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Some numbered attribute codes (shown in gray) refer to the same attributes as named attribute codes or other named codes, which can be used instead for better readability.

  • General
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT0 +N to Strength
    STAT1 +N to Energy
    STAT2 +N to Dexterity
    STAT3 +N to Vitality
    STAT7 +X to Life (N = 256X)
    STAT9 +X to Mana (N = 256X)
    STAT11 +N Maximum Stamina
    STAT16 +N% Enhanced Defense
    STAT19 +N to Attack Rating
    STAT20 Chance to Block: N%
    STAT27 Regenerate Mana N%
    STAT28 Heal Stamina +N%
    STAT31 +N Defense
    STAT32 +N Defense vs. Missile
    STAT33 +N Defense vs. Melee
    STAT34 Physical Damage Taken Reduced by N
    STAT35 Magic & Elemental Damage Taken Reduced by N
    STAT36 Physical Damage Taken Reduced by N%
    STAT60 N% Life Stolen per Hit
    STAT62 N% Mana Stolen per Hit
    STAT68 +N% Increased Attack Speed
    STAT70 Quantity: N
    STAT72 Durability: N of Y
    STAT73 Durability: X of N
    STAT74 Replenish Life +N
    STAT75 Increase Maximum Durability N%
    STAT76 Increase Maximum Life N%
    STAT77 Increase Maximum Mana N%
    STAT78 Attacker Takes Damage of N
    STAT79 N% Extra Gold from Monsters
    STAT80 N% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    STAT81 Knockback
    STAT83 +N to Amazon Skill Levels
    STAT85 +N% to Experience Gained
    STAT86 +N Life after each Kill
    STAT87 Reduces All Vendor Prices N%
    STAT89 +N to Light Radius
    STAT91 Requirements -N%
    STAT93 +N% Increased Attack Speed
    STAT96 +N% Faster Run/Walk
    STAT99 +N% Faster Hit Recovery
    STAT102 +N% Faster Block Rate
    STAT105 +N% Faster Cast Rate
    STAT108 Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
    STAT109 N% Reduced Curse Duration
    STAT110 Poison Length Reduced by N%
    STAT112 Hit Causes Monster to Flee N%
    STAT113 Hit Blinds Target +N
    STAT114 N% Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit
    STAT115 Ignore Target's Defense
    STAT116 -N% Target Defense
    STAT117 Prevent Monster Heal
    STAT118 Half Freeze Duration
    STAT119 N% Bonus to Attack Rating
    STAT120 -N to Monster Defense per Hit
    STAT123 +N to Attack Rating against Demons
    STAT124 +N to Attack Rating against Undead
    STAT127 +N to All Skills
    STAT128 Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of N
    STAT134 Freezes Target +N
    STAT135 N% Chance of Open Wounds
    STAT136 N% Chance of Crushing Blow
    STAT138 +N to Mana after each Kill
    STAT139 +N Life after each Demon Kill
    STAT140 N% Extra Bloody (Hidden Cosmetic)
    STAT141 N% Deadly Strike
    STAT150 Slows Target by N%
    STAT152 Indestructible
    STAT153 Cannot Be Frozen
    STAT154 N% Slower Stamina Drain
    STAT156 +N% Chance to Pierce
    STAT157 Fires Magic Arrows
    STAT158 Fires Explosive Arrows or Bolts
    STAT188 +N to Bow and Crossbow Skills
    STAT194 Socketed (N)
    STAT252 Repairs X Durability in Y Seconds (N = 100/Y)
    STAT360 Corruption (values for N)
    STAT422 Replenishes 1 Charge in 3 Seconds
    STAT424 +N Life after each Hit
    STAT425 -N% to Enemy Physical Resistance
    STAT486 Mirrored