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What is Project Diablo 2?

  • PD2 is a mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction which includes many quality-of-life and balance changes, along with some new content. It aims to maintain the D2:LoD experience while improving on the game as if development never ceased.
  • PD2 offers increased build diversity as well as many other improvements over the vanilla game. See General Changes for an overview of improvements.
  • PD2 is free, but a legit copy of D2:LoD is required. You can purchase it from Blizzard Entertainment. English Version only.

Which gamemodes are supported?

  • Both ladder and non-ladder are supported, and there are currently no differences between them (like how vanilla had ladder-only runewords) except for the ladder resetting every four months. Future seasons may have small differences if new endgame challenges like Rathma are added.
  • Singleplayer is supported - Players often install PlugY alongside PD2 to gain access to a shared stash in singleplayer. An item pack is also available for testing.
    • There are currently no gameplay differences between singleplayer and multiplayer except for the Andariel quest bug, which remains unfixed in singleplayer.
    • Singleplayer characters can also be played online together with others via TCP/IP by creating a virtual LAN between computers (or by using port forwarding)
  • No support for non-expansion (classic) or Open ""

Is PvP supported?

  • Yes. PvP continues to be balanced as the metagame develops. PvP events are sometimes organized and announced via PD2's discord channel. Also see: PvP Changes

Where can I trade my items out-of-game?

  • Items can be searched for and traded on PD2's Trade Site. There are also several channels dedicated to trading on PD2's Discord.

Where are the game servers located?

The current locations of the game servers are:

US-West (Las Vegas) - gs 1

US-Central (Iowa) - gs 2

US-East (South Carolina) - gs 3

Europe-West (Belgium) - gs 4

Europe-North (Finland) - gs 5

Asia-Northeast (Seoul, Korea) - gs 6

Asia-Southeast (Singapore) - gs 7

South America-East (São Paulo) - gs 8

Australia-Southeast (Sydney) - gs 9
  • In-game, type gs # in the game description of your game when creating it to select your desired server.

What is the droprate in PD2?

The droprate is equivalent to vanilla's /players5 for solo play, and scales up per player until it is slightly above the equivalent of vanilla's /players8 when there is a full game of 8 players.

Rune TCs are the same as in vanilla, so rune droprates are the same. Miniscule differences may exist in some cases due to new valuable items such as Larzuk's Puzzlebox being able to drop.

Detailed Explanation

Detailed Loot explanation taken from PD2 Discord by madinsane:

Ok, let me clarify how the new drop system works, basically it's p5 (players5) loot but still scales with player count. This amount is much smaller than it previously would've been but as canight (staff member) mentioned at p8 it's around p9ish first how does loot work baseline in vanilla? there are a large number of treasure classes which each have a selection of drop types with associated weightings, a nodrop value and rarity weightings and a number of picks. rarity weightings quite simply are a set of chances for drops of items to be upgraded to a specific rarity nodrop is the chance for that pick to drop nothing this is the important one the picks value says how many times to pick something from this class, so 5 picks will not necessarily drop 5 items but will do 5 rolls and assuming it chose 4 items and 1 nodrop it drops the 4 items (there is a hard drop limit of 6 per monster)

So what does playersX do?. It increases monster HP, monster damage and AR (attack rating), experience gained from each monster and it alters NoDrop chance. NoDrop change is calculated from the following:

Calculate change to drop nothing (NoDrop) from the weights
X is player count (up to 8)
noDropChance^X=new no drop chance

So since chance to drop nothing is decreased its more likely to drop something. Since it only alters NoDrop, treasure classes that have NoDrop=0 are never affected by player count (not in vanilla and not here) What we have done is altered the base values of the treasure classes so they are baseline equivalent to what p5 drop chances would be. This means in the best case of 80% NoDrop in a class, baseline in pd2 it has a 32% NoDrop. The big difference between this and just setting loot to p8 or p5 is that more players will always increase loot but the relative difference between p1 and p8 are dramatically lower with p5 base loot and 8 players its close to p9 (though not exactly, its hard to give exact values as it ranges greatly between the different NoDrop chances) and since loot is capped at 6 per monster still it won't be as crazy an increase as it might initially seem. In summary you still get overall loot increases from more players like vanilla but not as much so its not required but still rewarded and a solo player will still get significantly more loot than vanilla but a bit less than p8.

What is the resolution that PD2 runs in?

  • Widescreen 1068x600 @ 25 FPS
  • Shader system by CnC-ddraw. This is a fully configurable system that can allow for upscaling and graphical improvements without affecting your gameplay.
  • The shaders that it can use are made by various developers from the RetroArch community.
  • These shaders let us effectively (not quite but pretty close) upscale the game to any resolution without affecting the gameplay, so you can play D2 at 4K (3840x2160) if you have the monitor to do so.

See the Customization page for more info about changing widescreen resolution or other video settings.