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The Druid is the master of the natural world and, as such, is able to change his form into that of an animal. His powers for transmogrification into animal form include the Werebear and Werewolf, both of which are powerful and formidable creatures. The Druid is also the master of Elemental and Primal magic, which gives him control over elemental forces such as fire and wind, but also allows him to utilize a myriad of plants and animals to secure himself when faced with mortal danger. Many a Druid has been saved by a Live-giving vine that sucks the health out of corpses while a giant cave bear stands at his side to defend him.

Druid Skills[edit]

There are three branches to the Druid skill tree: Elemental, Shape Shifting, and Summoning. Each skill tree contains unique skills that can be developed in tandem with skills from other areas, or by themselves. As with the five original character classes, how you place points into the Druid skills will dramatically affect how he behaves in the game.

Skill Trees[edit]

Elemental Skills[edit]

The Elemental tree includes skills that summon the forces of the elements to bear for the Druid. Wind in that form of Hurricanes, Twisters, and Tornadoes complement skills that utilize the power of fire, cold, and even the volcanic might that lies within the Earth itself. These skills give deadly magical attributes to the natural elements that surround the Druid, and can be brought to punish those that would stand in his way.

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Shape Shifting Skills[edit]

The Shape Shifting skills allow the Druid to convert himself into one of two creatures, and once he is in these other forms, do incredible amounts of inhuman damage to his enemies. While in these altered states, any weaponry the Druid wields adds its power and abilities to the attacks that come naturally to the beast.

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Summoning Skills (Druid)[edit]

The line of skills enables the Druid to summon aid from the plant, spirit, and animal kingdoms in his quest against evil. Summoning skills provide invaluable means to protect against Health and Mana loss, and create formidable force of creatures to fight for the Druid. Several of these skills are invaluable to the Druid's success. Neglect this skill tree at your own peril.

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