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Item filtering allows players to filter out items they don't want to see, and also change the appearance of items that are not filtered out. While there are in-game options for simple item filtering, players can use item filters to customize this to their liking. PD2's Filtering is open-source and based on BH 1.9.9.

For other out-of-game customization options, see Customization.


Item filters (often called lootfilters) are text files which contain rules for describing how items should be displayed in-game. The default filter only has a few simple rules for adding descriptions to some items (map orbs and stackable gems/runes), and otherwise displays all items the same as they would be in vanilla.

By default, filtering is done using default.filter in the ProjectD2 directory - unless changed, it only has a few simple rules. If loot.filter is present in the same directory, it will be used instead of the default file. If a filter is selected from the launcher, it will be saved in ProjectD2\filters and be used instead via a loot.filter system link from the ProjectD2 directory.

These files will function if encoded in UTF-8 (default), but ANSI encoding is needed to allow special characters to display properly.

Filters can be selected from the launcher and enabled via the in-game Settings menu.

To install manually, download a filter file and save it to Diablo II\ProjectD2\filters\local and then select it from the launcher. Make sure the relevant in-game settings are enabled.

In-Game Settings

In-Game Settings
Settings menu

The Settings menu can be accessed in-game from the lower left corner. Hotkeys can be set for each option.

These two options are not affected by lootfilters:

  • Always Show Items: shows items on the ground without needing to hold alt
  • Always Show Item Stat Ranges: shows ranges in item tooltips for variable attributes

The following options enable simple rules for changing how certain items are displayed. Except for the tooltip changes made by Show Item Level, they'll be overwritten if Enable Loot Filter is checked.

  • Show Item Level: adds item levels such as (L99)
    • adds ILVL to tooltips for all items
    • adds ALVL to tooltips for magic/rare/crafted items unless ALVL = ILVL
  • Show Ethereal: adds (Eth)
  • Show Sockets: adds sockets such as (4)
  • Show Rune Numbers: adds rune numbers such as [33]
  • Alt Style: uses different style for Ethereal, Item Level, and Rune Number options
  • Color Mod: rune numbers are colored (1-10 white, 11-16 tan, 17-22 orange, 23-33 red)
  • Shorten Names: shortens potion/scroll names

These are the main options that affect custom filtering:

  • Enable Loot Filter: enables the filter
  • Drop Notifications: shows notifications when specified items drop
  • Close Notifications: shows notifications when getting close to specified items
  • Detailed Notifications: makes notifications match the displayed item name
  • Verbose Notifications: adds "drop" or "close" to the notification (overridden by Detailed Notifications)

Filter Level: changes which rules/notifications will be enabled within the filter

The default hotkey to reload the filter file is Numpad 0 and can be changed in the configuration file.

List of Public Filters

The Filter column has links for each filter's github page where you can read more about them. Many authors also list their discord handles if you'd like to contact them. Filters updated for the current season are highlighted green. Older filters are highlighted red.

Dates are not updated automatically, so check the link for each to see when they've actually been updated.

Filter Updated Author Brief Description
eqN's PD2 Filters 2024-06-29
(Season 9)
eqNj A refined filter with several tiers (Relaxed, Medium, Strict, and ShowRecipes) designed for beginners and veterans alike. Every level is tailored to ensure anything of use always shows based on your class and progress. Useful info about items is in descriptions: Defense range, weapon speed/range, max sockets, runewords, and if an item is of high value. All runes and uniques notify on drop. Valuable items are made easy to see and pick up. Sockets, superior ED %, and staffmods show in item names. Crafting bases are marked/notified. Detailed recipes, runewords, and crafting info is available by switching to the ShowRecipes filter level.
Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter 2024-05-13
ver 9.1.1
Filter should suit most players needs - It's good for both: leveling and endgame experience. You'll find more info on my GitHub
Reddit discussion thread: Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter - Discussion Thread
Feather 2024-04-08 BetweenWalls This filter is less strict than most and has all the usual improvements, so it's ideal for new players. It's also great for experienced players who like the simple aesthetic of the original game. Multiple strictness levels are available to help the filter better match your preferences.
Kassahi's Filter 2024-22-09
(Season 9)
Kassahi My GitHub (README) is Finally Been Updated With my Filters Info, Also Blame onion For Everything !!!
HiimFilter 2024-04-11
(Season 9)
Has an ring & amulet pts system to show value. Levels that cover season reset to End Game loot filter. Shows many important stats when the item is on the ground. Utilizes the filter levels functionality. Has helpful hints to new to PD2 players on what to do. Has LLD tags to know what is valuable to the LLD community. Has LLD specific Rung Amulet and Jewel pts grading system. See the readme for many more features!
TalRasha's PD2 Item Filter 2023-10-01
(Season 8)
talrasha#4179 Updated for Season 8. Highlights good items in bright colors and adds design elements to names. Shows crafting recipes on magic/rare items and maps. Reveals names of most uniques and sets unidentified.
Erazure's PD2 Loot Filter 2024-04-08
(Season 9)
Discord: erazure
- Highly stylized, visually polished loot filter with customizable strictness; Valuable items and high runes display and notify with a splash of color on the screen; Distinct intuitive symbols for maps, charms, runes, gems, jewels, potions, and more!
- Features four different tiers of filter levels (excellent for ladder resets, midgame leveling/farming, as well as endgame mapping); Players have the ability to select what kind of potions to show or hide on demand (e.g. choose a filter level subtier to hide H5, M5, or Rejuvenation potions)
- For more information, check out my GitHub or message on Discord: Erazure#5126
PiLLLa PD2 Filter 2023-10-02
(Season 8)
PiLLLa#2972 When you visit my github, you can see updated Information. If you have any other idea for filter, let me know that by discord and reddit. Thanks
<Normal1:Recommended/Base filter> <Normal2/4:Different Color&Symbol> <Normal3:Different Filter level>.
Wolfie's Filters 9999-12-31 WolfieeifloW#6431 Always updated for the newest season! Multiple versions to fit any style - Detailed/Revealed/Compact for less strict, Wolfie for stricter, BT for strictest. Shows/pings all Sets, Uniques, Runes, etc.
Join my Discord for questions or more info!
RetroCro's Loot Filter 2024-05-09 (Season 9) RetroCro#7154 Ladder Reset to End Game mapping loot filter. Shows the identified names of set and unique items. Set your desired strictness in game!
Dauracul's Loot Filter 2024-04-09
(Season 9)
Dauracul Clean and informative lootfilter, focused on attribute and item management notes (socket counts, weapon speed, cube recipes, automod/staffmod rolls, runeword recipes, etc.). Runeword recipes are divided into Filter Levels and displayed on all normal bases with sockets. Most high value items will trigger notifications.
ADevDH 2023-09-28 ADevelopment,
PD2 All-Purpose Early-Late Game Filter Focuses on Updated Item Tiering + Map Tiering/Immunities + Highlights Jewels and Other Items for GG Stats. Includes all Crafting/Socket Bases you'll ever need! Low Overall Strictness! Filters out the garbage though!
Archived Filters
Filter Updated Author Description
TheIrateSeagoer's Loot Filter 2023-03-04 TheIrateSeagoer
This filter has all of the values from Arreat Summit listed on the equipment, ensuring you always know the max sockets/max defense of any piece of equipment (with ilvl specific information). Every magic item has the rune needed for the crafting recipes in preparation for their use in season 2. Runes are colored by the difficulty they start to drop in. Every set and unique is alerted by default at low levels. Armors are marked with a perfect and good suffix for their base armor roll. Perfect rolls are denoted with purple information, red denote good rolls.
Equa1ity's PD2 Filter 2022-07-11 equa1ity#7704 ADD RACE LEAGUE FILTER, rewriting for S5 Many improvements!
ElPocoBurrito's Filter 2021-12-23 ElPocoBurrito#0001 S4 Ready A heavily modified version of Wolfie's "Wolfie" filter tailored to be filled with features including some which are absent from many others (like telling you the set name next to the set drop). My philosophy is to be slightly strict and to keep somewhat vanilla looking item names with few exceptions (I make sure to have rare and valuable items stand out). Please give me feedback and comments on discord through DMs or the #lootfilter channel.
1l4u's Loot Filter 2021-08-12 1l4u Update for season 3. Super strict end game filter.
Baneazy's Loot Filter 2021-08-06 Baneazy A good filter from beginning to end game. It's mostly tailored toward end game but should taper items off from Normal to Hell.
scrollsjay's Loot Filter 2021-04-01 scrollsjay This Loot Filter uses Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter for most of it's filter rules. Most changes allow for a briefer appearance of basic items to present a unified look. Full details with screenshots at the github repository. Contact me via here
Gothablo's Loot Filter 2021-03-16 Gothablo It is a filter based on the code "Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter". The main changes are aesthetic elements, but there are a few changes added from me. From the beginning of the game to END GAME, items that we do not need or are of little value are removed. All MAGIC and RARE items should be and identified to check if they are worth to the trader. In addition, the filter code can be easily changed by yourself.
Pj's Loot Filter 2020-12-07 Pj#5884 Pretty strict end-game loot filter. Based loosely on Kryszard's filter with a lot of changes. Hides all normal and exceptional stuff, only shows top-end elite items. Shows all set/unique items but only alerts on exceptional/elite versions. Hides tons of garbage. Only shows full rejuvs/super potions. Heavily commented for clarity. Work in progress, check back frequently for updates.
Luke's late game filter 2020-11-24 Luke My late game filter i updated on fly. No leveling rules. Good as reference if you want to write your own filter. Filter has been updated to be less hostile. Make sure you check for sets, bases, magic and rares. It's not recommended to use it without checking :) (fix all res on paladin shields, show light elite chests (0,3,4 os) 10+ed, show all eth chests (0,3,4 os) 5+ed) Thanks to WolfieeifloW.
PD2 Loot Filter
2020-11-19 Lhaete A filter that preserves the games original aesthetic, and shows Runeword recipes & Magic Crafting recipes on items!
In-Game Screenshots
Rinku's Loot Filter 2020-11-11 Rinku#1352 A basic filter that hides clutter and shows item info at a glance, not much customization, just some QOL :) Definitely not for everyone but I thought I'd share.

Some tools are available on the Guides and Links page that may be useful when editing filters.


This section lists common issues and frequently asked questions about filters.

  1. Which is the best filter for me?
    • There isn't a "best" filter. Different filters are made for different reasons, and vary in terms of how strict they are with the items they show or notify, how much and what kind of extra information they provide, and how they alter the appearance of items. It's difficult to make recommendations without knowing what you're looking for in a filter and people may not be familiar with more than a few filters, so comparing filters yourself may be the best way to find a filter that suits you.
  2. What's the best way to compare different filters?
    • Filters usually include descriptions about how strict they are, what features they have, and how items are displayed. Some even include example images. If that isn't enough, FilterBird can be used to compare most items between filters one-at-a-time, and singleplayer can be used with an item pack and local filter so that the filter can be altered and reloaded in-game to compare any number of items.
  3. If I want to use a customized filter, how do I save my changes?
    • Put the customized filter into ProjectD2\filters\local and select it from "Local" in the launcher. Local filters won't be updated automatically, so if yours is based on a public filter, you may want to follow that filter in case any important changes are made to it.
  4. How do I turn off the filter or go back to original?
    • The filter can be turned off by disabling Enable Loot Filter in the in-game settings. To reset everything to default, close the game and launcher, delete the filters folder as well as default.filter and loot.filter in the ProjectD2 folder, and then relaunch the game.
  5. How do I use a filter with PlugY?
    • The same filter configuration you have for multiplayer will also be used for singleplayer. The filter configuration is updated when the game is opened from the launcher - select a filter from the launcher and press Play in order to update it. This also updates the filter itself if you're using a non-local version. Afterward, close the game/launcher and open the game with PlugY.
  6. Will a loot filter from older seasons work in the current season?
    • Unless the older filter was extremely simple, it will likely behave in unexpected and undesireable ways. Using an outdated filter is not recommended.
  7. My settings button is gone
    • Close the game & launcher, delete UI.ini, and then relaunch the game to return the settings button to its default position.
  8. My launcher shows no filters in the list
    • Close the launcher and re-open it. Repeat if they still don't show or if the server/GitHub is down. Also, try whitelisting the launcher and game in your antivirus and/or firewall.
  9. My launcher says "Coming Soon!" for item filters
  10. My filter isn't working
    • Make sure the in-game settings are setup correctly.
    • Use the launcher to select your filter. If you don't use the launcher, these may be common issues:
      • Having two PD2 installations and pasting your filter into the wrong one
      • Saving the filter file with the wrong name (e.g. default.filter.filter, default.txt, or default.filter.txt)
      • Having a PD2 installation inside of a Diablo II folder which is inside another Diablo II folder (folderception!)
      • Not saving and closing the filter file after pasting rules into it
  11. My filter is displaying strange characters for certain items
    • Certain special characters will only be displayed correctly if your filter file is encoded in ANSI rather than the default of UTF-8. Most text editors will allow the encoding to be modified - for example, Notepad++ includes "Encoding" as one of the primary menu options.

Filter Syntax

Filters contain rules for how items should be displayed in-game. Each rule has Input and Output and follows this basic format:

ItemDisplay[ Input ]: Output

The Input specifies a set of conditions an item must satisfy for the rule to apply to it, and Output specifies the actions (text or keywords) used when a matching item is found.

If a line doesn't follow this format, it won't be considered a rule, which means it won't affect how items will be displayed in-game. If a line is intentionally ignored like this, it should begin with // (double slash) so the computer can ignore it immediately rather than spend time checking the rest of the line to determine whether it's a rule or not.

Filter rules are processed in-order from top to bottom. Items are displayed according to the output of the first rule whose conditions they satisfy. If the matching rule doesn't include %CONTINUE%, the procedure is halted and no additional rules are checked. In this way, rules that are higher than others have higher priority. The only exception is for notification keywords, which apply regardless of where they are in the filter.

The simplest rule is one without any conditions or output. Sans conditions, the rule will apply to all items. Sans output, nothing will be displayed for those items.

ItemDisplay[]: hides all items

The next simplest rule is one that displays all items with their default appearances. The output keyword %NAME% refers to an item's default appearance, and varies depending on which item is being shown. All items are displayed by default - the game essentially adds this rule to the bottom of the filter before beginning to process the filter's rules.

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME% displays all items with their default names

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{%NAME%} displays all items with their default names and descriptions


Conditions describe which item(s) the rule should apply to.

Many conditions refer to a single item or item group. These boolean conditions will be either true or false, depending on which item is being looked at.

ItemDisplay[key]: hides keys (they can still be purchased from merchants)

Value conditions typically refer to the value of a specific property on the item being looked at. They each have three parts: code, comparison operator (<,>,=), and value to compare against.

ItemDisplay[GOLD<100]: hides gold stacks if they are less than 100

Rules with multiple conditions may use logic operators (AND,OR,!) to specify how the conditions relate to each other. If no operator is used between conditions, AND will be assumed.

ItemDisplay[NMAG AND SOCKETS=1 AND CLVL>10]: hides regular 1-socket items if the character is above level 10

ItemDisplay[NMAG SOCKETS=1 CLVL>10]: hides regular 1-socket items if the character is above level 10 (same as above)

To make a rule apply to any item from within a group of conditions, use OR and parentheses.

ItemDisplay[NMAG (BOOTS OR GLOVES OR BELT) CLVL>10]: hides regular boots/gloves/belts if the character is above level 10

Parentheses can help combine conditions in other ways too.

ItemDisplay[(GOLD<100 OR (GOLD<1000 CLVL>50))]: hides gold stacks if they are less than 100, or less than 1000 if the character is above level 50

Negation (sometimes called the "NOT" operator) makes conditions mean the opposite of what they would otherwise. To negate a condition, use "!" in front of it.

ItemDisplay[MAG ETH ARMOR !ID]: hides magic ethereal armor that is not identified

Groups of conditions can be negated in the same way.

ItemDisplay[MAG !ID HELM !(BAR OR DRU OR ELT)]: hides magic unidentified helms that are not barbarian helms, druid pelts, or elite

In addition to the standard comparison operators, value conditions can also be used with the "BETWEEN" operator (~) to specify value ranges.

ItemDisplay[NMAG SOCKETS~1-2]: hides regular items with 1-2 sockets

ItemDisplay[NMAG SOCKETS>0 SOCKETS<3]: hides regular items with 1-2 sockets (same as above)

The following attribute codes can have addition applied between them prior to the condition being evaluated: STR, DEX, STAT3 (vitality) LIFE, MANA, FRES, CRES, LRES, PRES, EDEF, EDAM, FCR, AR, REPLIFE, STAT60 (life leech), STAT62 (mana leech)

ItemDisplay[RARE FRES+CRES+LRES+PRES>79]: %NAME% %RED%! appends a red ! to rares with 80+ total resistance


A rule's output (text and keywords in the second part of the rule) describe how the matching item(s) should be displayed.

An item's default name can be referenced with the %NAME% keyword and modified by adding text. To shorten a name or change it entirely, write-out the new name instead. Valid text characters include all those in the Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement Unicode blocks.

Valid Text Characters
Category Characters
small letters (eng) abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
numerals 0123456789
common symbols ~!?@#$%^&*=-+_"'`,.:;<>|\()[]{}
other symbols µ¶¢£¥®©§¿¡¯¨¬­¦«»÷×±ªº´¤°¹²³¼½¾·¸
other small letters ðþæøáàâäãåçéèêëíìîïñóòôöõúùûüýÿß
  • The last three categories require the filter file to be encoded in ANSI rather than the default UTF-8
  • The soft hyphen character doesn't display correctly in many places (including this wiki) but does show up in-game
  • These characters display as "?" if HD text is disabled: ·¸
  • These characters aren't displayed at all if HD text is enabled: ¬­÷±¤ (including soft hyphen)

ItemDisplay[hdm]: %NAME% Horadric Malus

ItemDisplay[hdm]: Charsi's %NAME% Charsi's Horadric Malus

ItemDisplay[hdm]: Charsi's Favorite Hammer Charsi's Favorite Hammer

Text and keywords can be used together to add extra information, change parts of the name to be different colors, and more. See all keywords below.

ItemDisplay[SOCKETS>0]: %NAME% %GRAY%[%SOCKETS%] displays socketed items with [X] appended in gray, where X is the number of sockets

The price of an item (displayed above the name when a merchant is selling it) can be recolored by using a color keyword after the rest of the output.

ItemDisplay[SHOP]: %NAME%%WHITE% changes the price color for shop items to white

As with elsewhere, the double slash (//) functions as an in-file way to write comments that will be ignored by the computer. Everything afterward will be ignored.

ItemDisplay[NMAG (aqv OR cqv)]: // hides regular arrows/bolts

When frequently enabling or disabling parts of a filter, putting // in front of those parts instead of deleting them can result in faster editing.

ItemDisplay[tsc]: //%NAME% this rule hides TP scrolls, but can be changed to display them instead by deleting // in front of %NAME%

//ItemDisplay[MAG (aqv OR cqv)]: // hides magic quivers if enabled this "rule" is ignored, but can be quickly re-enabled by deleting // from in front of ItemDisplay

Items can be highlighted by adding spaces to either side of their name, so long as there is a keyword or non-space character between them and the edge of the name. Whitespace surrounding the Output of each rule gets removed prior to evaluation (spaces first, followed by tabs), so tabs are often the best non-space character to use.

ItemDisplay[RUNE>9]: %ORANGE% %NAME% %ORANGE% adds 1 space of highlighting for runes above #9 (tabs don't display properly on the wiki, so %ORANGE% is used instead)

The %CONTINUE% keyword replaces the contents of %NAME% with the current rule's Output (overwriting the default name or previously stored output) and makes the program continue checking rules. This allows multiple rules to modify an item's appearance based on different conditions.

ItemDisplay[SOCKETS>0]: %NAME% [%SOCKETS%]%CONTINUE% appends [X] to socketed items, where X is the number of sockets (continues)

ItemDisplay[ETH]: eth %NAME%%CONTINUE% prepends eth to ethereal items (continues)

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME% displays all items (with modifications from previous rules)

Without %CONTINUE%, this would require a separate rule for every possible combination of different conditions, the number of rules growing exponentially with each additional condition:

ItemDisplay[ETH SOCKETS>0]: eth %NAME% [%SOCKETS%]

ItemDisplay[!ETH SOCKETS>0]: %NAME% [%SOCKETS%]

ItemDisplay[ETH SOCKETS=0]: eth %NAME%

ItemDisplay[!ETH SOCKETS=0]: %NAME%

Item descriptions can be modified by using text and keywords within {} (braces). Anything outside the braces applies to the item name while anything inside the braces applies to the item description.

Item Description Example

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{$DARK_GREEN%$%PRICE%} item price is shown in the description like $35000 in dark green

Item descriptions aren't taken into account when hiding items, so descriptions can still be shown for hidden items if they have one.

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{%NAME%} items displayed with their descriptions

ItemDisplay[]: {%NAME%} items hidden but their descriptions still shown

ItemDisplay[]: items hidden and their descriptions hidden too

The %CONTINUE% keyword only functions when used outside the braces and applies to both the item name and the item description.

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{Item Level: %ILVL%}%CONTINUE% Shows item level in description (continues)

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{%NAME%, Affix Level: %ALVL%} Appends affix level in description with comma separator

The %NL% keyword adds a new line above the previous line and can be used in item descriptions for any item, or item names for the following: identified items whose rarity is magic or higher, runewords, and items within shops.

ItemDisplay[]: %NAME%{Affix Level: %ALVL%%NL%Item Level: %ILVL%} Shows item/affix levels on separate lines in description (same effect as Show Item Level setting)

The number of displayed characters for an item's name is capped at 56. The internal limit for an item's name includes additional characters for color keywords (3 characters each) and %NL% (2 characters each) and goes up to 125.

For example, a name that uses all 56 text characters and also uses 23 color keywords (69 internal characters) would have an internal size of 125 (56+69) and work as expected, but attempting to add another color will break things.

The cap for item descriptions is much higher at 500 total characters and, unlike for item names, is the same for both displayed characters and internal characters.

Filter Strictness

Default Filter Strictness Levels

Filter levels can be selected from the in-game settings menu and will change which rules/notifications are enabled based on the FILTLVL/TIER codes used in the filter. By default, there are two levels: "Standard" and "Show All Items". The "Standard" level is the normal filter behavior that would be seen without any filter level changes, whereas "Show All Items" will just prevent any items from being filtered out (hidden).

To enable custom filter levels, use the following format at the top of the filter:

ItemDisplayFilterName[]: Low Strictness Adds a new filter strictness level named "Low Strictness"

ItemDisplayFilterName[]: Medium Strictness Adds a new filter strictness level named "Medium Strictness"

ItemDisplayFilterName[]: High Strictness Adds a new filter strictness level named "High Strictness"

In addition to level 0 ("Show All Items") which is always available, up to 9 other levels can be enabled and the order in which they're listed at the top of the filter determines which number will reference them when used with the FILTLVL/TIER codes (e.g. FILTLVL=1 and %TIER-1% for the first custom level).

These codes can be used to create separate versions of the same filter with varying levels of strictness, make separate versions which includes extra info so that players can more easily reference niche item info without it cluttering item tooltips during normal gameplay (the levels could be swapped to when needed), or even combine drastically different filters into one just so they can be more easily swapped between.

ItemDisplay[yps FILTLVL>1]: Hides Antidote Potions if filter level 2+ is selected

ItemDisplay[MAG !ID cm1]: %NAME%%TIER-2%%DOT-97% Shows notifications for unidentified magic small charms if filter level 2 or lower is selected (still shows map icons at all levels)

If a rule doesn't include FILTLVL as a condition, it won't be restricted by whatever filter level is selected.

If a rule includes a notification keyword and doesn't include a TIER keyword, it'll act as if %TIER-9% is included - it'll notify at all filter levels instead of being restricted by whatever filter level is selected.

Filter Codes

Output Keywords


Text Colors:
Normal vs Glide

These keywords change the color for subsequent text. If absent, the item's default color will be used instead.

Code Color Default Use
%WHITE% White regular items
%GRAY% Gray regular items (ethereal or socketed)
%BLUE% Blue magic items, item descriptions
%YELLOW% Yellow rare items
%GOLD% Gold unique items, runeword names
%GREEN% Green set items
%DARK_GREEN% Dark Green
%TAN% Tan
%BLACK% Black
%PURPLE% Purple
%RED% Red broken/unusable items
%ORANGE% Orange crafted items, endgame quest items, runes
%CORAL% Coral custom
%SAGE% Sage custom
%TEAL% Teal custom
%LIGHT_GRAY% Light Gray custom
  • Custom text colors only work with Glide or if HD text is enabled, and will otherwise function the same as %GRAY%

Some items have their default color built into %NAME%, so their color won't change unless their name is rewritten completely. This is likely unintended behavior, and applies to runes, Standard of Heroes, and the PD2-specific non-equipment items other than map/arena scrolls and jewel fragments.

ItemDisplay[wss]: %RED%%NAME% Worldstone Shard

ItemDisplay[wss]: %RED%Worldstone Shard Worldstone Shard

Value References

Code Output Details
%NAME% item name item's default appearance - can be modified/replaced with %CONTINUE%
%ILVL% item level 1 - 99
%ALVL% affix level 1 - 99
used to determine which affixes can roll for magic/rare/crafted items
%CRAFTALVL% prospective crafted ALVL 1 - 99
what the resulting crafted item's ALVL will be if the item is used by the character as a crafting ingredient
%LVLREQ% level requirement 0 - 99
%PRICE% item vendor price 1 - 35000
%QTY% quantity 0 - 350
%RANGE% melee range adder 0 - 5
%WPNSPD% weapon speed modifier -60 - 20
%RUNENUM% rune number 0 - 33
%RUNENAME% rune name excludes "Rune" (e.g. "Vex" instead of "Vex Rune")
%GEMLEVEL% gem quality Chipped, Flawed, Normal, Flawless, Perfect
%GEMTYPE% gem type Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Skull
%CODE% item code

Additionally, keywords also exist for each named attribute code (except MAXDUR) and each numbered attribute code. Some examples are:

Code Output Details
%SOCKETS% total sockets
%DEF% total defense
%ED% enhanced defense/damage refers to defense for armor,
damage for weapons
%EDEF% +N% Enhanced Defense Includes bonuses from runewords and sockets
(ED does not include these)
%EDAM% +N% Enhanced Damage Includes bonuses from runewords and sockets
(ED does not include these)
%AR% +N to Attack Rating
%RES% All Resistances +N
%STR% +N to Strength
%DEX% +N to Dexterity
%STAT1% +N to Energy
%STAT3% +N to Vitality
%STAT36% Physical Damage Taken Reduced by N%
%STAT58% +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
bitrate N = (256X) / (25Y)
%STAT60% N% Life Stolen per Hit
%STAT62% N% Mana Stolen per Hit
%STAT86% +N Life after each Kill
%STAT91% Requirements +N%
%STAT329% N% to Fire Skill Damage
%STAT330% N% to Lightning Skill Damage
%STAT331% N% to Cold Skill Damage
%STAT332% N% to Poison Skill Damage
%STAT357% N% to Magic Skill Damage
%SK48% +N to Nova (Sorceress Only) see multi-layered stats

Notification Keywords

Minimap Icon Colors

These keywords add the item to the notification list and create a minimap icon for it.

The color of the minimap icon corresponds to the keyword's hexadecimal 2-digit color code. The icon may be black (00), green (84), red (62), or any of the other colors shown in the chart image. Note that %MAP% may be used without a 2-digit color code, in which case the icon will use the current text color (or white if no color has been set).

Multiple keywords can be used together to create multi-colored minimap icons.

Code Details
%BORDER-00% notification & minimap icon (large)
%MAP-00% notification & minimap icon (medium)
%DOT-00% notification & minimap icon (small)
%PX-00% notification & minimap icon (tiny)

The 2-digit hexadecimal codes which correspond to the text colors are listed below. Text colors have a solid inner color and their edges are blended to improve readability, so their average colors appear slightly different in some cases.

Text Color Hex (Inner) Hex (Average)
White 1F 20
Gray C6 1D
Blue 94 97
Yellow 6A 6D
Gold D3 53
Green 7D 84
Dark Green 76 77
Tan 0E 5A
Black 00 00
Purple 9B 9B
Red 55 62
Orange 0B 60
Coral ? ?
Sage ? ?
Teal ? 9F
Light Gray ? ?

The following keyword only applies if Detailed Notifications is disabled, which is not recommended. To disable text notifications for items while keeping their minimap icons, use %TIER-0% instead.

Code Details
%NOTIFY-0% changes the item's text notification color
%NOTIFY-DEAD% disables text notifications for the item

The NOTIFY keyword may use a 1-digit color code (0-F) which corresponds to these colors in order: WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, GRAY, BLACK, TAN, ORANGE, YELLOW, DARK_GREEN, PURPLE, GREEN, WHITE, BLACK, WHITE. If DEAD is used instead of a color code, the item's notifications will be disabled instead.

Most filters are made to be used with Detailed Notifications, so NOTIFY is incompatible with them. Note that without Detailed Notifications enabled, Drop Notifications will only apply to items when they initially drop (prior to being picked up for the first time).

All notification keywords bypass the normal rule-handling procedure. Normally, the rules are processed top-to-bottom and this process halts when a matching rule (without %CONTINUE%) is found. Notification keywords, however, can apply even after the process has halted. This is most likely due to the game making a separate pass through the filter file for notification keywords - the first pass ignores notification keywords, and the second pass ignores everything else.

Special Keywords

Code Details
%CONTINUE% the item is compared against additional rules instead of being displayed by the current rule
the current rule's output is stored in %NAME%
%NL% specifies a new line (lines are constructed bottom-up)
only works within braces (descriptions) or for ID !NMAG, RW, or SHOP items (identified items which are magic or higher rarity, runewords, or items within shops)
{} anything within the braces applies to the item's description rather than the item's name/title
%TIER-0% disables text notifications (but not map icons) for the item if the filter strictness level is above 0 (value can be 0-9)

Boolean Conditions

Mutable Codes

Contrary to most "immutable" codes which refer to static item properties, these conditions depend on where and how the item is being viewed. Some value conditions are also "mutable" in this way: CLVL, CRAFTALVL, DIFF, FILTLVL, MAPID, and CHARSTAT codes.

Code Description
AMAZON character is an Amazon
ASSASSIN character is an Assassin
BARBARIAN character is a Barbarian
DRUID character is a Druid
NECROMANCER character is a Necromancer
PALADIN character is a Paladin
SORCERESS character is a Sorceress
SHOP item is in a merchant's shop window
EQUIPPED item is equipped by the character

ItemDisplay[key ASSASSIN]: hides keys when playing as an Assassin

Item Group Codes

General Groups
  • Item Rarities
    Code Group
    NMAG Regular
    most non-equipment items
    MAG Magic
    RARE Rare
    UNI Unique
    SET Set
    CRAFT Crafted
  • Item Tiers
    Code Group
    NORM Normal
    EXC Exceptional
    ELT Elite
  • Item Properties
    Code Group
    ID Identified
    INF Inferior
    SUP Superior
    ETH Ethereal
    RW Runeword
    GEMMED Socketed with a gem/rune/jewel
Armor Groups
Code Code Group Details
EQ1 HELM Helms includes class helms
EQ2 CHEST Chests
EQ3 SHIELD Shields includes class shields
EQ6 BELT Belts
EQ7 CIRC Circlets
ARMOR All armors includes class-restricted armors
Weapon Groups
Code Code Group Details
WP1 AXE Axes includes throwing axes
WP2 MACE Maces
WP3 SWORD Swords
WP4 DAGGER Daggers includes throwing knives
WP5 THROWING Throwing Weapons includes throwing knives/axes, all javelins, throwing potions
WP6 JAV Javelins includes Amazon javelins
WP7 SPEAR Spears includes Amazon spears
WP8 POLEARM Polearms
WP9 BOW Bows includes Amazon bows
WP10 XBOW Crossbows
WP11 STAFF Staves
WP12 WAND Wands
WP13 SCEPTER Scepters
WEAPON All weapons includes class-restricted weapons
1H 1-Handed Weapons
2H 2-Handed Weapons
CLUB Clubs (mace subtype)
TMACE Tipped Maces (mace subtype)
HAMMER Hammers (mace subtype)
Class-Restricted Item Groups
Code Code Group
CL1 DRU Druid pelts
CL2 BAR Barbarian helms
CL3 DIN Paladin shields
CL4 NEC Necromancer shields
CL5 SIN Assassin weapons
CL6 SOR Sorceress weapons
CL7 ZON Amazon weapons
CLASS All class-restricted items

Item Codes

Type Code Item (Normal) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Exceptional) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Elite) Unique/Set Versions
Helms cap Cap Biggin's Bonnet
Infernal Cranium
Sander's Paragon
xap War Hat Peasant Crown
Cow King's Horns
uap Shako Harlequin Crest
skp Skull Cap Tarnhelm
Arcanna's Head
xkp Sallet Rockstopper ukp Hydraskull
hlm Helm Coif of Glory
Berserker's Headgear
xlm Casque Stealskull ulm Armet Steel Shade
fhl Full Helm Duskdeep
Isenhart's Horns
xhl Basinet Darksight Helm
Sazabi's Mental Sheath
uhl Giant Conch Overlord's Helm* (new)
msk Mask The Face of Horror
Cathan's Visage
xsk Death Mask Blackhorn's Face
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
usk Demonhead Andariel's Visage
bhm Bone Helm Wormskull
Tancred's Skull
xh9 Grim Helm Vampire Gaze
Natalya's Totem
uh9 Bone Visage Giant Skull
Trang-Oul's Guise
ghm Great Helm Howltusk
Sigon's Visor
xhm Winged Helm Valkyrie Wing
Guillaume's Face
uhm Spired Helm Veil of Steel
Nightwing's Veil
Ondal's Almighty
crn Crown Undead Crown
Iratha's Coil
Milabrega's Diadem
xrn Grand Crown Crown of Thieves
Hwanin's Splendor
urn Corona Crown of Ages
Griswold's Valor
Circlets ci0 Circlet Naj's Circlet ci2 Tiara Kira's Guardian ci3 Diadem Griffon's Eye
M'avina's True Sight
ci1 Coronet
Chests qui Quilted Armor Greyform
Arctic Furs
xui Ghost Armor Spirit Shroud uui Dusk Shroud Ormus' Robes
Dark Adherent
lea Leather Armor Blinkbat's Form
Vidala's Ambush
xea Serpentskin Armor Skin of the Vipermagi uea Wyrmhide
hla Hard Leather Armor The Centurion xla Demonhide Armor Skin of the Flayed One ula Scarab Husk
stu Studded Leather Twitchthroe
Cow King's Hide
xtu Trellised Armor Iron Pelt utu Wire Fleece The Gladiator's Bane
rng Ring Mail Darkglow
Angelic Mantle
xng Linked Mail Spirit Forge ung Diamond Mail
scl Scale Mail Hawkmail xcl Tigulated Mail Crow Caw
Hwanin's Refuge
ucl Loricated Mail Natalya's Shadow
chn Chain Mail Sparking Mail
Cathan's Mesh
xhn Mesh Armor Shaftstop uhn Boneweave Cage of the Unsullied* (new)
• rar instead of uhn
brs Breast Plate Venom Ward
Isenhart's Case
xrs Cuirass Duriel's Shell
Haemosu's Adamant
urs Great Hauberk
spl Splint Mail Iceblink
Berserker's Hauberk
xpl Russet Armor Skullder's Ire upl Balrog Skin Arkaine's Valor
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
plt Plate Mail Boneflesh xlt Templar Coat Guardian Angel ult Hellforge Plate Naj's Light Plate
fld Field Plate Rockfleece xld Sharktooth Armor Toothrow uld Kraken Shell Leviathan
M'avina's Embrace
gth Gothic Plate Rattlecage
Sigon's Shelter
xth Embossed Plate Atma's Wail uth Lacquered Plate Dark Abyss* (new)
Tal Rasha's Guardianship
ltp Light Plate Heavenly Garb
Arcanna's Flesh
xtp Mage Plate Que-Hegan's Wisdom utp Archon Plate Purgatory (new)
ful Full Plate Mail Goldskin
Tancred's Spine
xul Chaos Armor Black Hades
Trang-Oul's Scales
uul Shadow Plate Steel Carapace
Aldur's Deception
aar Ancient Armor Silks of the Victor
Milabrega's Robe
xar Ornate Plate Corpsemourn
Griswold's Heart
uar Sacred Armor Templar's Might
Tyrael's Might
Immortal King's Soul Cage
Shields buc Buckler Pelta Lunata
Hsarus' Iron Fist
xuc Defender Visceratuant uuc Heater
sml Small Shield Umbral Disk
Cleglaw's Claw
xml Round Shield Moser's Blessed Circle
Whitstan's Guard
uml Luna Blackoak Shield
lrg Large Shield Stormguild
Civerb's Ward
xrg Scutum Stormchaser urg Hyperion
spk Spiked Shield Swordback Hold xpk Barbed Shield Lance Guard upk Blade Barrier Spike Thorn
kit Kite Shield Steelclash
Milabrega's Orb
xit Dragon Shield Tiamat's Rebuke uit Monarch Stormshield
bsh Bone Shield Wall of the Eyeless xsh Grim Shield Lidless Wall ush Troll Nest Head Hunter's Glory
tow Tower Shield Bverrit Keep
Sigon's Guard
xow Pavise Gerke's Sanctuary uow Aegis Medusa's Gaze
gts Gothic Shield The Ward
Isenhart's Parry
xts Ancient Shield Radament's Sphere uts Ward Spirit Ward
Taebaek's Glory
Gloves lgl Leather Gloves The Hand of Broc
Death's Hand
xlg Demonhide Gloves Venom Grip ulg Bramble Mitts Laying of Hands
vgl Heavy Gloves Bloodfist
Sander's Taboo
xvg Sharkskin Gloves Gravepalm
Magnus' Skin
uvg Vampirebone Gloves Dracul's Grasp
mgl Chain Gloves Chance Guards
Cleglaw's Pincers
xmg Heavy Bracers Ghoulhide
Trang-Oul's Claws
umg Vambraces Soul Drainer
tgl Light Gauntlets Magefist
Arctic Mitts
Iratha's Cuff
xtg Battle Gauntlets Lava Gout
M'avina's Icy Clutch
utg Crusader Gauntlets Occultist (new)
hgl Gauntlets Frostburn
Sigon's Gage
xhg War Gauntlets Hellmouth
Immortal King's Forge
uhg Ogre Gauntlets Steelrend
Boots lbt Boots Hotspur
Tancred's Hobnails
xlb Demonhide Boots Infernostride
Rite of Passage
ulb Wyrmhide Boots Merman's Sprocket (new)
vbt Heavy Boots Gorefoot
Cow King's Hooves
Sander's Riprap
xvb Sharkskin Boots Waterwalk uvb Scarabshell Boots Sandstorm Trek
mbt Chain Boots Treads of Cthon
Hsarus' Iron Heel
xmb Mesh Boots Silkweave
Natalya's Soul
umb Boneweave Boots Marrowwalk
tbt Light Plated Boots Goblin Toe
Vidala's Fetlock
xtb Battle Boots War Traveler
Aldur's Advance
utb Mirrored Boots Ithereal's Path* (new)
hbt Greaves Tearhaunch
Sigon's Sabot
xhb War Boots Gore Rider
Immortal King's Pillar
uhb Myrmidon Greaves Shadow Dancer
Belts lbl Sash Lenymo
Death's Guard
zlb Demonhide Sash String of Ears ulc Spiderweb Sash Arachnid Mesh
vbl Light Belt Snakecord
Arctic Binding
zvb Sharkskin Belt Razortail
M'avina's Tenet
uvc Vampirefang Belt Nosferatu's Coil
mbl Belt Nightsmoke
Hsarus' Iron Stay
Hwanin's Blessing
zmb Mesh Belt Gloom's Trap
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
umc Mithril Coil Verdungo's Hearty Cord
tbl Heavy Belt Goldwrap
Infernal Sign
Iratha's Cord
ztb Battle Belt Snowclash
Wilhelm's Pride
utc Troll Belt Band of Skulls* (new)
• rbe instead of utc
Trang-Oul's Girth
hbl Plated Belt Bladebuckle
Sigon's Wrap
zhb War Belt Thundergod's Vigor
Immortal King's Detail
uhc Colossus Girdle
dr1 Wolf Head dr6 Alpha Helm drb Blood Spirit Cerebus' Bite
dr2 Hawk Helm Quetzalcoatl (new) dr7 Griffon Headress drc Sun Spirit
dr3 Antlers dr8 Hunter's Guise Aldur's Stony Gaze drd Earth Spirit Spirit Keeper
dr4 Falcon Mask dr9 Sacred Feathers dre Sky Spirit Ravenlore
dr5 Spirit Mask dra Totemic Mask Jalal's Mane drf Dream Spirit Ursa's Nightmare (new)
ba1 Jawbone Cap ba6 Jawbone Visor Cyclopean Roar (new) bab Carnage Helm
ba2 Fanged Helm ba7 Lion Helm bac Fury Visor Wolfhowl
ba3 Horned Helm ba8 Rage Mask bad Destroyer Helm Demonhorn's Edge
ba4 Assault Helmet ba9 Savage Helmet bae Conqueror Crown Halaberd's Reign
ba5 Avenger Guard Immortal King's Will baa Slayer Guard Arreat's Face baf Guardian Crown Raekor's Virtue (new)
pa1 Targe pa6 Akaran Targe pab Sacred Targe
pa2 Rondache pa7 Akaran Rondache pac Sacred Rondache Alma Negra
pa3 Heraldic Shield Sankekur's Fall (new) pa8 Protector Shield pad Kurast Shield
pa4 Aerin Shield pa9 Gilded Shield Herald of Zakarum pae Zakarum Shield Dragonscale
pa5 Crown Shield paa Royal Shield paf Vortex Shield Griswold's Honor
ne1 Preserved Head ne6 Mummified Trophy Kalan's Legacy (new) neb Minion Skull
ne2 Zombie Head ne7 Fetish Trophy neg Hellspawn Skull
ne3 Unraveller Head ne8 Sexton Trophy ned Overseer Skull Martyrdom (new)
ne4 Gargoyle Head ne9 Cantor Trophy Trang-Oul's Wing nee Succubus Skull Boneflame
ne5 Demon Head nea Hierophant Trophy Homunculus nef Bloodlord Skull Darkforce Spawn

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios

Type Code Item (Normal) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Exceptional) Unique/Set Versions Code Item (Elite) Unique/Set Versions
Axes hax Hand Axe The Gnasher 9ha Hatchet Coldkill 7ha Tomahawk Razor's Edge
axe Axe Deathspade 9ax Cleaver Butcher's Pupil 7ax Small Crescent
2ax Double Axe Bladebone
Berserker's Hatchet
92a Twin Axe Islestrike 72a Ettin Axe Rune Master
mpi Military Pick Skull Splitter
Tancred's Crowbill
9mp Crowbill Pompeii's Wrath 7mp War Spike Cranebeak
wax War Axe Rakescar 9wa Naga Guardian Naga 7wa Berserker Axe Death Cleaver
lax Large Axe Axe of Fechmar 9la Military Axe Warlord's Trust 7la Feral Axe
bax Broad Axe Goreshovel 9ba Bearded Axe Spellsteel 7ba Silver-edged Axe Ethereal Edge
btx Battle Axe The Chieftain 9bt Tabar Stormrider 7bt Decapitator Hellslayer
gax Great Axe Brainhew 9ga Gothic Axe Boneslayer Blade 7ga Champion Axe Messerschmidt's Reaver
gix Giant Axe Humongous 9gi Ancient Axe The Minotaur 7gi Glorious Axe Executioner's Justice
Maces clb Club Felloak 9cl Cudgel Dark Clan Crusher 7cl Truncheon Nord's Tenderizer
spc Spiked Club Stoutnail 9sp Barbed Club Fleshrender 7sp Tyrant Club Demon Limb
mac Mace Crushflange 9ma Flanged Mace Sureshrill Frost 7ma Reinforced Mace Dangoon's Teaching
mst Morning Star Bloodrise 9mt Jagged Star Moonfall
Aldur's Rhythm
7mt Devil Star Baranar's Star
fla Flail The General's Tan Do Li Ga 9fl Knout Baezil's Vortex 7fl Scourge Horizon's Tornado
whm War Hammer Ironstone 9wh Battle Hammer Earthshaker 7wh Legendary Mallet Stone Crusher
Schaefer's Hammer
mau Maul Bonesnap 9m9 War Club Bloodtree Stump 7m7 Ogre Maul Windhammer
Immortal King's Stone Crusher
gma Great Maul Steeldriver 9gm Martel de Fer The Gavel of Pain 7gm Thunder Maul Earth Shifter
The Cranium Basher
Swords ssd Short Sword Rixot's Keen 9ss Gladius Bloodletter 7ss Falcata
scm Scimitar Blood Crescent 9sm Cutlass Coldsteel Eye 7sm Ataghan Djinn Slayer
sbr Sabre Skewer of Krintiz
Angelic Sickle
9sb Shamshir Hexfire 7sb Elegant Blade Bloodmoon
flc Falchion Gleamscythe 9fc Tulwar Blade of Ali Baba 7fc Hydra Edge
crs Crystal Sword 9cr Dimensional Blade Ginther's Rift 7cr Phase Blade Lightsabre
bsd Broad Sword Griswold's Edge
Isenhart's Lightbrand
9bs Battle Sword Headstriker 7bs Conquest Sword Hadriel's Hand* (new)
lsd Long Sword Hellplague
Cleglaw's Tooth
9ls Rune Sword Plague Bearer 7ls Cryptic Sword Frostwind
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
wsd War Sword Culwen's Point
Death's Touch
9wd Ancient Sword The Atlantean 7wd Mythical Sword
2hs Two-handed Sword Shadowfang 92h Espandon Crainte Vomir 72h Legend Sword
clm Claymore Soulflay 9cm Dacian Falx Bing Sz Wang 7cm Highland Blade Leoric's Mithril Bane (new)
gis Giant Sword Kinemil's Awl 9gs Tusk Sword The Vile Husk 7gs Balrog Blade Flamebellow
bsw Bastard Sword Blacktongue 9b9 Gothic Sword Cloudcrack 7b7 Champion Sword Doombringer
flb Flamberge Ripsaw 9fb Zweihander Todesfaelle Flamme 7fb Colossus Sword Odium (new)
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
gsd Great Sword The Patriarch 9gd Executioner Sword Swordguard 7gd Colossus Blade The Grandfather
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Daggers dgr Dagger Gull
Infernal Spire
9dg Poignard Spineripper 7dg Bone Knife Wizardspike
dir Dirk The Diggler 9di Rondel Heart Carver 7di Mithril Point
kri Kris The Jade Tan Do 9kr Cinquedeas Blackbog's Sharp 7kr Fanged Knife Fleshripper
bld Blade Spectral Shard 9bl Stiletto Stormspike 7bl Legend Spike Ghostflame
tkf Throwing Knife 9tk Battle Dart Deathbit 7tk Flying Knife
tax Throwing Axe 9ta Francisca The Scalper 7ta Flying Axe Gimmershred
bkf Balanced Knife 9bk War Dart 7bk Winged Knife Warshrike
bal Balanced Axe 9b8 Hurlbat 7b8 Winged Axe Lacerator
Javelins jav Javelin 9ja War Javelin 7ja Hyperion Javelin
pil Pilum 9pi Great Pilum 7pi Stygian Pilum
ssp Short Spear 9s9 Simbilan 7s7 Balrog Spear Demon's Arch
glv Glaive 9gl Spiculum 7gl Ghost Glaive Wraith Flight
tsp Throwing Spear 9ts Harpoon 7ts Winged Harpoon Gargoyle's Bite
Spears spr Spear The Dragon Chang 9sr War Spear The Impaler 7sr Hyperion Spear Arioc's Needle
tri Trident Razortine 9tr Fuscina Kelpie Snare 7tr Stygian Pike
brn Brandistock Bloodthief 9br War Fork Soulfeast Tine 7br Mancatcher Viperfork
spt Spetum Lance of Yaggai 9st Yari Hone Sundan 7st Ghost Spear Uldyssian's Awakening (new)
pik Pike The Tannr Gorerod 9p9 Lance Spire of Honor 7p7 War Pike Steel Pillar
Polearms bar Bardiche Dimoak's Hew 9b7 Lochaber Axe The Meat Scraper 7o7 Ogre Axe Bonehew
vou Voulge Steelgoad 9vo Bill Blackleach Blade
Hwanin's Justice
7vo Colossus Voulge
scy Scythe Soul Harvest 9s8 Battle Scythe Athena's Wrath 7s8 Thresher The Reaper's Toll
pax Poleaxe The Battlebranch 9pa Partizan Pierre Tombale Couant 7pa Cryptic Axe Tomb Reaver
hal Halberd Woestave 9h9 Bec-de-Corbin Husoldal Evo 7h7 Great Poleaxe
wsc War Scythe The Grim Reaper 9wc Grim Scythe Grim's Burning Dead 7wc Giant Thresher Stormspire
Bows sbw Short Bow Pluckeye 8sb Edge Bow Skystrike 6sb Spider Bow
hbw Hunter’s Bow Witherstring 8hb Razor Bow Riphook 6hb Blade Bow
lbw Long Bow Raven Claw 8lb Cedar Bow Kuko Shakaku 6lb Shadow Bow
cbw Composite Bow Rogue's Bow 8cb Double Bow Endlesshail 6cb Great Bow
sbb Short Battle Bow Stormstrike 8s8 Short Siege Bow Witchwild String 6s7 Diamond Bow
lbb Long Battle Bow Wizendraw
Vidala's Barb
8l8 Large Siege Bow Cliffkiller 6l7 Crusader Bow Eaglehorn
swb Short War Bow Hellclap
Arctic Horn
8sw Rune Bow Magewrath 6sw Ward Bow Widowmaker
lwb Long War Bow Blastbark 8lw Gothic Bow Goldstrike Arch 6lw Hydra Bow Windforce
Crossbows lxb Light Crossbow Leadcrow 8lx Arbalest Langer Briser 6lx Pellet Bow
mxb Crossbow Ichorsting 8mx Siege Crossbow Pus Spitter 6mx Gorgon Crossbow
hxb Heavy Crossbow Hellcast 8hx Ballista Buriza-Do Kyanon 6hx Colossus Crossbow Hellrack
rxb Repeating Crossbow Doomslinger 8rx Chu-Ko-Nu Demon Machine 6rx Demon Crossbow Gut Siphon
Staves sst Short Staff Bane Ash 8ss Jo Staff Razorswitch 6ss Walking Stick
lst Long Staff Serpent Lord 8ls Quarterstaff Ribcracker 6ls Stalagmite
cst Gnarled Staff Spire of Lazarus 8cs Cedar Staff Chromatic Ire 6cs Elder Staff Ondal's Wisdom
Naj's Puzzler
bst Battle Staff The Salamander
Cathan's Rule
8bs Gothic Staff Warpspear 6bs Shillelagh Brimstone Rain (new)
wst War Staff The Iron Jang Bong
Arcanna's Deathwand
8ws Rune Staff Skull Collector 6ws Archon Staff Mang Song's Lesson
Wands wnd Wand Torch of Iro 9wn Burnt Wand Suicide Branch 7wn Polished Wand
ywn Yew Wand Maelstrom 9yw Petrified Wand Carin Shard 7yw Ghost Wand
bwn Bone Wand Gravenspine
Sander's Superstition
9bw Tomb Wand Arm of King Leoric 7bw Lich Wand Boneshade
gwn Grim Wand Ume's Lament 9gw Grave Wand Blackhand Key 7gw Unearthed Wand Death's Web
Scepters scp Scepter Knell Striker 9sc Rune Scepter Zakarum's Hand 7sc Mighty Scepter Heaven's Light
The Redeemer
gsc Grand Scepter Rusthandle
Civerb's Cudgel
9qs Holy Water Sprinkler The Fetid Sprinkler 7qs Seraph Rod Akarat's Devotion (new)
wsp War Scepter Stormeye
Milabrega's Rod
9ws Divine Scepter Hand of Blessed Light 7ws Caduceus Astreon's Iron Ward
Griswold's Redemption
ktr Katar 9ar Quhab Mage Slayer (new) 7ar Suwayyah
wrb Wrist Blade 9wb Wrist Spike 7wb Wrist Sword Jade Talon
axf Hatchet Hands 9xf Fascia 7xf War Fist
ces Cestus 9cs Hand Scythe 7cs Battle Cestus Shadow Killer
clw Claws 9lw Greater Claws 7lw Feral Claws Firelizard's Talons
btl Blade Talons 9tw Greater Talons Bartuc's Cut-Throat 7tw Runic Talons Stalker's Cull (new)
skr Scissors Katar 9qr Scissors Quhab 7qr Scissors Suwayyah Aidan's Scar* (new)
Natalya's Mark
ob1 Eagle Orb ob6 Glowing Orb Tempest (new) obb Heavenly Stone
ob2 Sacred Globe ob7 Crystalline Globe obc Eldritch Orb Eschuta's Temper
ob3 Smoked Sphere ob8 Cloudy Sphere obd Demon Heart
ob4 Clasped Orb ob9 Sparkling Ball obe Vortex Orb
ob5 Jared's Stone oba Swirling Crystal The Oculus
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
obf Dimensional Shard Death's Fathom
am1 Stag Bow am6 Ashwood Bow amb Matriarchal Bow Blood Raven's Charge
am2 Reflex Bow am7 Ceremonial Bow Lycander's Aim amc Grand Matron Bow M'avina's Caster
am3 Maiden Spear am8 Ceremonial Spear amd Matriarchal Spear Stoneraven
am4 Maiden Pike am9 Ceremonial Pike Lycander's Flank ame Matriarchal Pike Zerae's Resolve (new)
am5 Maiden Javelin True Silver (new) ama Ceremonial Javelin Titan's Revenge amf Matriarchal Javelin Thunderstroke

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios

Other Items
Misc Gear
  • Code Item
    tsc Scroll of Town Portal
    isc Scroll of Identify
    tbk Tome of Town Portal
    ibk Tome of Identify
    key Key
    leg Wirt's Leg
    ear Player Ear
    std Standard of Heroes
  • Code Item Unique Versions
    cm1 Small Charm Annihilus*
    cm2 Large Charm Hellfire Torch*
    cm3 Grand Charm Gheed's Fortune
    jew Jewel Rainbow Facet
    rin Ring see below
    amu Amulet see below
    aqv Arrows
    cqv Bolts

  • Tome of Town Portal and Tome of Identify can only have their name modified, not their description
  • Unique/Set Amulets
    Code Unique Versions Set Versions
    amu Nokozan Relic Civerb's Icon
    Eye of Etlich Cathan's Sigil
    The Mahim Oak Curio Angelic Wings
    Saracen's Chance Vidala's Snare
    Crescent Moon Arcanna's Sign
    The Cat's Eye Iratha's Collar
    Atma's Scarab Tal Rasha's Adjudication
    Highlord's Wrath Tancred's Weird
    The Rising Sun Telling of Beads
    Seraph's Hymn
    Mara's Kaleidoscope
    ram The Third Eye* (new)
  • Unique/Set Rings
    Code Unique Versions Set Versions
    rin Nagelring Cathan's Seal
    Manald Heal Angelic Halo
    Stone of Jordan Bul-Kathos' Death Band (new)
    Dwarf Star
    Raven Frost
    Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
    Carrion Wind
    Nature's Peace
    Wisp Projector
    Kadala's Heirloom* (new)

* these items have exclusive generation conditions and only appear in specific scenarios



Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Code Item Code Code Item
gcv Chipped Amethyst gfv Flawed Amethyst gsv Amethyst gzv gzvs Flawless Amethyst gpv gpvs Perfect Amethyst
gcy Chipped Topaz gfy Flawed Topaz gsy Topaz gly glys Flawless Topaz gpy gpys Perfect Topaz
gcb Chipped Sapphire gfb Flawed Sapphire gsb Sapphire glb glbs Flawless Sapphire gpb gpbs Perfect Sapphire
gcg Chipped Emerald gfg Flawed Emerald gsg Emerald glg glgs Flawless Emerald gpg gpgs Perfect Emerald
gcr Chipped Ruby gfr Flawed Ruby gsr Ruby glr glrs Flawless Ruby gpr gprs Perfect Ruby
gcw Chipped Diamond gfw Flawed Diamond gsw Diamond glw glws Flawless Diamond gpw gpws Perfect Diamond
skc Chipped Skull skf Flawed Skull sku Skull skl skls Flawless Skull skz skzs Perfect Skull
  • For gems with two codes, the second code refers to the stacked version of the gem

Also see RUNE

Code Code Item Code Code Item Code Code Item
r01 r01s El Rune r12 r12s Sol Rune r23 r23s Mal Rune
r02 r02s Eld Rune r13 r13s Shael Rune r24 r24s Ist Rune
r03 r03s Tir Rune r14 r14s Dol Rune r25 r25s Gul Rune
r04 r04s Nef Rune r15 r15s Hel Rune r26 r26s Vex Rune
r05 r05s Eth Rune r16 r16s Io Rune r27 r27s Ohm Rune
r06 r06s Ith Rune r17 r17s Lum Rune r28 r28s Lo Rune
r07 r07s Tal Rune r18 r18s Ko Rune r29 r29s Sur Rune
r08 r08s Ral Rune r19 r19s Fal Rune r30 r30s Ber Rune
r09 r09s Ort Rune r20 r20s Lem Rune r31 r31s Jah Rune
r10 r10s Thul Rune r21 r21s Pul Rune r32 r32s Cham Rune
r11 r11s Amn Rune r22 r22s Um Rune r33 r33s Zod Rune
  • The second code refers to the stacked version of the rune
  • For a list of runewords and the runes required for each, see All Runewords
Code Item Code Item Code Item
rvl Full Rejuvenation Potion hp1 Minor Healing Potion mp1 Minor Mana Potion
rvs Rejuvenation Potion hp2 Lesser Healing Potion mp2 Lesser Mana Potion
yps Antidote Potion hp3 Healing Potion mp3 Mana Potion
wms Thawing Potion hp4 Greater Healing Potion mp4 Greater Mana Potion
vps Stamina Potion hp5 Super Healing Potion mp5 Super Mana Potion
Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item
tpfs Fulminating Potion tpgs Strangling Potion tpcs Chilling Potion tpls Charged Potion
tpfm Exploding Potion tpgm Choking Potion tpcm Frost Potion tplm Static Potion
tpfl Oil Potion tpgl Rancid Potion tpcl Freezing Potion tpll Shock Potion
  • These throwing potions are new in PD2 and the old legacy versions won't spawn
Code Item (Legacy) Code Item (Legacy)
opl Fulminating Potion gpl Strangling Potion
opm Exploding Potion gpm Choking Potion
ops Oil Potion gps Rancid Potion
Quest Items
  • Code Item
    bks Scroll of Inifuss
    bkd Key to the Cairn Stones
    tr1 Horadric Scroll
    ass Book of Skill
    box Horadric Cube
    j34 Jade Figurine
    g34 Golden Bird
    xyz Potion of Life
    bbb Lam Esen's Tome
    qbr Khalim's Brain
    qey Khalim's Eye
    qhr Khalim's Heart
    mss Mephisto's Soulstone
    ice Malah's Potion
    tr2 Scroll of Resistance
  • Code Equipment Item
    hdm Horadric Malus
    msf Staff of Kings
    vip Viper Amulet
    hst Horadric Staff
    g33 Gidbinn
    qf1 Khalim's Flail
    qf2 Khalim's Will
    hfh Hell Forge Hammer
  • Code Item Details
    tes Twisted Essence of Suffering Token ingredient (from Andariel & Duriel)
    ceh Charged Essence of Hatred Token ingredient (from Mephisto)
    bet Burning Essence of Terror Token ingredient (from Diablo)
    fed Festering Essence of Destruction Token ingredient (from Baal)
    toa Token of Absolution Resets stats/skills
    pk1 Key of Terror Mini-Uber ingredient (from Countess & Blood Raven)
    pk2 Key of Hate Mini-Uber ingredient (from Summoner & Bloodwitch)
    pk3 Key of Destruction Mini-Uber ingredient (from Nihlathak & Izual)
    dhn Diablo's Horn Tristram ingredient (from Lilith)
    bey Baal's Eye Tristram ingredient (from uber Duriel)
    mbr Mephisto's Brain Tristram ingredient (from uber Izual)
PD2 Items
  • Maps & Arenas
    Code Item Tier
    t11 Ruins of Viz-Jun Map 2
    t12 Horazon's Memory Map 1
    t13 Bastion Keep Map 1
    t14 Sanatorium Map 3
    t15 Royal Crypts Map 1
    t16 Ruined Cistern Map 3
    t21 Phlegethon Map 3
    t22 Torajan Jungle Map 1
    t23 Arreat Battlefield Map 1
    t24 Tomb of Zoltun Kulle Map 2
    t25 Sewers of Harrogath Map 1
    t26 Shadows of Westmarch Map 1
    t31 River of Blood Map 2
    t32 Throne of Insanity Map 3
    t33 Lost Temple Map 2
    t34 Ancestral Trial Map 2
    t35 Blood Moon Map 3
    t36 Fall of Caldeum Map 1
    t37 Pandemonium Citadel Map 3
    t38 Canyon of Sescheron Map 3
    t39 Kehjistan Marketplace Map 3
    t3a Ashen Plains Map 3
    t41 Cathedral of Light Map 4 (dungeon)
    t42 Plains of Torment Map 4 (dungeon)
    t43 Sanctuary of Sin Map 4 (dungeon)
    t44 Steppes of Daken-Shar 4 (dungeon)
    t51 Zhar's Sanctum Map 3 (unique)
    t52 Stygian Caverns Map 3 (unique)
    t53 Fallen Gardens Map 2 (unique)
    t61 Desert Duel Arena PvP arena
    t62 Moor Duel Arena PvP arena
  • Map Modification
    Code Item Details
    Arcane Orb
    Infused Arcane Orb
    upgrade map (regular -> magic)
    Zakarum Orb
    Infused Zakarum Orb
    upgrade map (regular -> rare)
    Angelic Orb
    Infused Angelic Orb
    upgrade map (magic -> rare)
    Horadrim Orb
    Infused Horadrim Orb
    reroll rare map
    scou Orb of Destruction downgrade map (to regular)
    fort Orb of Fortification halves monsters & doubles loot/experience/life
    upmp Cartographer's Orb combine maps into a higher tier
    scrb Horadrim Scarab transform a t3 map into a dungeon (from map bosses)
    iwss Catalyst Shard guarantees a map event (from altar map event)
  • General-Purpose
    Code Item Details
    wss Worldstone Shard corrupts items
    lbox Larzuk's Puzzlebox sockets items
    lpp Larzuk's Puzzlepiece sockets items (not uniques/sets)
    lmal Larzuk's Malus sockets items (1 socket)
    jewf Jewel Fragments stackable jewel ingredient
    cwss Tainted Worldstone Shard corrupts Annihilus (from Rathma)
    rtp Horadrim Navigator unlimited TP tome (from Rathma, uncommon)
    rid Horadrim Almanac unlimited ID tome (from Rathma, uncommon)
    rkey Skeleton Key unlimited-use key (drops anywhere, 1 in 5 million chance)
    lsvl Vial of Lightsong Makes item Ethereal (drops anywhere, 1 in 7.5 million chance)
    llmr Lilith's Mirror Mirrors items (drops anywhere, 1 in 25 million chance)
    pvpp Dueling Mana Potion only useable in PvP arenas
    crfb Blood Craft Infusion Pre-made Blood craft recipe
    crfc Caster Craft Infusion Pre-made Caster craft recipe
    crfs Safety Craft Infusion Pre-made Safety craft recipe
    crfh Hitpower Craft Infusion Pre-made Hitpower craft recipe
    crfv Vampiric Craft Infusion Pre-made Vampiric craft recipe
    crfu Bountiful Craft Infusion Pre-made Bountiful craft recipe
    crfp Brilliant Craft Infusion Pre-made Brilliant craft recipe
  • Uber-Related
    Code Item Details
    uba Relic of the Ancients accesses Uber Ancients
    ubaa Sigil of Madawc Uber Ancients ingredient (from T1 maps)
    ubab Sigil of Talic Uber Ancients ingredient (from T2 maps)
    ubac Sigil of Korlic Uber Ancients ingredient (from T3 maps)
    ubtm Pandemonium Talisman accesses Uber Tristram
    dcma Vision of Terror accesses Diablo Clone
    dcso Prime Evil Soul Diablo Clone ingredient (from Hell Mephisto/Diablo/Baal)
    dcbl Pure Demonic Essence Diablo Clone ingredient (from map bosses)
    dcho Black Soulstone Diablo Clone ingredient (from Uber Tristram)
    rtma Voidstone accesses Rathma
    rtmv Splinter of the Void Rathma ingredient (from Mendeln map event)
    rtmo Trang-Oul's Jawbone Rathma ingredient (from undead)
    cm2f Hellfire Ashes Rathma ingredient (stackable Hellfire Torch)
    rtmf Ancient Bone Fragments Trang-Oul's Jawbone ingredient (legacy)
  • Special Equipment
    Code Item Notes
    rar Cage of the Unsullied Boneweave (uhn doesn't apply, but ARMOR/CHEST do)
    rbe Band of Skulls Troll Belt (utc doesn't apply, but ARMOR/BELT do)
    ram The Third Eye Amulet (amu doesn't apply)

Value Conditions

Info Codes

Code Description Details
GOLD Gold can be hidden, but not modified (always displays as "N Gold")
gold is automatically picked up (hiding it does not prevent this)
gem quality level 1 - 5 (Chipped-Perfect)
GEMTYPE gem type 1 - 7 (Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Skull)
RUNE rune number 1 - 33 (El-Zod)
QTY quantity
LVLREQ level requirement
PRICE vendor sell value
ALVL affix level used to determine which affixes can roll for magic/rare/crafted items
CRAFTALVL prospective crafted ALVL what the resulting crafted item's ALVL will be if the item is used as a crafting ingredient by the character
QLVL quality level
ILVL item level
CLVL character level
DIFF difficulty 0 - 2 (Normal, Nightmare, Hell)
MAPID current zone 1 - 175 (see details)
MAPTIER map tier 0 - 5 (PvP, T1, T2, T3, Dungeon, Unique)
PREFIX item prefix 1 - 805 (see details)
SUFFIX item suffix 1 - 900 (see details)
AUTOMOD item automod 1 - 44 (see details)
FILTLVL filter strictness level 0 - 9 (Show All Items, up to 9 custom levels)

Named Attribute Codes

Code Description Item Appearance Details
total sockets Socketed (N)
DEF total defense Defense: N
+N Defense
ED enhanced defense/damage +N% Enhanced Defense
+N% Enhanced Damage
refers to defense for armor,
damage for weapons
EDEF enhanced defense +N% Enhanced Defense Includes bonuses from runewords and sockets
(ED does not include these)
EDAM enhanced damage +N% Enhanced Damage Includes bonuses from runewords and sockets
(ED does not include these)
MAXDUR max durability Increase Maximum Durability N%
AR attack rating +N to Attack Rating
RES all res All Resistances +N
FRES fire res Fire Resist +N%
CRES cold res Cold Resist +N%
LRES lightning res Lightning Resist +N%
PRES poison res Poison Resist +N%
FRW faster run/walk +N% Faster Run/Walk
IAS attack rate +N% Increased Attack Speed
FCR Faster Cast Rate +N% Faster Cast Rate
FHR Faster Hit Recovery +N% Faster Hit Recovery
FBR Faster Block Rate +N% Faster Block Rate
MINDMG minimum damage +N to Minimum Damage
MAXDMG maximum damage +N to Maximum Damage
STR strength +N to Strength
DEX dexterity +N to Dexterity
LIFE max hp +N to Life
MANA max mana +N to Mana
MFIND magic find N% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
GFIND gold find N% Extra Gold from Monsters
MAEK mana per kill +N to Mana after each Kill
DTM damage to mana N% Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit
REPLIFE life replenish Replenish Life +N
REPAIR auto-repair Repairs X Durability in Y Seconds N = 100 / Y
ARPER AR bonus N% Bonus to Attack Rating
FOOLS fool's mod +X to Attack Rating (Based on Character Level)
+Y to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
boolean condition

Numbered Attribute Codes

The relevant number for each code is shown as N. If N is absent, it is often either 0 or 1. For codes that refer to attributes which are based on character level, N is often a multiple of Y (as in "+Y per Character Level") such as 8Y for STAT214 or 2Y for STAT224.

Some numbered attribute codes (shown in gray) refer to the same attributes as named attribute codes or other named codes, which can be used instead for better readability.

To refer to stats that have multiple parts such as chance-to-cast effects or skill charges, the MULTI condition must be used instead of STAT: see Multi-Layered Stats

All these numbered attribute STAT codes refer to individual items in the same way that most codes do - they are "immutable" and don't change depending on the character viewing the item. There are also corresponding CHARSTAT codes for each attribute which are "mutable" and can change based on other factors - rather than checking whether an item has the attribute, these codes check whether the character has the attribute. In most cases, that means checking whether the character is wearing an item with the attribute. But there are also some "non-item" codes such as CHARSTAT14 and CHARSTAT15 which refer to how much gold the character is carrying and how much gold they have in their stash, respectively.

  • General
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT0 +N to Strength
    STAT1 +N to Energy
    STAT2 +N to Dexterity
    STAT3 +N to Vitality
    STAT7 +X to Life (N = 256X)
    STAT9 +X to Mana (N = 256X)
    STAT11 +N Maximum Stamina
    STAT16 +N% Enhanced Defense
    STAT19 +N to Attack Rating
    STAT20 Chance to Block: N%
    STAT27 Regenerate Mana N%
    STAT28 Heal Stamina +N%
    STAT31 +N Defense
    STAT32 +N Defense vs. Missile
    STAT33 +N Defense vs. Melee
    STAT34 Physical Damage Taken Reduced by N
    STAT35 Magic & Elemental Damage Taken Reduced by N
    STAT36 Physical Damage Taken Reduced by N%
    STAT60 N% Life Stolen per Hit
    STAT62 N% Mana Stolen per Hit
    STAT68 +N% Increased Attack Speed
    STAT70 Quantity: N
    STAT72 Durability: N of Y
    STAT73 Durability: X of N
    STAT74 Replenish Life +N
    STAT75 Increase Maximum Durability N%
    STAT76 Increase Maximum Life N%
    STAT77 Increase Maximum Mana N%
    STAT78 Attacker Takes Damage of N
    STAT79 N% Extra Gold from Monsters
    STAT80 N% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    STAT81 Knockback
    STAT85 +N% to Experience Gained
    STAT86 +N Life after each Kill
    STAT87 Reduces All Vendor Prices N%
    STAT89 +N to Light Radius
    STAT91 Requirements +N%
    STAT93 +N% Increased Attack Speed
    STAT96 +N% Faster Run/Walk
    STAT99 +N% Faster Hit Recovery
    STAT102 +N% Faster Block Rate
    STAT105 +N% Faster Cast Rate
    STAT108 Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
    STAT109 N% Reduced Curse Duration
    STAT110 Poison Length Reduced by N%
    STAT112 Hit Causes Monster to Flee N%
    STAT113 Hit Blinds Target +N
    STAT114 N% Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit
    STAT115 Ignore Target's Defense
    STAT116 -N% Target Defense
    STAT117 Prevent Monster Heal
    STAT118 Half Freeze Duration
    STAT119 N% Bonus to Attack Rating
    STAT120 -N to Monster Defense per Hit
    STAT123 +N to Attack Rating against Demons
    STAT124 +N to Attack Rating against Undead
    STAT127 +N to All Skills
    STAT128 Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of N
    STAT134 Freezes Target +N
    STAT135 N% Chance of Open Wounds
    STAT136 N% Chance of Crushing Blow
    STAT138 +N to Mana after each Kill
    STAT139 +N Life after each Demon Kill
    STAT140 N% Extra Bloody (Hidden Cosmetic)
    STAT141 N% Deadly Strike
    STAT150 Slows Target by N%
    STAT152 Indestructible
    STAT153 Cannot Be Frozen
    STAT154 N% Slower Stamina Drain
    STAT156 +N% Chance to Pierce
    STAT157 Fires Magic Arrows
    STAT158 Fires Explosive Arrows or Bolts
    STAT194 Socketed (N)
    STAT252 Repairs X Durability in Y Seconds (N = 100/Y)
    STAT360 Corrupted (values for N)
    STAT422 Replenishes 1 Charge in 3 Seconds
    STAT424 +N Life after each Hit
    STAT425 -N% to Enemy Physical Resistance
    STAT486 Mirrored
    STAT477 transform_dye (N: black=4, white=21)
    STAT501 +N Open Wounds Damage per Second
    STAT504 Curse Resistance +N%
  • Elements
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT37 Magic Resist +N%
    STAT38 +N% to Maximum Magic Resist
    STAT39 Fire Resist +N%
    STAT40 +N% to Maximum Fire Resist
    STAT41 Lightning Resist +N%
    STAT42 +N% to Maximum Lightning Resist
    STAT43 Cold Resist +N%
    STAT44 +N% to Maximum Cold Resist
    STAT45 Poison Resist +N%
    STAT46 +N% to Maximum Poison Resist
    STAT142 Fire Absorb N%
    STAT143 +N Fire Absorb
    STAT144 Lightning Absorb N%
    STAT145 +N Lightning Absorb
    STAT146 Magic Absorb N%
    STAT147 +N Magic Absorb
    STAT148 Cold Absorb N%
    STAT149 +N Cold Absorb
    STAT333 -N% to Enemy Fire Resistance
    STAT334 -N% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
    STAT335 -N% to Enemy Cold Resistance
    STAT336 -N% to Enemy Poison Resistance
    STAT362 +N to Cold Skills
    STAT363 +N to Fire Skills
    STAT364 +N to Lightning Skills
    STAT365 +N to Poison Skills
    STAT366 +N to Magic Skills
  • Damage
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT17 +N% Enhanced Damage
    (off-weapon minimum)
    STAT18 +N% Enhanced Damage
    (off-weapon maximum)
    STAT21 Damage: N to Y
    +N to Minimum Damage
    (one-handed weapons)
    STAT22 Damage: X to N
    +N to Maximum Damage
    (one-handed weapons)
    STAT23 +N to Minimum Damage
    (two-handed weapons)
    STAT24 +N to Maximum Damage
    (two-handed weapons)
    STAT25 +N% Damage
    STAT48 Adds N-Y Fire Damage
    STAT49 Adds X-N Fire Damage
    STAT50 Adds N-Y Lightning Damage
    STAT51 Adds 1-N Lightning Damage
    STAT52 Adds N-Y Magic Damage
    STAT53 Adds X-N Magic Damage
    STAT54 Adds N-Y Cold Damage
    STAT55 Adds X-N Cold Damage
    STAT56 Adds X-Y Cold Damage
    N = duration
    STAT57 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    bitrate N = (256X) / (25Y)
    STAT58 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    bitrate N = (256X) / (25Y)
    STAT59 +X Poison Damage over N Seconds
    STAT111 Damage +N
    STAT121 +N% Damage to Demons
    STAT122 +N% Damage to Undead
    STAT159 Damage: N to Y
    +N to Minimum Damage
    (throwing weapons)
    STAT160 Damage: X to N
    +N to Maximum Damage
    (throwing weapons)
    STAT326 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    STAT329 +N% to Fire Skill Damage
    STAT330 +N% to Lightning Skill Damage
    STAT331 +N% to Cold Skill Damage
    STAT332 +N% to Poison Skill Damage
    STAT357 +N% to Magic Skill Damage
  • Based on Character Level
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT214 +X Defense (...)
    STAT216 +X to Life (...)
    STAT217 +X to Mana (...)
    STAT218 +X to Maximum Damage (...)
    STAT219 +X% Enhanced Maximum Damage (...)
    STAT220 +X to Strength (...)
    STAT221 +X to Dexterity (...)
    STAT222 +X to Energy (...)
    STAT223 +X to Vitality (...)
    STAT224 +X to Attack Rating (...)
    STAT225 X% Bonus to Attack Rating (...)
    STAT226 +X to Maximum Cold Damage (...)
    STAT227 +X to Maximum Fire Damage (...)
    STAT228 +X to Maximum Lightning Damage (...)
    STAT229 +X to Maximum Poison Damage (...)
    STAT230 Cold Resist +X% (...)
    STAT231 Fire Resist +X% (...)
    STAT232 Lightning Resist +X% (...)
    STAT233 Poison Resist +X% (...)
    STAT234 +X Absorbs Cold Damage (...)
    STAT235 +X Absorbs Fire Damage (...)
    STAT236 +X Absorbs Lightning Damage (...)
    STAT237 +X Absorbs Poison Damage (...)
    STAT238 Attacker Takes Damage of X (...)
    STAT239 X% Extra Gold from Monsters (...)
    STAT240 X% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (...)
    STAT241 Heal Stamina Plus X% (...)
    STAT242 +X Maximum Stamina (...)
    STAT243 +X% Damage to Demons (...)
    STAT244 +X% Damage to Undead (...)
    STAT245 +X to Attack Rating against Demons (...)
    STAT246 +X to Attack Rating against Undead (...)
    STAT249 +X Kick Damage (...)
    STAT250 X% Deadly Strike (...)
Code Item Appearance
STAT369 map_defense
STAT370 Map Magic Find: +N%
STAT371 Map Gold Find: +N%
STAT372 Map Monster Density: +N%
STAT373 Map Experience: +N%
STAT374 Map Area Level: +N
STAT375 map_glob_monsterrarity
STAT376 map_mon_firemindam
STAT377 map_mon_firemaxdam
STAT378 map_mon_lightmindam
STAT379 map_mon_lightmaxdam
STAT380 map_mon_magicmindam
STAT381 map_mon_magicmaxdam
STAT382 map_mon_coldmindam
STAT383 map_mon_coldmaxdam
STAT384 map_mon_coldlength
STAT385 map_mon_poisonmindam
STAT386 map_mon_poisonmaxdam
STAT387 map_mon_poisonlength
STAT388 Monsters have +N% to Fire Skill Damage
STAT389 Monsters have +N% to Lightning Skill Damage
STAT390 Monsters have +N% to Cold Skill Damage
STAT391 Monsters have +N% to Poison Skill Damage
STAT392 Monsters have +N% Increased Cast Speed
STAT393 Monsters have +N% Increased Attack Speed
STAT394 Monsters have +N% Attack Rating
STAT395 Monsters have +N% Enhanced Defense
STAT396 Monsters have N% Cold Absorb
STAT397 Monsters have N% Magic Absorb
STAT398 Monsters have N% Lightning Absorb
STAT399 Monsters have N% Fire Absorb
STAT400 Monsters take N Reduced Physical Damage
STAT401 Monsters have N% Increased Velocity
STAT402 Monsters have +N Replenish Life
STAT403 Monsters have N% Life Stolen per Hit
STAT404 Monsters have +N% Faster Hit Recovery
STAT405 Monsters have N% Increased Maximum Life
STAT406 Monsters have +N% Chance to Pierce
STAT407 Monsters have N% Chance of Open Wounds
STAT408 Monsters have N% Chance of Crushing Blow
STAT409 Monsters have N% Curse Duration Reduction
STAT410 Players have -N% Enhanced Defense
STAT411 Players have -N% Faster Hit Recovery
STAT412 Players have -N% Chance to Block
STAT413 Players have -N Drain Life
STAT414 map_mon_passive_fire_pierce
STAT415 map_mon_passive_ltng_pierce
STAT416 map_mon_passive_cold_pierce
STAT417 map_mon_passive_pois_pierce
STAT418 map_play_maxfireresist
STAT419 map_play_maxlightresist
STAT420 map_play_maxcoldresist
STAT421 map_play_maxpoisonresist
STAT426 Monsters have +N% Enhanced Physical Damage
STAT428 Players have -N% to All Resistances
STAT429 Players have -N% to All Resistances
STAT430 Players have -N% to All Resistances
STAT431 Players have -N% to All Resistances
STAT432 Monsters have +N% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage
STAT433 Monsters have +N% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage
STAT434 Monsters have +N% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage
STAT435 Monsters have +N% of Physical Damage as Extra Poison Damage over 5 seconds
STAT436 Monsters have +N% of Physical Damage as Extra Magic Damage
STAT437 Map contains Stygian Dolls
STAT438 Map contains Succubus Witches
STAT439 Map contains Vampire Lords
STAT440 Map contains Hell Bovines
STAT441 Map contains Reanimated Horde
STAT442 Map contains Ghosts
STAT449 Monsters have N% Deadly Strike
STAT450 Monsters have Cannot Be Frozen
STAT451 Players have N% Attack and Cast Speed
STAT452 Players have N% Attack and Cast Speed
STAT454 map_play_maxhp_percent
STAT455 map_play_maxmana_percent
STAT456 map_play_damageresist
STAT457 Players have N% to Velocity
STAT458 Heoric
STAT467 map_play_lightradius
STAT470 Map contains Burning Souls
STAT471 Map contains Fetishes
STAT493 map_glob_skirmish_mode
STAT494 map_mon_dropjewelry
STAT495 map_mon_dropweapons
STAT496 map_mon_droparmor
STAT497 map_mon_dropcrafting
STAT498 map_glob_extra_boss
STAT499 map_glob_add_mon_shriek
STAT500 Area Contains a Random Event
STAT502 map_mon_dropcharms
STAT503 map_glob_dropcorrupted
STAT186 map_glob_boss_dropskillers
STAT187 map_glob_boss_dropcorruptedunique
STAT505 map_glob_boss_dropfacet
STAT506 map_mon_dropjewels
Code Item Appearance
STAT4 statpts
STAT5 newskills
STAT6 hitpoints
STAT8 mana
STAT10 stamina
STAT12 level
STAT13 experience
STAT14 gold
STAT15 goldbank
STAT26 manarecovery
STAT29 lastexp
STAT30 nextexp
STAT47 damageaura
STAT61 lifedrainmaxdam
STAT63 manadrainmaxdam
STAT64 stamdrainmindam
STAT65 stamdrainmaxdam
STAT66 stunlength
STAT67 velocitypercent
STAT69 other_animrate
STAT71 value
STAT82 item_timeduration
STAT90 item_lightcolor
STAT92 item_levelreq
STAT94 item_levelreqpct
STAT95 lastblockframe
STAT98 state
STAT100 monster_playercount
STAT101 skill_poison_override_length
STAT103 skill_bypass_undead
STAT104 skill_bypass_demons
STAT106 skill_bypass_beasts
STAT125 item_throwable
STAT129 ironmaiden_level
STAT130 lifetap_level
STAT131 thorns_percent
STAT132 bonearmor
STAT133 bonearmormax
STAT137 item_kickdamage
STAT156 item_pierce
STAT161 skill_handofathena
STAT162 skill_staminapercent
STAT163 skill_passive_staminapercent
STAT164 skill_concentration
STAT165 skill_enchant
STAT166 skill_pierce
STAT167 skill_conviction
STAT168 skill_chillingarmor
STAT169 skill_frenzy
STAT170 skill_decrepify
STAT171 skill_armor_percent
STAT172 alignment
STAT173 target0
STAT174 target1
STAT175 goldlost
STAT176 conversion_level
STAT177 conversion_maxhp
STAT178 unit_dooverlay
STAT179 attack_vs_montype
STAT180 damage_vs_montype
STAT181 fade
STAT182 armor_override_percent
STAT183 equipped_eth
STAT184 missing_hp
STAT185 uber_difficulty
STAT189 openwounds_stack
STAT190 curse_slots
STAT191 item_skillonequip
STAT213 item_mindamage_energy
STAT215 item_armorpercent_perlevel
STAT247 item_crushingblow_perlevel
STAT248 item_openwounds_perlevel
STAT251 item_find_gems_perlevel
STAT253 item_replenish_quantity
STAT254 item_extra_stack
STAT255 item_find_item
STAT256 item_slash_damage
STAT257 item_slash_damage_percent
STAT258 item_crush_damage
STAT259 item_crush_damage_percent
STAT260 item_thrust_damage
STAT261 item_thrust_damage_percent
STAT262 item_absorb_slash
STAT263 item_absorb_crush
STAT264 item_absorb_thrust
STAT265 item_absorb_slash_percent
STAT266 item_absorb_crush_percent
STAT267 item_absorb_thrust_percent
STAT305 item_pierce_cold
STAT306 item_pierce_fire
STAT307 item_pierce_ltng
STAT308 item_pierce_pois
STAT309 item_damage_vs_monster
STAT310 item_damage_percent_vs_monster
STAT311 item_tohit_vs_monster
STAT312 item_tohit_percent_vs_monster
STAT313 item_ac_vs_monster
STAT314 item_ac_percent_vs_monster
STAT315 firelength
STAT316 burningmin
STAT317 burningmax
STAT318 progressive_damage
STAT319 progressive_steal
STAT320 progressive_other
STAT321 progressive_fire
STAT322 progressive_cold
STAT323 progressive_lightning
STAT324 item_extra_charges
STAT325 progressive_tohit
STAT327 damage_framerate
STAT328 pierce_idx
STAT337 passive_critical_strike
STAT338 passive_dodge
STAT339 passive_avoid
STAT340 passive_evade
STAT341 passive_warmth
STAT342 passive_mastery_melee_th
STAT343 passive_mastery_melee_dmg
STAT344 passive_mastery_melee_crit
STAT345 passive_mastery_throw_th
STAT346 passive_mastery_throw_dmg
STAT347 passive_mastery_throw_crit
STAT348 passive_weaponblock
STAT349 passive_summon_resist
STAT350 modifierlist_skill
STAT351 modifierlist_level
STAT352 last_sent_hp_pct
STAT353 source_unit_type
STAT354 source_unit_id
STAT355 shortparam1
STAT356 questitemdifficulty
STAT358 passive_mag_pierce
STAT361 corruptor
STAT367 skill_cold_enchant
STAT368 You May Apply an Additional Curse
STAT423 +N% to Leap and Leap Attack Movement Speed
STAT443 extra_bonespears
STAT444 You May Now Summon N Additional Revives
STAT445 immune_stat
STAT446 mon_cooldown1
STAT447 mon_cooldown2
STAT448 mon_cooldown3
STAT459 You May Now Summon 1 Additional Spirit
STAT460 Gust's Cooldown is Reduced by N Seconds
STAT461 You May Summon N Additional Skeleton Mages
STAT462 You May Summon N Additional Skeleton Warriors
STAT463 You May Summon 1 Additional Hydra
STAT464 You May Summon 1 Additional Valkyrie
STAT465 Joust's Cooldown is Reduced by N Seconds
STAT466 You May Summon N Additional Skeleton Mages
STAT468 Blood Warp Costs N% Less Health
STAT469 pierce_count
STAT472 dclone_clout
STAT473 maxlevel_clout
STAT474 dev_clout
STAT475 extra_skele_archer
STAT476 extra_golem
STAT478 inc_splash_radius
STAT479 item_numsockets_textonly
STAT480 rathma_clout
STAT481 extra_holybolts
STAT482 pvp_cd
STAT483 Dragon Flight's Cooldown is Reduced by N Seconds
STAT484 item_dmgpercent_pereth
STAT485 Corpse Explosion Radius Increased by N Yards
STAT487 item_dmgpercent_permissinghppercent
STAT488 lifedrain_percentcap
STAT489 inc_splash_radius_permissinghp
STAT490 eaglehorn_raven
STAT491 pvp_disable
STAT492 pvp_lld_cd
Code Item Appearance
STAT84 unsentparam1
STAT88 item_doubleherbduration
STAT192 unused192
STAT193 unused193
STAT202 unused202
STAT203 unused203
STAT205 unused204
STAT206 unused205
STAT207 unused206
STAT208 unused207
STAT209 unused208
STAT210 unused209
STAT211 unused210
STAT212 unused211
STAT268 item_armor_bytime
STAT269 item_armorpercent_bytime
STAT270 item_hp_bytime
STAT271 item_mana_bytime
STAT272 item_maxdamage_bytime
STAT273 item_maxdamage_percent_bytime
STAT274 item_strength_bytime
STAT275 item_dexterity_bytime
STAT276 item_energy_bytime
STAT277 item_vitality_bytime
STAT278 item_tohit_bytime
STAT279 item_tohitpercent_bytime
STAT280 item_cold_damagemax_bytime
STAT281 item_fire_damagemax_bytime
STAT282 item_ltng_damagemax_bytime
STAT283 item_pois_damagemax_bytime
STAT284 item_resist_cold_bytime
STAT285 item_resist_fire_bytime
STAT286 item_resist_ltng_bytime
STAT287 item_resist_pois_bytime
STAT288 item_absorb_cold_bytime
STAT289 item_absorb_fire_bytime
STAT290 item_absorb_ltng_bytime
STAT291 item_absorb_pois_bytime
STAT292 item_find_gold_bytime
STAT293 item_find_magic_bytime
STAT294 item_regenstamina_bytime
STAT295 item_stamina_bytime
STAT296 item_damage_demon_bytime
STAT297 item_damage_undead_bytime
STAT298 item_tohit_demon_bytime
STAT299 item_tohit_undead_bytime
STAT300 item_crushingblow_bytime
STAT301 item_openwounds_bytime
STAT302 item_kick_damage_bytime
STAT303 item_deadlystrike_bytime
STAT304 item_find_gems_bytime
Multi-layered Stats

Some stats have an additional layer that needs to be specified in order for the stat to filter properly. To access these layers, the MULTI condition can be used - if follows this format:

 MULTI Stat_ID , Layer_ID = Value

Any of the comparison operators (<,>,=) may be used - below is a list of stats with extra layers:

Name Stat ID Layer ID Value Example
Class Skill 83 class_id skill_bonus MULTI83,2=2 (Hellfire Torch with Necromancer skills)
OSkill 97 skill_id skill_bonus MULTI97,74=20 (Corpsemourn)
Single Skill 107 skill_id skill_bonus MULTI107,20=3 (Thunderstroke)
Elemental Skill 126 elemental_id (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) skill_bonus MULTI126,4>0 (Snowclash)
Aura when Equipped 151 skill_id aura_level MULTI151,98>5 (Templar's Might)
Reanimate as: 155 monster_id % chance MULTI155,492=6 (Demon Machine)
Class Skill Tab 188 skilltab_id skill_bonus MULTI188,25>4 (Cloudcrack)
Cast on Attack 195 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI195,3028=15 (Todesfaelle Flamme)
Cast when you Kill an Enemy 196 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI196,28569=50 (Executioner's Justice)
Cast when you Die 197 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI197,3615=100 (Rainbow Facet)
Cast on Striking 198 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI198,792=8 (Demon Machine)
Cast on Level-up 199 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI199,2973=100 (Rainbow Facet)
Cast on Casting 200 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI200,7196=20 (Akarat's Devotion)
Cast when Struck 201 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI201,2821=10 (Coldkill)
Charge Skill 204 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level current_charges + (max_charges * 256) MULTI204,5455=7453 (Bloodmoon)
Melee Splash 359 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI359,22913=100
Melee Splash (map mod) 427 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance MULTI427,22913=100
Skill on Death (map mod) 453 (skill_id * 64) + skill_level % chance

There are also alternative ways to replicate what MULTI does for specific stats:

Stat MULTI Alternative Example
Class Skill MULTI83 CLSK CLSK2=2 (Hellfire Torch with Necromancer skills)
OSkill MULTI97 OS OS74=20 (Corpsemourn)
Single Skill MULTI107 SK SK20=3 (Thunderstroke)
Class Skill Tab MULTI188 TABSK TABSK25>4 (Cloudcrack)

Skill Codes

Group Skills

Also see STAT362-STAT366 (Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Magic)

  • Code Skill Group
    ALLSK All Skills
    CLSK0 Amazon Skills
    CLSK1 Sorceress Skills
    CLSK2 Necromancer Skills
    CLSK3 Paladin Skills
    CLSK4 Barbarian Skills
    CLSK5 Druid Skills
    CLSK6 Assassin Skills
  • Code Class Skill Group
    TABSK0 Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills
    TABSK1 Amazon Passive and Magic Skills
    TABSK2 Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills
    TABSK8 Sorceress Fire Spells
    TABSK9 Sorceress Lightning Spells
    TABSK10 Sorceress Cold Spells
    TABSK16 Necromancer Curses
    TABSK17 Necromancer Poison & Bone Spells
    TABSK18 Necromancer Summoning Spells
    TABSK24 Paladin Combat Skills
    TABSK25 Paladin Offensive Auras
    TABSK26 Paladin Defensive Auras
    TABSK32 Barbarian Combat Skills
    TABSK33 Barbarian Combat Masteries
    TABSK34 Barbarian Warcries
    TABSK40 Druid Summoning
    TABSK41 Druid Shape Shifting
    TABSK42 Druid Elemental
    TABSK48 Assassin Traps
    TABSK49 Assassin Shadow Disciplines
    TABSK50 Assassin Martial Arts
    Individual Skills

    In addition to these "SK" codes, there are equivalent "CHSK" codes for skill charges and "OS" codes for oskills. For example, CHSK54 refers to skill charges for Teleport. "CHSK" codes for curse charges use separate 'proc' versions of those skills: CHSK445 for Life Tap and CHSK447 for Lower Resist.

    • Skills with gray names are not in the skill tree.
    • Skills with gray codes do not appear on items as pointmods/staffmods under normal circumstances.
    • Amazon
      Code Skill
      SK6 Magic Arrow
      SK7 Fire Arrow
      SK8 Inner Sight
      SK9 Critical Strike
      SK10 Jab
      SK11 Cold Arrow
      SK12 Multiple Shot
      SK13 Dodge
      SK14 Power Strike
      SK15 Poison Javelin
      SK16 Exploding Arrow
      SK17 Slow Movement
      SK18 Avoid
      SK19 Javelin and Spear Mastery
      SK20 Lightning Bolt
      SK21 Ice Arrow
      SK22 Guided Arrow
      SK23 Penetrate
      SK24 Charged Strike
      SK25 Plague Javelin
      SK26 Strafe
      SK27 Immolation Arrow
      SK28 Decoy
      SK29 Evade
      SK30 Fend
      SK31 Freezing Arrow
      SK32 Valkyrie
      SK33 Pierce
      SK34 Lightning Strike
      SK35 Lightning Fury
    • Sorceress
      Code Skill
      SK36 Fire Bolt
      SK37 Warmth
      SK38 Charged Bolt
      SK39 Ice Bolt
      SK40 Cold Enchant
      SK41 Inferno
      SK42 Static Field
      SK43 Telekinesis
      SK44 Frost Nova
      SK45 Ice Blast
      SK46 Blaze
      SK47 Fire Ball
      SK48 Nova
      SK49 Lightning
      SK50 Shiver Armor
      SK51 Fire Wall
      SK52 Enchant Fire
      SK53 Chain Lightning
      SK54 Teleport
      SK55 Glacial Spike
      SK56 Meteor
      SK57 Thunder Storm
      SK58 Energy Shield
      SK59 Blizzard
      SK60 Chilling Armor
      SK61 Fire Mastery
      SK62 Hydra
      SK63 Lightning Mastery
      SK64 Frozen Orb
      SK65 Cold Mastery
      SK369 Ice Barrage
      SK376 Combustion
      SK383 Lesser Hydra
    • Necromancer
      Code Skill
      SK66 Amplify Damage
      SK67 Teeth
      SK68 Bone Armor
      SK69 Skeleton Mastery
      SK70 Raise Skeleton Warrior
      SK71 Dim Vision
      SK72 Weaken
      SK73 Poison Strike
      SK74 Corpse Explosion
      SK75 Clay Golem
      SK76 Iron Maiden
      SK77 Terror
      SK78 Bone Wall
      SK79 Golem Mastery
      SK80 Raise Skeletal Mage
      SK81 Confuse
      SK82 Life Tap
      SK83 Desecrate
      SK84 Bone Spear
      SK85 Blood Golem
      SK86 Attract
      SK87 Decrepify
      SK88 Bone Prison
      SK89 Raise Skeleton Archer
      SK90 Iron Golem
      SK91 Lower Resist
      SK92 Poison Nova
      SK93 Bone Spirit
      SK94 Fire Golem
      SK95 Revive
      SK367 Blood Warp
      SK374 Curse Mastery
      SK381 Dark Pact
    • Paladin
      Code Skill
      SK96 Sacrifice
      SK97 Smite
      SK98 Might
      SK99 Prayer
      SK100 Resist Fire
      SK101 Holy Bolt
      SK102 Holy Fire
      SK103 Thorns
      SK104 Defiance
      SK105 Resist Cold
      SK106 Zeal
      SK107 Charge
      SK108 Blessed Aim
      SK109 Cleansing
      SK110 Resist Lightning
      SK111 Vengeance
      SK112 Blessed Hammer
      SK113 Concentration
      SK114 Holy Freeze
      SK115 Vigor
      SK116 Holy Sword
      SK117 Holy Shield
      SK118 Holy Shock
      SK119 Sanctuary
      SK120 Meditation
      SK121 Fist of the Heavens
      SK122 Fanaticism
      SK123 Conviction
      SK124 Redemption
      SK125 Salvation
      SK364 Holy Nova
      SK371 Holy Light
      SK378 Joust
    • Barbarian
      Code Skill
      SK126 Bash
      SK127 Sword Mastery
      SK128 General Mastery
      SK129 Mace Mastery
      SK130 Howl
      SK131 Find Potion
      SK132 Leap
      SK133 Double Swing
      SK134 Polearm and Spear Mastery
      SK135 Throwing Mastery
      SK136 Spear Mastery
      SK137 Taunt
      SK138 Shout
      SK139 Stun
      SK140 Double Throw
      SK141 Combat Reflexes
      SK142 Find Item
      SK143 Leap Attack
      SK144 Concentrate
      SK145 Iron Skin
      SK146 Battle Cry
      SK147 Frenzy
      SK148 Increased Speed
      SK149 Battle Orders
      SK150 Grim Ward
      SK151 Whirlwind
      SK152 Berserk
      SK153 Natural Resistance
      SK154 War Cry
      SK155 Battle Command
      SK368 Deep Wounds
    • Druid
      Code Skill
      SK221 Raven
      SK222 Poison Creeper
      SK223 Werewolf
      SK224 Lycanthropy
      SK225 Firestorm
      SK226 Oak Sage
      SK227 Summon Spirit Wolf
      SK228 Werebear
      SK229 Molten Boulder
      SK230 Arctic Blast
      SK231 Carrion Vine
      SK232 Feral Rage
      SK233 Maul
      SK234 Fissure
      SK235 Cyclone Armor
      SK236 Heart of Wolverine
      SK237 Summon Dire Wolf
      SK238 Rabies
      SK239 Fire Claws
      SK240 Twister
      SK241 Solar Creeper
      SK242 Hunger
      SK243 Shock Wave
      SK244 Volcano
      SK245 Tornado
      SK246 Spirit of Barbs
      SK247 Summon Grizzly
      SK248 Fury
      SK249 Armageddon
      SK250 Hurricane
      SK370 Gust
    • Assassin
      Code Skill
      SK251 Fire Blast
      SK252 Claw and Dagger Mastery
      SK253 Psychic Hammer
      SK254 Tiger Strike
      SK255 Dragon Talon
      SK256 Shock Web
      SK257 Blade Sentinel
      SK258 Burst of Speed
      SK259 Fists of Fire
      SK260 Dragon Claw
      SK261 Charged Bolt Sentry
      SK262 Wake of Fire
      SK263 Weapon Block
      SK264 Cloak of Shadows
      SK265 Cobra Strike
      SK266 Blade Fury
      SK267 Fade
      SK268 Shadow Warrior
      SK269 Claws of Thunder
      SK270 Dragon Tail
      SK271 Chain Lightning Sentry
      SK272 Wake of Inferno
      SK273 Mind Blast
      SK274 Blades of Ice
      SK275 Dragon Flight
      SK276 Death Sentry
      SK277 Blade Shield
      SK278 Venom
      SK279 Shadow Master
      SK280 Phoenix Strike
      SK366 Lightning Sentry
    • Other
      Code Skill
      SK357 Blink
      SK380 Blade Dance
      SK391 Lesser Fade
      SK400 Bone Nova
      SK442 Amplify Damage (Proc)
      SK443 Weaken (Proc)
      SK444 Iron Maiden (Proc)
      SK445 Life Tap (Proc)
      SK446 Decrepify (Proc)
      SK447 Lower Resist (Proc)

      Value Condition IDs

      Certain value conditions (MAPID, PREFIX, SUFFIX, AUTOMOD, STAT360) are slightly different than most others, referring to distinct zone/affix/corruption IDs instead of the value for attributes or other item stats with value ranges. Some other value conditions such as GEMLEVEL, GEMTYPE, RUNE, or DIFF behave in a similar fashion, but their IDs aren't listed in this section due to having relatively few possible values.

      MAPID IDs

      MAPID refers to the zone (or map) the character is currently in. When using a portal, nearby items are updated before the zone ID so any items within a screen length of the portal will be displayed as if the character was still in the previous zone. If the character walks a couple screen lengths away and returns, the ID will be updated and those items will be displayed as expected.

      ItemDisplay[(MAPID=1 OR MAPID=40 OR MAPID=75 OR MAPID=103 OR MAPID=109)]: %NAME%{%NAME%} shows all items in town

      ItemDisplay[yps CLVL>89 !(MAPID>160 MAPID<164)]: hides antidotes at level 90+ unless they're found in Rathma zones

      ItemDisplay[key !MAPID=39]: hides keys outside of the cow level

      ItemDisplay[ear (MAPID=157 OR MAPID=159)]: hides player ears within the PvP duel arenas

      • ID Zone
        1 Rogue Encampment
        2 Blood Moor
        3 Cold Plains
        4 Stony Field
        5 Dark Wood
        6 Black Marsh
        7 Tamoe Highland
        8 Den of Evil
        9 Cave Level 1
        10 Underground Passage Level 1
        11 Hole Level 1
        12 Pit Level 1
        13 Cave Level 2
        14 Underground Passage Level 2
        15 Hole Level 2
        16 Pit Level 2
        17 Burial Grounds
        18 Crypt
        19 Mausoleum
        20 Forgotten Tower
        21 Tower Cellar Level 1
        22 Tower Cellar Level 2
        23 Tower Cellar Level 3
        24 Tower Cellar Level 4
        25 Tower Cellar Level 5
        26 Monastery Gate
        27 Outer Cloister
        28 Barracks
        29 Jail Level 1
        30 Jail Level 2
        31 Jail Level 3
        32 Inner Cloister
        33 Cathedral
        34 Catacombs Level 1
        35 Catacombs Level 2
        36 Catacombs Level 3
        37 Catacombs Level 4
        38 Tristram
        39 Moo Moo Farm (Cows)
      • ID Zone
        40 Lut Gholein
        41 Rocky Waste
        42 Dry Hills
        43 Far Oasis
        44 Lost City
        45 Valley of Snakes
        46 Canyon of the Magi
        47 Sewers Level 1 (Act 2)
        48 Sewers Level 2 (Act 2)
        49 Sewers Level 3
        50 Harem Level 1
        51 Harem Level 2
        52 Palace Cellar Level 1
        53 Palace Cellar Level 2
        54 Palace Cellar Level 3
        55 Stony Tomb Level 1
        56 Halls of the Dead Level 1
        57 Halls of the Dead Level 2
        58 Claw Viper Temple Level 1
        59 Stony Tomb Level 2
        60 Halls of the Dead Level 3
        61 Claw Viper Temple Level 2
        62 Maggot Lair Level 1
        63 Maggot Lair Level 2
        64 Maggot Lair Level 3
        65 Ancient Tunnels
        66 Tal Rasha's Tomb 1
        67 Tal Rasha's Tomb 2
        68 Tal Rasha's Tomb 3
        69 Tal Rasha's Tomb 4
        70 Tal Rasha's Tomb 5
        71 Tal Rasha's Tomb 6
        72 Tal Rasha's Tomb 7
        73 Tal Rasha's Chamber
        74 Arcane Sanctuary
      • ID Zone
        75 Kurast Docks
        76 Spider Forest
        77 Great Marsh
        78 Flayer Jungle
        79 Lower Kurast
        80 Kurast Bazaar
        81 Upper Kurast
        82 Kurast Causeway
        83 Travincal
        84 Arachnid Lair
        85 Spider Cavern
        86 Swampy Pit Level 1
        87 Swampy Pit Level 2
        88 Flayer Dungeon Level 1
        89 Flayer Dungeon Level 2
        90 Swampy Pit Level 3
        91 Flayer Dungeon Level 3
        92 Sewers Level 1 (Act 3)
        93 Sewers Level 2 (Act 3)
        94 Ruined Temple
        95 Disused Fane
        96 Forgotten Reliquary
        97 Forgotten Temple
        98 Ruined Fane
        99 Disused Reliquary
        100 Durance of Hate Level 1
        101 Durance of Hate Level 2
        102 Durance of Hate Level 3
      • ID Zone
        103 The Pandemonium Fortress
        104 Outer Steppes
        105 Plains of Despair
        106 City of the Damned
        107 River of Flame
        108 Chaos Sanctuary
        109 Harrogath
        110 Bloody Foothills
        111 Frigid Highlands
        112 Arreat Plateau
        113 Crystalline Passage
        114 Frozen River
        115 Glacial Trail
        116 Drifter Cavern
        117 Frozen Tundra
        118 The Ancients' Way
        119 Icy Cellar
        120 Arreat Summit
        121 Nihlathak's Temple
        122 Halls of Anguish
        123 Halls of Pain
        124 Halls of Vaught
        125 Abaddon
        126 Pit of Acheron
        127 Infernal Pit
        128 Worldstone Keep Level 1
        129 Worldstone Keep Level 2
        130 Worldstone Keep Level 3
        131 Throne of Destruction
        132 Worldstone Chamber
      • ID Zone
        133 Matron's Den
        134 Forgotten Sands
        135 Furnace of Pain
        136 Uber Tristram
        137 Diablo-Clone's Fortress
        138 Unused
        139 Arreat Battlefield
        140 Unused
        141 Sewers of Harrogath
        142 Horazon's Memory
        143 Ruins of Viz-Jun
        144 River Of Blood
        145 Phlegethon
        146 Ancestral Trial
        147 Kehjistan Marketplace
        148 Torajan Jungle
        149 Bastion Keep
        150 Throne of Insanity
        151 Tomb of Zoltun Kulle
        152 Cathedral of Light
        153 Cathedral of Light Basement
        154 Blood Moon
        155 Fall of Caldeum
        156 Pandemonium Citadel
        157 Desert PvP Duel Arena
        158 Lost Temple
        159 Moor PvP Duel Arena
        160 Canyon of Sescheron
        161 Ruins of Necropolis
        162 Decaying Swamplands
        163 The Void
        164 Plains of Torment
        165 Pit of Despair
        166 Battle Royale Arena
        167 Sanatorium
        168 Uber Ancients
        169 Shadows of Westmarch
        170 Royal Crypts
        171 Sanctuary of Sin
        172 Black Abyss
        173 Unused
        174 Ruined Cistern
        175 Ashen Plains
        176 Zhar's Sanctum
        177 Hidden Waterways
        178 Colonnades of Madness
        179 Counselor's Causeway
        180 Unused
        181 Stygian Caverns
        182 Stronghold of Acheron
        183 Fallen Gardens
        184 Diamond Gate


        SUFFIX refers to the suffixes items have whereas PREFIX refers to the prefixes they have. They're similar to the numbered attribute codes, but refer to affixes rather than affix attributes.

        Unlike other value conditions, IDs for SUFFIX and PREFIX are not all mutually exclusive with eachother. Rules can have multiple SUFFIX or PREFIX conditions and still match with valid items.

        ItemDisplay[RARE SUFFIX=662 SUFFIX=158]: %NAME% %RED%! appends a red ! to rare items that have a chance to cast Amplify Damage on hit and also have Ignore Target's Defense

        AUTOMOD functions much the same as SUFFIX and PREFIX.

        Two of the three basic comparison operators (< and >) cannot be reliably used with SUFFIX or PREFIX, but the "BETWEEN" comparison operator (~) works well with them - it was actually developed specifically for them. Since multiple PREFIX or SUFFIX conditions are not mutually exclusive with themselves, ID ranges would not be able to be referred to accurately with only < and >. The "BETWEEN" operator condenses the ranges to a single condition so that it can be evaluated as either true or fase, and is much more convenient than creating large groups of conditions using only = as comparison operators.

        ItemDisplay[cm3 PREFIX>1278 PREFIX<1354]: %NAME% +1 no effect (don't use)

        ItemDisplay[cm3 (PREFIX=1279 OR PREFIX=1280 OR PREFIX=1281 OR PREFIX=1291 OR PREFIX=1292 OR PREFIX=1293 OR PREFIX=1303 OR PREFIX=1304 OR PREFIX=1305 OR PREFIX=1315 OR PREFIX=1316 OR PREFIX=1317 OR PREFIX=1327 OR PREFIX=1328 OR PREFIX=1329 OR PREFIX=1339 OR PREFIX=1340 OR PREFIX=1341 OR PREFIX=1351 OR PREFIX=1352 OR PREFIX=1353)]: %NAME% +1 appends +1 to any grand charm with a skill

        ItemDisplay[cm3 PREFIX~1279-1353]: %NAME% +1 appends +1 to any grand charm with a skill (same as above)

        External Chart of IDs: Affix IDs

        STAT360 IDs

        STAT360 refers to which corruption items have.

        ItemDisplay[STAT360>0]: %NAME% %RED%* appends a red * to corrupted items

        • ID Corruption
          0 Not Corrupted
          1 ?
          2 Enhanced Damage
          3 Attack Rating (Weapons[T1] & non-weapons)
          4 Life after Hit
          5 Attack Rating vs Demons, Damage to Demons
          6 Reduced Requirements
          7 Magic Find
          8 Life After Each Kill
          9 Mana After Each Kill
          10 Max Mana
          11 Faster Hit Recovery (unused)
          12 Ps Enemy Fire Res Reduc
          13 Ps Enemy Lightn Res Reduc
          14 Ps Enemy Cold Res Reduc
          15 Ps Enemy Psn Res Reduc
          16 Faster Cast (Weapons)
          17 Life Leech, Enhanced Damage
          18 Attack Rating (Weapons[T2])
          19 Deadly Strike
          20 Increased Attack Speed
          21 Crushing Blow
          22 Increased Attack Speed, Enhanced Damage
          23 Increased Attack Speed, Crushing Blow
          24 Ignore Targets Defense, Enhanced Damage
          25 Deadly Strike, Enhanced Damage
        • ID Corruption
          26 Attack Rating, Enhanced Damage
          27 All Skills (Weapons)
          28 Fire Mastery, Faster Cast
          29 Cold Mastery, Faster Cast
          30 Lightning Mastery, Faster Cast
          31 Poison Mastery, Faster Cast
          32 Sockets
          33 Enhanced Defense
          34 Replenish Life
          35 Faster Hit Recovery
          36 Fire Resist
          37 Cold Resist
          38 Lightning Resist
          39 Poison Resist
          40 Mana Recovery Bonus
          41 Thorns per Level
          42 Faster Cast (Non-weapons)
          43 Enhanced Life
          44 Faster Run Walk
          45 Cannot Be Frozen
          46 Dmg Reduction
          47 Magic Dmg Reduction
          48 Indestructible, Enhanced Defense
          49 Curse Resistance (Chest, Helm, Quiver, Shield)
          50 All Skills (Non-weapons)
        • ID Corruption
          51 All Res
          52 Dmg Reduction Pct
          53 Max Fire Resist, Fire Resist
          54 Max Cold Resist, Cold Resist
          55 Max Lightning Resist, Lightning Resist
          56 Max Poison Resist, Poison Resist
          57 Life Leech
          58 Mana Leech
          59 Attack Rating, Light Radius
          60 Gold Find
          61 Max Hp
          62 Curse Resistance (Boots, Belt, Ring)
          63 Piercing Attack
          64 Faster Block
          65 All Attributes
          66 Reduce Targets Defense
          67 To Block
          68 Strength
          69 Dexterity
          70 Vitality
          71 Energy
          72 All Res Max
          73 To Block, Faster Block
          74 Minimum Damage
          75 Maximum Damage
        • ID Corruption
          76 Ignore Targets Defense
          77 Attack Rating vs Undead, Damage to Undead
          78 Deadly Strike (mon), Density, Experience
          79 Cannot be Frozen (mon), Increased Maximum Life (mon), Experience, Density
          80 Faster Attack Rate, Faster Cast Rate, Density, Rarity
          81 Physical Resist, Density, Rarity
          82 Faster Attack Rate, Faster Cast Rate, Velocity, Density, Rarity
          83 Magic Find, Gold Find, Rarity
          84 Density
          85 Area Level, Density
          86 Rarity
          87 All Maximum Resistances, Density, Rarity
          88 Extra Jewelry
          89 Experience Gained
          90 Vitality, Energy

          Source of Information on this Page

          Corruption IDs can be determined from PD2's BH files.

          See PD2's text files for updated info when game changes are made. The files are best viewed in table format since they are tab-delineated, so they should be opened with Microsoft Excel (or similar programs) or their text should be copy/pasted into a spreadsheet. For convenience, many of the game's text files are also saved on Google Drive: D2 Text File Tables.

          Prefix/suffix IDs can be determined from PD2's MagicPrefix.txt and MagicSuffix.txt files. All lines have their own ID except the line between the classic affixes and the expansion affixes, which is skipped. The suffix IDs begin counting from 1 and the prefix IDs continue from where the suffixes end.

          Zone IDs can be determined from PD2's Levels.txt file.

          If the files in these locations are not updated by others, you can extract them yourself from pd2data.mpq (found in Diablo II/ProjectD2) using an MPQ editor and D2 listfile - the text files will be in /data/global/excel.