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Season 3 Patch 1 (2021-07-27)

  • all chance to cast howl procs will now function properly (such as howltusk and eaglehorn)
  • oak sage will now properly grant its 20 life per level
  • arcane sanctuary will no longer have an offset tile connecting to the summoner from the south east
  • salamander staff will now drop with its 10% faster cast rate automod (this will require dropping a new salamander)
  • venom now gains 5 seconds duration per level
  • phoenix strikes freeze duration has been increased from .5 seconds to 1 second (this is before cold duration reductions)
  • horazon's memory boss's twister deals slightly less damage
  • horazon's memory boss has roughly 9% less health
  • phlegethon's boss now has its original smaller armageddon explosion radius
  • vigor aura will now properly spawn on monsters
  • holy shock aura on low level monsters has had its damage reduced
  • you can now properly reroll grand charms with any number of stacked perfect gems in your cube
  • the advanced character sheet will now show your faster cast breakpoints on the skill currently selected on your right click
  • the advanced character sheet will now show act 3 mercenaries faster cast rate breakpoints
  • the advanced character sheet will now show the area exp modifier at the top of the screen