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Hi there,

Why don't we do guides directly inside the wiki ? Just wondering if I should do it here or not.

Let's say that's a yes :p


Hi there,

This is the only guide to the gf/mf tiger-sin for a reason : this isn't better than a gf/mf barbarian. Therefore, you might be better off reading a barb guide. Still here ? Ok, I see I've met someone I'll like !

I tried this because I love running travincal, but playing barb was getting repetitive, so I wanted to try something new.

Why Tiger Strike ?

  • It is good if you're broke
    • Very high %ed on skill, meaning you don't need a lot of ed on gear
    • It is easy to rich a good attack speed breakpoint
  • It isn't something we usually play
  • It doesn't require lvl 40ish skill level to work (hi elemental builds)


  • Can I level as this build: Yes, but it is pretty slow compared to WoF.
  • Early Ladder Viable: Yes, pretty cheap gear honestly.
  • End Game Solo Viable: Not with this build, that is too slow. I sometimes do fortified t1s though, but that's not optimal.
  • End Game Group Viable: Not tested.
  • Hardcore Viable: Not tested.
  • Uber Trist Viable: Probably not.
  • Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Probably not.
  • Then what? Travincal

What does the char look like

Here's my armory. What we have here is a cheap, torchless, skillerless character. It clears travincal in seconds and never dies, with ~280mf and ~500gf.

I'll recap my gear here, because I might become rich one day and you'd start thinking it is required somehow :p

  • Character
    • CoT (cold resist corrupted)
    • High end metalgrid (no corr)
    • Bartuc (not corrupted)
    • Jade (not corrupted)
    • Black Hades with 4 topaz
    • Chance guard (-25% defense corrupted)
    • IK belt (no corr)
    • Dual leech ring
    • Raven frost
    • Infernostride (mf corr)
    • Some max/ar charms
  • Mercenary (Act 5 BO)
    • Lawbringer eth legend sword
    • Blackhorn (1 socket)
    • Duriel shell (max fire res corrupted)
    • Loh
    • Rare belt
    • Infernostride

That's it. And I'm already far too strong to farm trav comfortably.


  • Max Tiger Strike (20 points, no synergy)
  • Get Dragon Flight unless gear has it (4 pts)
  • Max Claw and Dagger Mastery
  • Max Shadow Master
  • ~10pts in BoS
  • ~10pts in Weapon Block

You could run a Venom setup too, it works, but I wanted to go physical :)



  • CoT (best imo)
  • Gaze
  • Guillaume


  • Metalgrid
  • Cat's eye
  • Angelic


  • Stalker (BiS imo)
  • Bartuc (cheap)
  • Rare/craft

Weapon 2

  • Jade (resists are nice)
  • Mage Slayer
  • Maybe even a shield can work, like Head Hunter's Glory


  • Chanceguards
  • M'avina for the CBF early
  • Anything strong if you're still struggling (ex : I ran Martial arts / gf gloves earlier, then bartuc, then switched to Chance)


  • IK is surprisingly strong if you need resists
  • Goldwrap obviously
  • Rare/crafted ones can be good too


  • Infernostride
  • War Traveler


  • Angelic ring (if amulet)
  • Raven (very strong)
  • Rare/crafted dual leech ring, ideally with max/ar


  • Max / Ar
  • Martial arts skillers work (but I'd rather have flat max/ar)
  • Resists
  • gf/mf obviously
  • You don't need a torch really

Merc Gear

Get something that breaks physical immunities if you can, unless you have an amp claw instead of bartuc / stalker. Get bonuses to max resists so your merc doesn't die from fire and light damage. That's it. Example :

  • Lawbringer / Gravel of pain (anything with amp) / Death Cleaver / Ethereal Edge
  • Blackhorn
  • Duriel shell
  • Lava
  • IK belt or String
  • Infernostride

Sazabi's set can be pretty good too.


Cast BoS to run through act 3 town as fast as possible. Get BO from merc. DFlight into the first council member you see. Kill struff. DFlight into the backline. Kill stuff. Grab gold and gear. You can save time using Naj staff on switch if you're lazy. Purchase orbs or gamble.

Where should I farm before I can clear Hell Travi ?

Good question. I don't know if that's optimal or not, but I went :

  • Nightmare Travi
  • Pindle + Eldritch (Shenk was too hard, I decided to skip it)
  • Hell Travi

From my experience, the Bartuc/Jade combo was a huge improvement, so I'd probably start with those alongside Raven Frost and ar gear.



Oh, and if you have suggestions or anything, there's a [Reddit thread] for that.