots War Traveler
Aldur's Advance
utb Mirrored Boots Ithereal's Path* (new)
hbt Greaves Tearhaunch
Sigon's Sabot
xhb War Boots Gore Rider
Immortal King's Pillar
uhb Myrmidon Greaves Shadow Dancer
Belts lbl Sash Lenymo
Death's Guard
zlb Demonhide Sash String of Ears ulc Spiderweb Sash Arachnid Mesh
vbl Light Belt Snakecord
Arctic Binding
zvb Sharkskin Belt Razortail
M'avina's Tenet
uvc Vampirefang Belt Nosferatu's Coil
mbl Belt Nightsmoke
Hsarus' Iron Stay
Hwanin's Blessing
zmb Mesh Belt Gloom's Trap
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
umc Mithril Coil Verdungo's Hearty Cord
tbl Heavy Belt Goldwrap
Infernal Sign
Iratha's Cord
ztb Battle Belt Snowclash
Wilhelm's Pride
utc Troll Belt Band of Skulls* (new)
• rbe instead of utc
Trang-Oul's Girth
hbl Plated Belt Bladebuckle
Sigon's Wrap
zhb War Belt Thundergod's Vigor
Immortal King's Detail
uhc Colossus Girdle
dr1 Wolf Head dr6 Alpha Helm drb Blood Spirit Cerebus' Bite
dr2 Hawk Helm Quetzalcoatl (new) dr7 Griffon Headress drc Sun Spirit
dr3 Antlers dr8 Hunter's Guise Aldur's Stony Gaze drd Earth Spirit Spirit Keeper
dr4 Falcon Mask dr9 Sacred Feathers dre Sky Spirit Ravenlore
dr5 Spirit Mask dra Totemic Mask Jalal's Mane drf Dream Spirit Ursa's Nightmare (new)
ba1 Jawbone Cap ba6 Jawbone Visor Cyclopean Roar (new) bab Carnage Helm
ba2 Fanged Helm ba7 Lion Helm bac Fury Visor Wolfhowl
ba3 Horned Helm ba8 Rage Mask bad Destroyer Helm Demonhorn's Edge
ba4 Assault Helmet ba9 Savage Helmet bae Conqueror Crown Halaberd's Reign
ba5 Avenger Guard Immortal King's Will baa Slayer Guard Arreat's Face baf Guardian Crown Raekor's Virtue (new)
pa1 Targe pa6 Akaran Targe pab Sacred Targe
pa2 Rondache pa7 Akaran Rondache pac Sacred Rondache Alma Negra
pa3 Heraldic Shield Sankekur's Fall (new) pa8 Protector Shield pad Kurast Shield
pa4 Aerin Shield pa9 Gilded Shield Herald of Zakarum pae Zakarum Shield Dragonscale
pa5 Crown Shield paa Royal Shield paf Vortex Shield Griswold's Honor
ne1 Preserved Head ne6 Mummified Trophy Kalan's Legacy (new) neb Minion Skull
ne2 Zombie Head ne7 Fetish Trophy neg Hellspawn Skull
ne3 Unraveller Head ne8 Sexton Trophy ned Overseer Skull Martyrdom (new)
ne4 Gargoyle Head ne9 Cantor Trophy Trang-Oul's Wing nee Succubus Skull Boneflame
ne5 Demon Head nea Hierophant Trophy Homunculus nef Bloodlord Skull Darkforce Spawn

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios

Type Code Item (Normal) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Exceptional) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Elite) Unique/Set Versions
Axes hax Hand Axe The Gnasher 9ha Hatchet Coldkill 7ha Tomahawk Razor's Edge
axe Axe Deathspade 9ax Cleaver Butcher's Pupil 7ax Small Crescent
2ax Double Axe Bladebone
Berserker's Hatchet
92a Twin Axe Islestrike 72a Ettin Axe Rune Master
mpi Military Pick Skull Splitter
Tancred's Crowbill
9mp Crowbill Pompeii's Wrath 7mp War Spike Cranebeak
wax War Axe Rakescar 9wa Naga Guardian Naga 7wa Berserker Axe Death Cleaver
lax Large Axe Axe of Fechmar 9la Military Axe Warlord's Trust 7la Feral Axe
bax Broad Axe Goreshovel 9ba Bearded Axe Spellsteel 7ba Silver-edged Axe Ethereal Edge
btx Battle Axe The Chieftain 9bt Tabar Stormrider 7bt Decapitator Hellslayer
gax Great Axe Brainhew 9ga Gothic Axe Boneslayer Blade 7ga Champion Axe Messerschmidt's Reaver
gix Giant Axe Humongous 9gi Ancient Axe The Minotaur 7gi Glorious Axe Executioner's Justice
Maces clb Club Felloak 9cl Cudgel Dark Clan Crusher 7cl Truncheon Nord's Tenderizer
spc Spiked Club Stoutnail 9sp Barbed Club Fleshrender 7sp Tyrant Club Demon Limb
mac Mace Crushflange 9ma Flanged Mace Sureshrill Frost 7ma Reinforced Mace Dangoon's Teaching
mst Morning Star Bloodrise 9mt Jagged Star Moonfall
Aldur's Rhythm
7mt Devil Star Baranar's Star
fla Flail The General's Tan Do Li Ga 9fl Knout Baezil's Vortex 7fl Scourge Horizon's Tornado
whm War Hammer Ironstone 9wh Battle Hammer Earthshaker 7wh Legendary Mallet Stone Crusher
Schaefer's Hammer
mau Maul Bonesnap 9m9 War Club Bloodtree Stump 7m7 Ogre Maul Windhammer
Immortal King's Stone Crusher
gma Great Maul Steeldriver 9gm Martel de Fer The Gavel of Pain 7gm Thunder Maul Earth Shifter
The Cranium Basher
Swords ssd Short Sword Rixot's Keen 9ss Gladius Bloodletter 7ss Falcata
scm Scimitar Blood Crescent 9sm Cutlass Coldsteel Eye 7sm Ataghan Djinn Slayer
sbr Sabre Skewer of Krintiz
Angelic Sickle
9sb Shamshir Hexfire 7sb Elegant Blade Bloodmoon
flc Falchion Gleamscythe 9fc Tulwar Blade of Ali Baba 7fc Hydra Edge
crs Crystal Sword 9cr Dimensional Blade Ginther's Rift 7cr Phase Blade Lightsabre
bsd Broad Sword Griswold's Edge
Isenhart's Lightbrand
9bs Battle Sword Headstriker 7bs Conquest Sword Hadriel's Hand* (new)
lsd Long Sword Hellplague
Cleglaw's Tooth
9ls Rune Sword Plague Bearer 7ls Cryptic Sword Frostwind
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
wsd War Sword Culwen's Point
Death's Touch
9wd Ancient Sword The Atlantean 7wd Mythical Sword
2hs Two-handed Sword Shadowfang 92h Espandon Crainte Vomir 72h Legend Sword
clm Claymore Soulflay 9cm Dacian Falx Bing Sz Wang 7cm Highland Blade Leoric's Mithril Bane (new)
gis Giant Sword Kinemil's Awl 9gs Tusk Sword The Vile Husk 7gs Balrog Blade Flamebellow
bsw Bastard Sword Blacktongue 9b9 Gothic Sword Cloudcrack 7b7 Champion Sword Doombringer
flb Flamberge Ripsaw 9fb Zweihander Todesfaelle Flamme 7fb Colossus Sword Odium (new)
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
gsd Great Sword The Patriarch 9gd Executioner Sword Swordguard 7gd Colossus Blade The Grandfather
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Daggers dgr Dagger Gull
Infernal Spire
9dg Poignard Spineripper 7dg Bone Knife Wizardspike
dir Dirk The Diggler 9di Rondel Heart Carver 7di Mithril Point
kri Kris The Jade Tan Do 9kr Cinquedeas Blackbog's Sharp 7kr Fanged Knife Fleshripper
bld Blade Spectral Shard 9bl Stiletto Stormspike 7bl Legend Spike Ghostflame
tkf Throwing Knife 9tk Battle Dart Deathbit 7tk Flying Knife
tax Throwing Axe 9ta Francisca The Scalper 7ta Flying Axe Gimmershred
bkf Balanced Knife 9bk War Dart 7bk Winged Knife Warshrike
bal Balanced Axe 9b8 Hurlbat 7b8 Winged Axe Lacerator
Javelins jav Javelin 9ja War Javelin 7ja Hyperion Javelin
pil Pilum 9pi Great Pilum 7pi Stygian Pilum
ssp Short Spear 9s9 Simbilan 7s7 Balrog Spear Demon's Arch
glv Glaive 9gl Spiculum 7gl Ghost Glaive Wraith Flight
tsp Throwing Spear 9ts Harpoon 7ts Winged Harpoon Gargoyle's Bite
Spears spr Spear The Dragon Chang 9sr War Spear The Impaler 7sr Hyperion Spear Arioc's Needle
tri Trident Razortine 9tr Fuscina Kelpie Snare 7tr Stygian Pike
brn Brandistock Bloodthief 9br War Fork Soulfeast Tine 7br Mancatcher Viperfork
spt Spetum Lance of Yaggai 9st Yari Hone Sundan 7st Ghost Spear Uldyssian's Awakening (new)
pik Pike The Tannr Gorerod 9p9 Lance Spire of Honor 7p7 War Pike Steel Pillar
Polearms bar Bardiche Dimoak's Hew 9b7 Lochaber Axe The Meat Scraper 7o7 Ogre Axe Bonehew
vou Voulge Steelgoad 9vo Bill Blackleach Blade
Hwanin's Justice
7vo Colossus Voulge
scy Scythe Soul Harvest 9s8 Battle Scythe Athena's Wrath 7s8 Thresher The Reaper's Toll
pax Poleaxe The Battlebranch 9pa Partizan Pierre Tombale Couant 7pa Cryptic Axe Tomb Reaver
hal Halberd Woestave 9h9 Bec-de-Corbin Husoldal Evo 7h7 Great Poleaxe
wsc War Scythe The Grim Reaper 9wc Grim Scythe Grim's Burning Dead 7wc Giant Thresher Stormspire
Bows sbw Short Bow Pluckeye 8sb Edge Bow Skystrike 6sb Spider Bow
hbw Hunter’s Bow Witherstring 8hb Razor Bow Riphook 6hb Blade Bow
lbw Long Bow Raven Claw 8lb Cedar Bow Kuko Shakaku 6lb Shadow Bow
cbw Composite Bow Rogue's Bow 8cb Double Bow Endlesshail 6cb Great Bow
sbb Short Battle Bow Stormstrike 8s8 Short Siege Bow Witchwild String 6s7 Diamond Bow
lbb Long Battle Bow Wizendraw
Vidala's Barb
8l8 Large Siege Bow Cliffkiller 6l7 Crusader Bow Eaglehorn
swb Short War Bow Hellclap
Arctic Horn
8sw Rune Bow Magewrath 6sw Ward Bow Widowmaker
lwb Long War Bow Blastbark 8lw Gothic Bow Goldstrike Arch 6lw Hydra Bow Windforce
Crossbows lxb Light Crossbow Leadcrow 8lx Arbalest Langer Briser 6lx Pellet Bow
mxb Crossbow Ichorsting 8mx Siege Crossbow Pus Spitter 6mx Gorgon Crossbow
hxb Heavy Crossbow Hellcast 8hx Ballista Buriza-Do Kyanon 6hx Colossus Crossbow Hellrack
rxb Repeating Crossbow Doomslinger 8rx Chu-Ko-Nu Demon Machine 6rx Demon Crossbow Gut Siphon
Staves sst Short Staff Bane Ash 8ss Jo Staff Razorswitch 6ss Walking Stick
lst Long Staff Serpent Lord 8ls Quarterstaff Ribcracker 6ls Stalagmite
cst Gnarled Staff Spire of Lazarus 8cs Cedar Staff Chromatic Ire 6cs Elder Staff Ondal's Wisdom
Naj's Puzzler
bst Battle Staff The Salamander
Cathan's Rule
8bs Gothic Staff Warpspear 6bs Shillelagh Brimstone Rain (new)
wst War Staff The Iron Jang Bong
Arcanna's Deathwand
8ws Rune Staff Skull Collector 6ws Archon Staff Mang Song's Lesson
Wands wnd Wand Torch of Iro 9wn Burnt Wand Suicide Branch 7wn Polished Wand
ywn Yew Wand Maelstrom 9yw Petrified Wand Carin Shard 7yw Ghost Wand
bwn Bone Wand Gravenspine
Sander's Superstition
9bw Tomb Wand Arm of King Leoric 7bw Lich Wand Boneshade
gwn Grim Wand Ume's Lament 9gw Grave Wand Blackhand Key 7gw Unearthed Wand Death's Web
Scepters scp Scepter Knell Striker 9sc Rune Scepter Zakarum's Hand 7sc Mighty Scepter Heaven's Light
The Redeemer
gsc Grand Scepter Rusthandle
Civerb's Cudgel
9qs Holy Water Sprinkler The Fetid Sprinkler 7qs Seraph Rod Akarat's Devotion (new)
wsp War Scepter Stormeye
Milabrega's Rod
9ws Divine Scepter Hand of Blessed Light 7ws Caduceus Astreon's Iron Ward
Griswold's Redemption
ktr Katar 9ar Quhab Mage Slayer (new) 7ar Suwayyah
wrb Wrist Blade 9wb Wrist Spike 7wb Wrist Sword Jade Talon
axf Hatchet Hands 9xf Fascia 7xf War Fist
ces Cestus 9cs Hand Scythe 7cs Battle Cestus Shadow Killer
clw Claws 9lw Greater Claws 7lw Feral Claws Firelizard's Talons
btl Blade Talons 9tw Greater Talons Bartuc's Cut-Throat 7tw Runic Talons Stalker's Cull (new)
skr Scissors Katar 9qr Scissors Quhab 7qr Scissors Suwayyah Aidan's Scar* (new)
Natalya's Mark
ob1 Eagle Orb ob6 Glowing Orb Tempest (new) obb Heavenly Stone
ob2 Sacred Globe ob7 Crystalline Globe obc Eldritch Orb Eschuta's Temper
ob3 Smoked Sphere ob8 Cloudy Sphere obd Demon Heart
ob4 Clasped Orb ob9 Sparkling Ball obe Vortex Orb
ob5 Jared's Stone oba Swirling Crystal The Oculus
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
obf Dimensional Shard Death's Fathom
am1 Stag Bow am6 Ashwood Bow amb Matriarchal Bow Blood Raven's Charge
am2 Reflex Bow am7 Ceremonial Bow Lycander's Aim amc Grand Matron Bow M'avina's Caster
am3 Maiden Spear am8 Ceremonial Spear amd Matriarchal Spear Stoneraven
am4 Maiden Pike am9 Ceremonial Pike Lycander's Flank ame Matriarchal Pike Zerae's Resolve (new)
am5 Maiden Javelin True Silver (new) ama Ceremonial Javelin Titan's Revenge amf Matriarchal Javelin Thunderstroke

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios

Other Items
Misc Gear
  • Code Item
    tsc Scroll of Town Portal
    isc Scroll of Identify
    tbk Tome of Town Portal
    ibk Tome of Identify
    key Key
    leg Wirt's Leg
    ear Player Ear
    std Standard of Heroes
  • Code Item Unique Versions
    cm1 Small Charm Annihilus*
    cm2 Large Charm Hellfire Torch*
    cm3 Grand Charm Gheed's Fortune
    jew Jewel Rainbow Facet
    rin Ring see below
    amu Amulet see below
    aqv Arrows
    cqv Bolts

  • Tome of Town Portal and Tome of Identify can only have their name modified, not their description
  • Unique/Set Amulets
    Code Unique Versions Set Versions
    amu Nokozan Relic Civerb's Icon
    Eye of Etlich Cathan's Sigil
    The Mahim Oak Curio Angelic Wings
    Saracen's Chance Vidala's Snare
    Crescent Moon Arcanna's Sign
    The Cat's Eye Iratha's Collar
    Atma's Scarab Tal Rasha's Adjudication
    Highlord's Wrath Tancred's Weird
    The Rising Sun Telling of Beads
    Seraph's Hymn
    Mara's Kaleidoscope
    ram The Third Eye* (new)
  • Unique/Set Rings
    Code Unique Versions Set Versions
    rin Nagelring Cathan's Seal
    Manald Heal Angelic Halo
    Stone of Jordan Bul-Kathos' Death Band (new)
    Dwarf Star
    Raven Frost
    Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
    Carrion Wind
    Nature's Peace
    Wisp Projector
    Kadala's Heirloom* (new)

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios



Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Code Item Code Code Item
gcv Chipped Amethyst gfv Flawed Amethyst gsv Amethyst gzv gzvs Flawless Amethyst gpv gpvs Perfect Amethyst
gcy Chipped Topaz gfy Flawed Topaz gsy Topaz gly glys Flawless Topaz gpy gpys Perfect Topaz
gcb Chipped Sapphire gfb Flawed Sapphire gsb Sapphire glb glbs Flawless Sapphire gpb gpbs Perfect Sapphire
gcg Chipped Emerald gfg Flawed Emerald gsg Emerald glg glgs Flawless Emerald gpg gpgs Perfect Emerald
gcr Chipped Ruby gfr Flawed Ruby gsr Ruby glr glrs Flawless Ruby gpr gprs Perfect Ruby
gcw Chipped Diamond gfw Flawed Diamond gsw Diamond glw glws Flawless Diamond gpw gpws Perfect Diamond
skc Chipped Skull skf Flawed Skull sku Skull skl skls Flawless Skull skz skzs Perfect Skull
  • For gems with two codes, the second code refers to the stacked version of the gem

Also see RUNE

Code Code Item Code Code Item Code Code Item
r01 r01s El Rune r12 r12s Sol Rune r23 r23s Mal Rune
r02 r02s Eld Rune r13 r13s Shael Rune r24 r24s Ist Rune
r03 r03s Tir Rune r14 r14s Dol Rune r25 r25s Gul Rune
r04 r04s Nef Rune r15 r15s Hel Rune r26 r26s Vex Rune
r05 r05s Eth Rune r16 r16s Io Rune r27 r27s Ohm Rune
r06 r06s Ith Rune r17 r17s Lum Rune r28 r28s Lo Rune
r07 r07s Tal Rune r18 r18s Ko Rune r29 r29s Sur Rune
r08 r08s Ral Rune r19 r19s Fal Rune r30 r30s Ber Rune
r09 r09s Ort Rune r20 r20s Lem Rune r31 r31s Jah Rune
r10 r10s Thul Rune r21 r21s Pul Rune r32 r32s Cham Rune
r11 r11s Amn Rune r22 r22s Um Rune r33 r33s Zod Rune
  • The second code refers to the stacked version of the rune
  • For a list of runewords and the runes required for each, see All Runewords
Code Item Code Item Code Item
rvl Full Rejuvenation Potion hp1 Minor Healing Potion mp1 Minor Mana Potion
rvs Rejuvenation Potion hp2 Lesser Healing Potion mp2 Lesser Mana Potion
yps Antidote Potion hp3 Healing Potion mp3 Mana Potion
wms Thawing Potion hp4 Greater Healing Potion mp4 Greater Mana Potion
vps Stamina Potion hp5 Super Healing Potion mp5 Super Mana Potion
Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item
tpfs Fulminating Potion tpgs Strangling Potion tpcs Chilling Potion tpls Charged Potion
tpfm Exploding Potion tpgm Choking Potion tpcm Frost Potion tplm Static Potion
tpfl Oil Potion tpgl Rancid Potion tpcl Freezing Potion tpll Shock Potion
  • These throwing potions are new in PD2 and the old legacy versions won't spawn
Code Item (Legacy) Code Item (Legacy)
opl Fulminating Potion gpl Strangling Potion
opm Exploding Potion gpm Choking Potion
ops Oil Potion gps Rancid Potion
Quest Items
  • Code Item
    bks Scroll of Inifuss
    bkd Key to the Cairn Stones
    tr1 Horadric Scroll
    ass Book of Skill
    box Horadric Cube
    j34 Jade Figurine
    g34 Golden Bird
    xyz Potion of Life
    bbb Lam Esen's Tome
    qbr Khalim's Brain
    qey Khalim's Eye
    qhr Khalim's Heart
    mss Mephisto's Soulstone
    ice Malah's Potion
    tr2 Scroll of Resistance
  • Code Equipment Item
    hdm Horadric Malus
    msf Staff of Kings
    vip Viper Amulet
    hst Horadric Staff
    g33 Gidbinn
    qf1 Khalim's Flail
    qf2 Khalim's Will
    hfh Hell Forge Hammer
  • Code Item Details
    tes Twisted Essence of Suffering Token ingredient (from Andariel & Duriel)
    ceh Charged Essence of Hatred Token ingredient (from Mephisto)
    bet Burning Essence of Terror Token ingredient (from Diablo)
    fed Festering Essence of Destruction Token ingredient (from Baal)
    toa Token of Absolution Resets stats/skills
    pk1 Key of Terror Mini-Uber ingredient (from Countess & Blood Raven)
    pk2 Key of Hate Mini-Uber ingredient (from Summoner & Bloodwitch)
    pk3 Key of Destruction Mini-Uber ingredient (from Nihlathak & Izual)
    dhn Diablo's Horn Tristram ingredient (from Lilith)
    bey Baal's Eye Tristram ingredient (from uber Duriel)
    mbr Mephisto's Brain Tristram ingredient (from uber Izual)
PD2 Items
  • Maps & Arenas
    Code Item Tier
    t11 Ruins of Viz-Jun Map 2
    t12 Horazon's Memory Map 1
    t13 Bastion Keep Map 1
    t14 Sanatorium Map 2
    t15 Royal Crypts Map 2
    t16 Ruined Cistern Map 1
    t21 Phlegethon Map 1
    t22 Torajan Jungle Map 1
    t23 Arreat Battlefield Map 1
    t24 Tomb of Zoltun Kulle Map 3
    t25 Sewers of Harrogath Map 3
    t26 Shadows of Westmarch Map 2
    t31 River of Blood Map 3
    t32 Throne of Insanity Map 3
    t33 Lost Temple Map 1
    t34 Ancestral Trial Map 2
    t35 Blood Moon Map 3
    t36 Fall of Caldeum Map 2
    t37 Pandemonium Citadel Map 3
    t38 Canyon of Sescheron Map 3
    t39 Kehjistan Marketplace Map 3
    t3a Ashen Plains Map 3
    t41 Cathedral of Light Map 4 (dungeon)
    t42 Plains of Torment Map 4 (dungeon)
    t43 Sanctuary of Sin Map 4 (dungeon)
    t51 Zhar's Sanctum Map 3 (unique)
    t52 Stygian Caverns Map 3 (unique)
    t53 Fallen Gardens Map 2 (unique)
    t61 Desert Duel Arena PvP arena
    t62 Moor Duel Arena PvP arena
  • Map Modification
    Code Item Details
    Arcane Orb
    Infused Arcane Orb
    upgrade map (regular -> magic)
    Zakarum Orb
    Infused Zakarum Orb
    upgrade map (regular -> rare)
    Angelic Orb
    Infused Angelic Orb
    upgrade map (magic -> rare)
    Horadrim Orb
    Infused Horadrim Orb
    reroll rare map
    scou Orb of Destruction downgrade map (to regular)
    fort Orb of Fortification halves monsters & doubles loot/experience/life
    upmp Cartographer's Orb combine maps into a higher tier
    scrb Horadrim Scarab transform a t3 map into a dungeon (from map bosses)
    iwss Catalyst Shard guarantees a map event (from altar map event)
  • General-Purpose
    Code Item Details
    wss Worldstone Shard corrupts items
    lbox Larzuk's Puzzlebox sockets items
    lpp Larzuk's Puzzlepiece sockets items (not uniques/sets)
    lmal Larzuk's Malus sockets items (1 socket)
    jewf Jewel Fragments stackable jewel ingredient
    cwss Tainted Worldstone Shard corrupts Annihilus (from Rathma)
    rtp Horadrim Navigator unlimited TP tome (from Rathma, uncommon)
    rid Horadrim Almanac unlimited ID tome (from Rathma, uncommon)
    rkey Skeleton Key unlimited-use key (drops anywhere, 1 in 5 million chance)
    lsvl Vial of Lightsong Makes item Ethereal (drops anywhere, 1 in 7.5 million chance)
    llmr Lilith's Mirror Mirrors items (drops anywhere, 1 in 25 million chance)
    pvpp Dueling Mana Potion only useable in PvP arenas
    crfb Blood Craft Infusion Pre-made Blood craft recipe
    crfc Caster Craft Infusion Pre-made Caster craft recipe
    crfs Safety Craft Infusion Pre-made Safety craft recipe
    crfh Hitpower Craft Infusion Pre-made Hitpower craft recipe
    crfv Vampiric Craft Infusion Pre-made Vampiric craft recipe
    crfu Bountiful Craft Infusion Pre-made Bountiful craft recipe
  • Uber-Related
    Code Item Details
    uba Relic of the Ancients accesses Uber Ancients
    ubaa Sigil of Madawc Uber Ancients ingredient (from T1 maps)
    ubab Sigil of Talic Uber Ancients ingredient (from T2 maps)
    ubac Sigil of Korlic Uber Ancients ingredient (from T3 maps)
    ubtm Pandemonium Talisman accesses Uber Tristram
    dcma Vision of Terror accesses Diablo Clone
    dcso Prime Evil Soul Diablo Clone ingredient (from Hell Mephisto/Diablo/Baal)
    dcbl Pure Demonic Essence Diablo Clone ingredient (from map bosses)
    dcho Black Soulstone Diablo Clone ingredient (from Uber Tristram)
    rtma Voidstone accesses Rathma
    rtmv Splinter of the Void Rathma ingredient (from Mendeln map event)
    rtmo Trang-Oul's Jawbone Rathma ingredient (from undead)
    cm2f Hellfire Ashes Rathma ingredient (stackable Hellfire Torch)
    rtmf Ancient Bone Fragments Trang-Oul's Jawbone ingredient (legacy)
  • Special Equipment
    Code Item Notes
    rar Cage of the Unsullied Boneweave (uhn doesn't apply, but ARMOR/CHEST do)
    rbe Band of Skulls Troll Belt (utc doesn't apply, but ARMOR/BELT do)
    ram The Third Eye Amulet (amu doesn't apply)