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Spoilers from Dev Stream #3 (2022-03-26)

Stream highlights:

  • Crafters Race League (see above)
  • Fists of Fire reworked
    • Charge 1 - Fire explosion & burning ground (from the old version)
    • Charge 2 - Fire nova
    • Charge 3 - 3 meteors that fall in a line starting at the target
  • 2 new unique items:
    • Raekor's Virtue (Guardian Crown) (base code = baf)
    • Purgatory (Archon Plate) (base code = utp)
  • Decrepify will have -10% to enemy physical resistance, reintroducing decrepify to several items that previously had it
  • Some low level affixes (e.g. +2 energy or max stamina) will get maximum alvls so they can't roll on high ilvl items, making high level items have higher chances to roll better stats
  • Corruptions will be refined, with about 30% fewer total corruptions available (higher chance to get most desirable corruptions)
  • New special items that can be found anywhere (even normal) but are extremely rare
    • Vial of Lightsong - turns an item ethereal (any item except bows/crossbows/indestructible/set items), 1 in 15 million drop chance (item code = lsvl)
    • Lilith's Mirror - splits an equipment item into two "mirrored" copies (1 black, 1 white), 1 in 25 million drop chance, mirrored items cannot be used in any cube recipes (item code = llmr, "mirrored" code = STAT486)
  • Blade Fury now bounces off walls and shatters into multiple projectiles when it does
  • Fixed how the AR bonus applies to missile skills (Blade Fury, bowzon skills, etc)
  • Details for map #1 (name undecided) - tier 1 with monastery/library/jail palette (item code = t14)
  • Multiple Shot range is being increased by 10%, piercing penalty after each hit changed from x50% (50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25%) to -20% (80%, 60%, 40%, 20%) and can't be reduced below 20%
  • New special items that can drop from Rathma (1/100 drop chance, didn't have time to implement them in S4)
    • Horadric Almanac - identifies all items simultaneously, unlimited uses (item code = rid)
    • Horadric Navigator - creates a town portal, unlimited uses, may also be useable with cow recipe without being consumed (item code = rtp)
  • Poison Creeper will now attack poison-immune enemies (can be used to break poison immunities)
  • Solar Creeper & Carrion Vine will now eat corpses even while at full life, making their effects more consistent (and also useable for support-focused builds), and may also be useable together