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Assassins are those who are only rumor. They are whispers in the night, faint noises in the woods just beyond your vision. They are trained in the art of killing with stealth and skill, and as such do not employ the magical arts directly, but rather use enchanted items that mimic elemental powers. To further avoid potential corruption, they focus on the natural abilities of the mural body - powers of the mind and of unarmed combat. The Assassin's skills are broken up into Martial Arts, Shadow Disciplines, and Traps. It is especially important to employ all skill areas to be successful with the Assassin, but when the skills are combined properly, she is a formidable force in the fight against eternal evil.

Assassin Skills[edit]

The Assassin's three skills trees (Martial Arts, Traps, and Shadow Disciplines) complement each other much like the skills of the other characters. The key elements of the Assassin skills are the combination of the Charge-up Skills and Finishing Moves in the Martial Arts tree, and the awesome power of the Traps skill tree, which provides many ways to trick your enemies into an early grave. Lastly, the Shadow Disciplines provide the finishing touches that make the Assassin a formidable character. From Claw Mastery to summoning a Shadow Warrior to fight at the Assassin's side, the Shadow Disciplines are a valuable asset to sink skill pints into.

Skill Trees[edit]

Martial Arts[edit]

The Martial Arts are a combination of attacks and moves that can be divided into two categories - Charge-up Skills and Finishing Moves. These are unique to the expansion set and can be used in combination to unleash devastating amounts of damage upon the enemy. As the Assassin uses a Charge-up Skill, she accumulates charges that circle around her body. She can continue to charge-up with several skills, then she can use a Finishing Move to unleash all of the charge-dup power from her previous attacks.

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Shadow Disciplines[edit]

This set of skills adds to the mystery and power of the Assassin. The Shadow Disciplines don't make the attacks, they make the attacks better. They don't hide the Assassin, they make her harder to see. They can also cause poison damage and summon a Shadow Warrior to fight at the Assassin's side. In short, the Shadow Disciplines are a set of very important skills that augment the Assassin's other skill sets, while still providing a great set of unique and devastating abilities.

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Traps are a very unique and innovative set of skills; they can be placed anywhere and will activate when the enemy approaches. They complement the Assassin's stealth abilities and her ability to lure enemies into areas where her traps exist. Traps are a very powerful set of skills, and are not to be taken lightly. When used judiciously, they can make the difference between victory and defeat - and are quite fun to use, too.

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