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This page lists Frequently Asked Questions regarding PD2.

What is Project Diablo 2?

  • PD2 is a mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction which includes many quality-of-life and balance changes, along with some new content. It aims to maintain the D2:LoD experience while improving on the game as if development never ceased.
  • PD2 offers increased build diversity as well as many other improvements over the vanilla game. See General Changes for an overview of improvements.
  • PD2 is free, but a legit copy of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is required. There are a few other rules too. If you have any questions, PD2's discord channel is usually the best place to ask.

Which gamemodes are supported?

  • Both ladder and non-ladder are supported, and there are currently no gameplay differences between them (like how vanilla had ladder-only runewords) except for the ladder resetting every four months.
  • Singleplayer is supported - Players often install PlugY alongside PD2 to fix ubers and gain access to a shared stash. An item pack is also available for testing.
    • There are currently no gameplay differences between singleplayer and multiplayer except for the Andariel quest bug, which remains unfixed in singleplayer.
    • Singleplayer characters can also be played online together with others via TCP/IP by creating a virtual LAN between computers (or by using port forwarding)
  • No support for non-expansion (classic) or Open "Battle.net"

Is PvP supported?

  • Yes. PvP continues to be balanced as the metagame develops. PvP events are sometimes organized and announced via PD2's discord channel.
  • New PvP arenas are available which have several quality-of-life improvements and additional balancing - see PvP Changes for an overview of PvP-specific changes.
  • There are rules against griefing other players - all consensual PvP is allowed.

Where can I trade my items?

  • Items can be listed and searched for on PD2's Trade Site. Players can chat on the trade site or within the game to make a deal, then meet up in-game to trade items. Note that third-party and real-money trading are not allowed.

What is the drop rate in PD2?

The baseline drop rate in PD2 is roughly equivalent to vanilla's p5/5 (5 partied players in a game) for solo play, and scales up per player until it's slightly above the equivalent of vanilla's p8/8 when there is a full game of 8 players.

For a more detailed explanation of drop mechanics, see: Game Mechanics

Where are the game servers located?

The current locations of the game servers are:

gs 1 - US-West (Las Vegas)
gs 2 - US-Central (Iowa)
gs 3 - US-East (South Carolina)
gs 4 - Europe-West (Netherlands)
gs 5 - Europe-Central (Finland)
gs 6 - Asia-Northeast (Seoul, Korea)
gs 7 - Asia-Southeast (Singapore)
gs 8 - South America-East (São Paulo)
gs 9 - Australia-Southeast (Sydney)

When creating a game, type gs 3 (or whichever server you prefer) in the Game Description to use a specific server.

What resolution does PD2 use?

  • Since Season 7, PD2 comes with D2GL. This is a new renderer that allows higher resolutions and more than 60 FPS using motion prediction. Additionally, any text gets drawn at native resolution.

See the Customization page for more info about changing widescreen resolution or other video settings.

Other Questions

Please ask on PD2's discord channel or subreddit.

If you have a technical question, see the Support FAQ. If that doesn't help, stop by PD2's tech-support channel.

The information here is maintained by normal PD2 community members - if a frequently asked question is missing, please add it here or mention it on PD2's wiki-editing channel so that others can add it.