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This page contains outdated information. For an up-to-date list of skill changes from the vanilla game, see Skill Changes.

All classes have been tuned to give a better and customized gameplay in Project D2.

This section is intended to anyone who is interested in the skill balance changes respect Diablo 2 LoD stock version (vanilla).

Date of Last Update from Source[1]: November, 9th 2020 (season 1 changes only)


FRW = Faster Run/Walk
FCR = Faster Cast Rate
IAS = Increased Attack Speed
AOE = Area of Effect
CD = Cooldown
AS = Attack speed
MDR = Magic Damage Reduction
PDR = Physical Damage Reduction
FHR = Faster Hit Recovery
HP = Health Points
AR = Attack Rating
MS = Movement Speed
MAEK = Mana After Each Kill
LAEK = Life After Each Kill
ED = Enhanced Damage OR Enhanced Defense
CB = Crushing Blow
DS = Deadly Strike
LOH = Life on Hit



You may only have 1 spirit and 1 vine up at a time, all other summons may be active

Oak Sage Grants flat life instead of % life as well as providing a life regen aura that scales from points in carrion / solar.
Carrion Grants AOE heal to nearby allies whenever it consumes a corpse.
Solar Grants AOE mana to nearby allies whenever it consumes a corpse.
  • Now hits 3 times, caps at 12 ravens and at every 10 hard points spent.
  • You may now summon an additional raven per cast (max 3).
  • Ravens now have both wolves and grizzly as synergies and are part of the summon toolkit as well as doing small splash damage and partial cold damage.
Spirit of Barbs Now has a flat reflect damage value that scales instead of % of monsters reflected.
Grizzly Now has a melee splash at 20 hard points, grants a second bear.


Rabies Spread tick rate increased and spread radius increased.
Hunger Allows werebear form to consume corpses for a short buff to movement speed, life leech, and critical strike chance.
  • Is now a level 1 skill and grants enhanced damage% and enhanced defense% (keep in mind defense works while moving).
  • Werebear now grants a buff to summon grizzly i.e. leader of the pack and a decrease to wolves (Infinite duration "9999 seconds").
Werewolf Grants enhanced damage %, attack speed % and 1 flat mdr +pdr every 3 levels. Werewolf now grants buff to wolves i.e. leader of the pack and a decrease to grizzly (infinite Duration "9999 seconds").
Lycanthropy Now grants increased maximum life and attack rating to all shapeshift forms; life percentage significantly reduced.
Fury 3 hit cap instead of 5.
Shockwave Stun is always 0.2 seconds. Damage scales. Increased range and projectile speed. Werebear, Twister, Tornado synergies.


Gust Teleport stuns on arrival, soft points spent lower the cooldown (.5 seconds cap) (does not work while shapeshifted).
Artic Blast Now is a level 1 skill, also has bigger hit box and travels faster, and is a part of the wind druid synergy toolkit.
Twister Now grants additional twisters based on soft points (14 max twisters). No 'shotgun effect'.
Tornado Hit box improved (bigger).
Firestorm Increased AOE based on skill level.
Molten Boulder Increased missile speed based on soft points spent.
Fissure Density increased, cooldown reduced, next hit delay removed.
Volcano Cooldown reduced, next hit delay reduced.
Armageddon AOE decreased, fall rate increased.
Cyclone Armor No longer a wind druid skill synergy. Small CD.



Chain Lightning Sentry Added skill at lvl 30. Chain radius same as sorc. Bounces up to 5 times.
Death Sentry Only explodes corpses. Flat phys/fire damage. 5-10% corpse life. lvl 30.
Fire Blast Extra missile per 4 hard point up to 6.
Shock Web No next hit delay. Larger Ground spread.
Blade Fury Pierces. Attack trigger time affected by attack speed. 100% weapon damage and no longer reduced by 2h weapons
Blade Sentinel Moves Faster. Gets stuck less. No longer counts toward trap count.

Martial Arts

Dragon Talon Kick Capped at 3 attacks
Dragon Flight Cast Delay is 2 seconds
Phoenix Strike Removed Next Hit Delay for 3rd charge (cold attack). Now 2nd charge (lightning attack) no longer prevents 3rd charge from dealing damage when using Dragon Claw as the finisher [2]

Shadow Disciplines

Burst of Speed Attack speed is hard points only. Will work with Whirlwind changes.
Mind Blast Remove stun after lvl 1. Increased AOE with soft points.
Psychic Hammer Huge Damage increase. Synergies added.
Claw/Dagger Mastery Changed from only claw mastery.
Fade Damage reduction reduced
Cloak of Shadows Fixed Duration (Canight doesn't remember how long.)



Complete rework of tree

Curse Mastery
  • Improves effect of all curses. Additional curse at 10/20 hardpoints.
  • Curses require hard points to be powerful.
  • Necromancers can use each others curses.
Dark Pact
  • Consumes curses on targets and does damage for each curse.
  • Only consumes 3 curses even with Darkforce.
  • First curse remains after using with Darkforce
  • Damage Reduce enemy PDR%
Dim Vision
  • Reduce enemy AR
  • Reduce enemy MS per point base
  • Increase AS of monsters
  • Reduce enemy defense.
  • No longer reduce's enemy PDR% or damage.
  • Reduce MS, AS, and cast rate.
  • These work together. Max -85% MS


Summon Skeleton
  • Splash. Damage increased. Less skeletons able to be summoned. (8 max)
Summon Mages
  • Pierce.
  • Damage increased.
  • Less skeletons able to be summoned. (8 max)
Golem Mastery
  • Every 5 hard points gives additional golem. up to 5.
Iron Golem
  • Has splash if created with a weapon. Only first iron golem created is perm.
Clay Golem
  • Has splash
  • Total of 6 revives at 20 hard points.
  • Can get 3 more with eternity RW.
Fire Golem
  • Indirect buff of Aura ticks increased


Bone Spirit
  • Faster missile speed
Corpse Explosion
  • 5-10% corpse life damage.
  • Flat fire/phys damage.
  • Synergy with Poison explosion, revive.
Bone Spear
  • Additional spear at 15/25 skill.
  • Three spears cannot hit one target.
Blood Warp
  • Teleport.
  • Cooldown reduced with points.
  • 8% max health cost per cast.
  • Cast corpses on ground.
  • Poison explosion on cast.
  • Corpses can be exploded.
  • The corpses you've cast are monsters according the area you're place.
Poison Dagger
  • Now carries poison damage from gear/charms in the poison clouds released on hit (passive -1% enemy poison res. )
  • Only works on the dagger attack and not the cloud.)


Offensive Auras

  • Damage Bonus Slightly Increased.
  • Radius Slightly Increased
Holy Fire
  • Aura tick rate increased
  • AOE fixed
  • Fire Damage & Fire Damage added to attack increased
  • Bonuses from Resist Fire & Salvation increased
  • Bonus from Blessed Aim added
Blessed Aim
  • Passive 10% increased AR per hard point.
Holy Freeze
  • Aura tick rate increased
  • AOE fixed
  • Slowed By % slightly increased
  • Cold Damage & Cold Damage added to attack increased
  • Bonus from Resist Cold decreased
  • Bonus from Salvation increased
  • Bonus from Blessed Aim added
  • Aura tick rate increased
  • AOE fixed
  • Applies + magic damage as well as small undead damage bonus
  • Has flat magic damage applied to attacks. Magic damage aura tick.
  • Knockback undead type monster removed
  • Bonus from cleansing removed
  • Bonus from Might added
  • Bonus from Blessed Aim added
  • Bonus from Thorns added
Holy Shock
  • Aura tick rate increased
  • AOE fixed
  • Lightning Damage slightly decreased
  • Lightning Damage added to attack increased
  • Bonus from Resist Lightning decreased
  • Bonus from Salvation increased
  • Bonus from Blessed Aim added
  • Appears unchanged above level 20. (Tooltip damage bonuses below level 20 are inaccurate; appears to be a slight nerf)
  • Got nerfed. (In standard Diablo 2, at 20 level decrease enemies Defense 90% Elemental Resistance 125%)

Defensive Auras

Aura tick rate increased, all reworked to have passives now

Prayer Health regeneration and life per hit (passive health regeneration per 2 base skills)
Cleansing Reduce length of poison and curses (passive duration of curses and poison per 2 base skills)
Meditation Increase mana recovery (passive mana per kill per 5 base skills )
Redemption Redeems 5 Life per corpse at all levels.
Fire/Cold/Lightning Resist Grants bonus to elemental damage for each respective element.
Salvation Grants a bonus to all elemental damage.
Vigor Passive 1% FRW per hard point


  • Damage +% & Attack+% Greatly Increased
  • Damage to self% decreased by skill level
  • Receives bonuses form Redemption & Fanaticism increased
  • No longer impacted by flat damage increases (e.g. Grief)
  • Receives only 14% of the damage bonus from damage boosting auras (e.g. Fanaticism, Might)
  • Number of attacks decreased to 3 from 5 damage has been increased. Avoids animation lock
  • Required level decreased 12 to 6
  • Higher chance to convert. 8 second duration at all levels.
  • Required level decreased 24 to 18
  • Teleport to enemy and impale them. FRW boost when landing. Hard points increase FRW. Small CD. Crit buff.
Holy Bolt
  • Pierces allies and enemies. Heals and damages.
Holy Light
  • Single target heal
Holy Nova
  • Long CD. AOE heal and damage.
Fist of Heaven
  • Removed Auto Target and CD
  • Receive bonus form Holy Shock Removed
  • Receives bonuses form Holy Light & Holy Nova Added
  • Receive bonus form Holy Bolt Changed(Increase Bolt & Lightning Damage)
  • Required Level 30 to 24
  • Required Skill Changed



  • Is now a level 1 skill
  • Duration increased (8 seconds at level 1 scaling up to 36 seconds at level 28)
  • Movement speed reduced
  • Scaling increased, Gains 2% velocity per level until 16%, 1% per level after that
  • 25% chance if monster is not put in to faster hit recovery animation
  • If monster is put into FHR animation then no knockback
  • Bash now requires 2 handed weapon,
  • Is now a level 12 skill
  • Convert's phys damage to magic
  • Magic damage conversion increased 2% per hard point
  • Is now a level 24 skill.
  • Now physical damage.
  • Reduces your physical resistance for .5 seconds after berserking.
  • Scaling physical resistance pierce.
Leap/Leap Attack
  • AOE on landing.
  • Hard point's increase the speed of the leap (also has bad ass sound effect now) can Leech,
  • Gorefoots increase speed.
  • Increase the movement speed (4% per soft point)
  • Movement speed increase speed of Whirlwind
  • Will not apply splash.
Double Throw
  • Starts at 3, goes up to 5 per weapon. 10 total bounces.
  • Pierce doesn’t effect.


Battle Cry
  • Reduce enemy physical resistance.
  • Can break immunities
Grim Ward
  • Grants party members flat attack rating, and damage
Battle Command
  • Gain 1 addition skill point every 10 hard points, and enhanced damage, 2% damage per soft point.
Battle Orders
  • 15 life 7.5 mana per level. Flat increase.
War Cry
  • Now has scaling AOE.
  • Stun removed.
  • Procs FHR

Combat Masteries

Iron Skin
  • Hard points offer PDR%. Soft points defense
Combat Reflexes
  • Formerly increased stamina.
  • Hard points max HP.
  • Soft points FHR.
  • Stamina bonus.
Throwing Mastery
  • Adds pierce.
  • Applies to Bow and Crossbow as well.
Polearm and Spear Mastery
  • Improves Polearms and Spears
General Mastery
  • Improves Swords, axes, maces



  • 25% phys on impact.
  • Missile falls faster.
  • Fire ground shorter but higher damage.
  • Shorter CD.
  • Faster Spray speed
Fire Wall
  • Reduced duration.
  • Reduced CD.
  • Added for fireball synergy.
  • Long CD.
  • AOE burst fire ball.
Hydra/Lesser Hydra
  • Lesser shoots fire bolt. Greater shoots fire ball.
Fire Mastery
  • Med damage, Med Pierce
  • Added flat attack rating bonus


Frozen Orb
  • Removed cooldown
  • Improved ground density
Ice Bolt
  • Faster missile speed
Ice Blast
  • Pierces. Faster missiles
Ice Barrage
  • AOE impact that chills.
  • Additional missiles as you level (max 5).
  • Shotguns
  • No pierce
Cold Enchant
  • Can use enchant fire and cold together.
Chilling armor
  • Creates single blizzard spike per counter ranged attack.
  • Chills melee on successful strike.
Cold Mastery
  • High pierce
  • low damage


Thunder storm
  • Time between attacks goes down with increased skills
  • Cast nova on impact
Static Field
  • Reduces enemy's life to 50% in normal, 65% in nm, 80% in hell.
  • Additionally gives -1% to enemy lightning resistance per soft point.
  • Breaks immunities
Lightning Mastery
  • No pierce, high damage
Energy Shield
  • Absorb caps at 80%.
  • Synergy from telekinesis has been nerfed.
  • Large Damage buff.
  • Synergies added.


Bow and Crossbow Skills

Magic Arrow
  • High flat magic damage.
  • 50% weapon damage.
  • Add 1 arrow every 10 soft points
  • Reduced mana cost
  • Range reduced greatly
Guided Arrow
  • Now pierces.
  • Can pierce same target 3 times.
  • No next hit delay.
  • Reduced to 5 attacks from 10.
Fire/Cold Arrow
  • Additional arrow every 4 soft points.
  • Flat damage.
  • Hybrid element/phys damage.
  • Fire increased damage decreased range.
  • Cold is 75% weapon damage.
  • Fire is 100% weapon damage
Exploding Arrow
  • Bigger AOE.
  • AOE triggers on each pierced impact.

Javelin and Spear Skills

Javelin and Spear Mastery
  • Replaces impale. IAS per hard point
  • 5 attacks instead of 10
Power Strike
  • Lightning Nova on attack.
  • Main target gets primary lightning damage + Nova damage
Poison Javelin
  • Increased damage.
  • Poison done over .5 seconds.
Plague Javelin
  • Poison damage done over 3 seconds. (fixed)
Lightning Fury
  • Damage and bolts released nerfed.
  • Capped at 10 bolts.

Passive and Magic Skills

Inner Sight
  • Reduce enemy attack rating (percentage based) and defense
Slow Movement
  • Reduce enemy missile speed and movement speed
  • Is now a level 6 skill.
  • Scaling FRW added
  • Grants bonus FHR per hard point
  • Removed animation
  • Is now a level 12 skill.
  • Additional valkyrie at lvl 20 and 30.
  • Valks use Power strike.
  • Valks move faster.
  • Can inspect
  • passive -5% to enemy defense per hard point