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Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Artisan's P Socketed (3) Chest(33), Shield(33), Non-Throwing Weapon(33), Helm(33) (rlvl 25) was magic only, frequency increased from 2 to 6 for magic versions
Chromatic P All Resistances +[21-30] Shield(50), Amulet(55), Circlet(55) (rlvl 42, 41) was magic only
Pestilent P +275 Poison Damage over 6 Seconds Weapon(50) (rlvl 37) was magic only
Amicae S Physical Damage Taken Reduced by [8-15] Chest(51), Circlet(51), Shield(51) (rlvl 43) was magic only
Negation S Magic Damage Taken Reduced by [4-6] Chest(41), Shield(41), Circlet(41), Circlet(42), Amulet(42), Orb(42) (rlvl 33, 35) was magic only
Chance S [5-15]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Amulet(12), Circlet(12), Helm(12), Boots(12), Gloves(12), Ring(12) (rlvl 9) added Helm
Felicitous P [5-10]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Amulet(5), Circlet(5), Helm(5), Ring(5) (rlvl 3) added Helm
Fortuitous P [11-15]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Amulet(12), Circlet(12), Helm(12), Ring(12) (rlvl 8) was magic only, added Helm
Fortune S [16-25]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Amulet(16), Circlet(16), Boots(16), Gloves(16), Helm(16), Ring(42) (rlvl 12, 31) Ring was magic only, added Helm, frequency decreased from 4 to 2 for Ring
Revivification S Replenish Life +[11-15] Amulet(38), Circlet(38), Scepter(38) (rlvl 30) was magic only
Swords S Attacker Takes Damage of [10-20] Chest(47), Circlet(47), Shield(47) (rlvl 39) was magic only
Leech S [2-5]% Life Stolen per Hit Non-Orb Weapon(6[4-5]), Circlet(14[3-4]), Helm(14[3-4]), Ring(14[3-4]), Amulet(24[2-3]), Gloves(34[3]) (rlvl 4,10,20,26) added Helm
Bat S [2-5]% Mana Stolen per Hit Non-Orb Weapon(7[4-5]), Amulet(15[3-4]), Circlet(15[3-4]), Helm(15[3-4]), Ring(25[2-3]), Gloves(35[3]) (rlvl 4,11,21,27) added Helm
Lamprey S [6-9]% Life Stolen per Hit Melee Weapon(55[8-9]), Amulet(75[6]), Ring(77[7-8]), Circlet(77[7-8]) (rlvl 43, 63, 65) Amulet was alvl 85 and rlvl 73
Vampire S [6-9]% Mana Stolen per Hit Melee Weapon(56[8-9]), Ring(76[6]), Amulet(78[7-8]), Circlet(78[7-8]) (rlvl 48, 64, 66) Ring was alvl 86 and rlvl 74
Damage Amplification S 8% Chance to Cast Level 15 Amplify Damage on Striking Non-Orb Weapon(15) (rlvl 15) was 5% Chance to Cast Level 1 Amplify Damage on Striking, was alvl 3 and rlvl 1
Life Tap S Level 1 Life Tap ([67-105] charges) Wand(24), Knife(24), Necromancer Shield(24) (rlvl 24) was level 1-6
Lower Resistance S Level [1-15] Lower Resist ([28-82] charges) Wand(36), Knife(36), Necromancer Shield(36), Staff(72) (rlvl 36, 72) was level 1 for staves & level 1-3 for other items, different number of charges too