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This page attempts to showcase why Project Diablo 2 is worth playing by covering the core gameplay of the original game and highlighting major features that PD2 adds or improves upon.

NOTICE: This page is currently a work-in-progress. Gray text denotes sections where images or gifs/webms will be included to provide more details
  • Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is the grandfather of Action RPGs - it's the quintessential game that inspired a whole genre of others to follow and they all get compared to this one at some point. If you enjoy ARPGs, this is a classic experience and Project Diablo 2 is the best version of it.
  • Project D2 is always getting better with new seasons every 4-5 months - this is a common claim of many games, but PD2 does so in a way that doesn't undermine itself. Special care is taken to avoid power creep and ensure the game still feels like Diablo 2. Just a more polished version of it.
  • Major Improvements
  • Widescreen support and improved graphics including 100+ fps and high-definition text
  • show a scene changing from the old graphics at 25 fps to the new graphics at 100+ fps
  • Skills have been reviewed and balanced (or reworked if necessary) to ensure each has a niche, and some new skills have been added. All classes have multiple viable builds and build diversity improves every season.
  • show impressive-looking new skills... holy nova, ice barrage, combustion, dark pact, desecrate combined with skeleton archers...
  • show skills with significant reworks... any martial arts skills, blade fury, double throw, vengeance...
  • show skills whose appearance hasn't change that much but the skills are now much more viable... war cry, leap attack, valkyrie, rabies, druid summons...
  • show a rearranged skill tree (such as shapeshifting) to demonstrate how you don't need to respec to play certain builds and can start from level 1
  • All items have been reviewed and balanced to improve itemization options, some new equipment items have been added, and there are new ways to interact with items.
  • showcasing items is less obvious than skills since items are important but they aren't gameplay (there's no "action" in a tooltip) ...perhaps some item tooltips could be briefly shown at the same time as other features such as the expanded stash? or we could show off some of the wiki and scroll through several items to see their exact changes more clearly?
  • show several tooltips for new or updated unique/set/runeword items
  • show several melee weapon tooltips to demonstrate that they all deal splash damage now
  • show some examples of crafting
  • show some examples of rare items with new affixes such as chests with +1 class skill, +20% FCR, +20% PDR, +200% ED, etc'
  • hover over at least 1 rare quiver
  • show multiple corruption outcomes
  • show stash and inventory changes, and demonstrate shortcuts for moving items around
  • Customizable item filters to hide or highlight items as you see fit
  • use multiple popular filters to showcase how they can be very similar to the vanilla look, or relatively wild
  • show off extra features they typically have beyond just hiding/highlighting items
  • show how they can be selected form the launcher
  • Dedicated armory and trade site
  • show how you can browse your own stash online and easily setup items for trade
  • show how you can search available trades with filters to find what you're looking for
  • Mercenaries from every act have useful niches
  • show mercenaries from each act and the hiring menu for some of them
  • New endgame content - map zones and challenging uber bosses
  • show multiple maps and some map events within them
  • show some teasers of dclone, mendeln/rathma, uber ancients, etc