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** [[Pure Demonic Essence]] (from Map bosses)
** [[Pure Demonic Essence]] (from Map bosses)
* [[General_Changes#Player_versus_Player|Moor Duel Arena]] (used to access a special PvP area)
* [[PvP_Changes|Moor Duel Arena]] (used to access a "Blood Moor" themed PvP area)

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This page lists items new to PD2 relative to the vanilla game.



Main article: Maps

  • Maps
    • Ruins of Viz-Jun Map
    • Horazon's Memory Map
    • Bastion Keep Map
    • Phlegethon Map
    • Torajan Jungle Map
    • Arreat Battlefield Map
    • Tomb of Zultan Kulle Map
    • Sewers of Harrogath Map
    • River of Blood Map
    • Throne of Insanity Map
    • Reziarfg's Lair Map
    • Ancestral Trial Map
    • Blood Moon Map
    • Fall of Caldeum Map
    • Pandemonium Citadel Map
    • Cathedral of Light Map
  • Map Orbs
    • Arcane Orb
    • Zakarum Orb
    • Angelic Orb
    • Orb of Destruction
    • Horadrim Orb
    • Cartographer's Orb
    • Horadrim Scarab